Interview: Odette Annable Talks ‘Walker’: Geri and The Davidsons, Cordell, and More [EXCLUSIVE]

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Last night’s Walker was a big one, as more and more secrets are starting to unravel with the Davidsons. Odette Annable, who plays Geri, talked with us all about Walker, this latest episode, Geri and Cordell, and what her hopes are for Geri moving forward.

Editors note: this interview was edited for clarity.

Nerds and Beyond: One of the big plot twists this season was Geri being revealed as a Davidson. What was your reaction when you learned of that storyline?

Odette Annable: Initial reaction is, “What the eff?” [laughs] I have spent the entirety of the show really having been painted a picture of who the Davidsons are and what they mean to the Walkers. Of course being as protective as Geri is to the Walkers, I think that she just already had a bad taste in her mouth. So when they were introduced to the show, I think that she already had a disdain, and so you can imagine the shock to her system when she found out that she indeed was one of them. So, as cool and even-keeled as Geri is, I think that she struggled a tremendous amount this last half of the year finding out who her family really is and where she comes from, which was so different than who she thought she was. So it was really great stuff to play.

Nerds and Beyond: In this last episode, Geri tells Cordell that she’s suspicious that Gale knew she was alive all along. What can you tease about Geri and the Davidsons going into the finale?

Odette Annable: Geri is walking with trepidation with the Davidsons. At the same time, I think she’s starting to let her guard down in a different way. So there’s this like duality of really wanting and yearning for that family that she now has, and is alive, and she never knew about, but also understanding that these people are trouble and she can’t tell who’s saying what and what is the truth and what’s deceit. So, I think that it’s a really interesting place for Geri to be, especially when she’s trying to pull information out of the Davidsons. I think it’s a really tricky place to be for her.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Nerds and Beyond: Also in this episode, a majority of the entire cast is sitting around a table; the Davidsons and the Walkers. Can you talk a little bit about filming that scene? Was it a bit chaotic? Was it fun with everyone there?

Odette Annable: It was a lot of chaos and it was a lot of fun. It was a little bit of everything. And I keep saying this, but this is what happens when you get all of your actors together in one scene. I think we’re all so excited to play together and to see everybody’s reactions and to be in one scene together because it doesn’t happen often. Their biggest mistake was sitting Keegan Allen and I right next to each other. Because if you watch the scene, and I’ll have to see how they cut around it, we could not get through our lines without laughing every time. He would start, [and] I would just start laughing and it was just like we just triggered each other and I said, “never again.” [laughs] You cannot put me next to Keegan, this is this trouble. And then, of course, I had my real husband [Dave Annable] across from me at the dinner table so that was hard to keep a straight face as well. There’s a lot going on for me that day, but I loved it so much. It was so much fun to get everybody together. And God bless our director Tessa [Blake], she was so wonderful about the whole thing and I think it’s going to be a really great scene.

Nerds and Beyond: So as you mentioned, your real-life husband, Dave, joined the cast this season. What has it been like getting to work alongside him on Walker?

Odette Annable: It’s been great because we haven’t worked alongside each other that much. I’m just stoked. He really just fit in seamlessly like he always does. He’s so grateful to be working on the show and to also experience what I had been talking about for the past year. I think a couple [of] days into shooting he was like, “I get it. I get why you love being a part of the show.” He became a part of the family very quickly. So we’ll see what’s in store for Dan Miller. Maybe the old guy will stick around, you never know.

Nerds and Beyond: Geri has gone through a lot this past season, to kind of say the least. What’s your hope for her moving forward?

Odette Annable: My hope for Geri moving forward is harmony and peace. Although I know that that’s probably not going to happen [laughs]. I hoped for harmony and peace and self-discovery and all of those things this season for Geri, and I think that she just doesn’t want to be a part of the drama, but she just can’t help herself. She always gets tangled up and into being right in the middle of all of it and I think that’s what makes my character so fun to play. She’s always going to be in the mix and there’s always going to be a new revelation, and watching her navigate these waters has been awesome, and watching the self-exploration. I really love what they’ve done with the character and I’ve heard some little whispers about what could be happening next year for Geri and I think it’ll be really exciting for the audience to watch.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Nerds and Beyond: Geri and Cordell have also had quite a season. What’s your favorite thing about their relationship?

Odette Annable: I love how they’re able to bust on each other and how honest their relationship is. Neither one of them are gonna let each other get away with anything, and I think it’s so refreshing to see on screen. There’s a relationship of two best friends that turns into a romantic relationship, that then turns back into this like… weird friendship where you know they’re family really, but they don’t really know how to navigate things. There’s been so many vulnerable moments and then so many awkward moments between them and I feel like their relationship has just explored so many things. I’m so excited to see what else is next and where that takes them.

Nerds and Beyond: What has been your favorite part of playing Geri so far?

Odette Annable: I love Geri’s resilience. I love how intelligent she is, and how [good] she is at being selfless and giving advice and caring about her family, her job, and her surroundings. I love that she’s got some grit to her and I love that she’s trying to set boundaries for herself, but she can’t really figure out how to do that, which makes her more human. And, she continues to find herself in these positions that she doesn’t want to be in, but seeing her navigate them I think is a part of what the show is all about. It’s about figuring out who you are and fighting for your family, so that’s what she’s doing.

Nerds and Beyond: Is there a favorite episode or scene of yours, either from this season or last season?

Odette Annable: I think it was episode 9 of last year, where Geri walks into the poker room with all of the mob guys and she ends up punching someone out. That was so much fun. I just love kicking ass so the more I can do that, the happier I am.

Nerds and Beyond: We always hear what a lovely set and atmosphere Walker has. What do you love most about being on the show?

Odette Annable: Well, first of all, it’s really very true. I mean, any guest star that’s ever come on the show, they’ve always been treated like a part of the team. We are all very inclusive and the crew has been working together for so many years. And it’s just so welcoming and such an easy place to do your best work. I think that that’s my favorite part of it; you’re not walking in and feeling so nervous about not being able to perform because the scene has already been set for you. The foundation is so great with all of our creators, Jared [Padalecki] is such a wonderful leader. He just knows how to take people’s guards down and just allows you to do your best work because he’s human too. And he’s having the same experience that you are, and so it allows everybody to relax a little bit… it’s just a happy set. It doesn’t always have to be difficult or you know, all of the other stories that you hear. Everybody’s grateful to be working and I hope it keeps going.

Walker‘s season 2 finale will air next Thursday on The CW at 8/7c. You can see all of our coverage of the show, here.

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