‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Gay Award”

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In this episode of Love, Victor, Victor is conflicted about accepting an award for school, which causes some slight tension between him and Rahim. Meanwhile, Lake and Lucy hit some bumps, and Mia begins to question her future after spending time with Veronica, Harold, and the baby. Read on to find out what happens in “The Gay Award.”

Best Gay in a Leading Role

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Victor and Nick get back from a date, and Nick says he’d like to see Victor again. After Nick leaves, Victor gets a text from Coach Ford to talk. The next day, Coach Ford tells Victor he’s getting an award. Victor gets excited, thinking he’s the basketball team’s MVP. Coach tells him that he’s not, and he’s getting something called the Bravery Award, floundering around what it’s for. Victor realizes it’s for being gay and needs time to think about accepting it.

Later, Victor vents to Rahim about the award because he doesn’t just want to be “gay Victor.” Rahim thinks it’s a good opportunity for Victor to be out and proud, which Victor thinks he already is before saying it’s an award Rahim deserves instead. The conversation soon leads into Connor, and things with him and Rahim are going well. Rahim says they’re meeting for their first date soon and invites Victor and Nick. When the two have parted ways, Victor is staring down a winter carnival/awards ceremony flyer when Benji finds him. Victor begins venting to him, too, but changes his mind. Benji reminds him they can still have a conversation, but Victor doesn’t want to, adding that he’s getting mixed signals from Benji.

Double Break-Up  

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Dawn finishes a call with Stuart when Felix walks in, and Dawn breaks the news that Stuart ended things. Felix offers to stay home, but she says she’s okay. She mentions Pilar, but Felix doesn’t tell her that they broke up. Dawn later finds out when she runs into Pilar and Isabel. Meanwhile, at school, Felix finds Lake and can tell something is bothering her and offers to listen and offer advice. Lake gives him a rundown, and he suggests that Lake enjoy the time she has with Lucy before she leaves.

Felix gets home with Dawn’s favorite food in tow, ready to help her through her break-up. Instead, she shows him a root beer float and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire set up to help with his break-up. She tells him that he spends too much time worrying about her, and now that she’s well enough, she’s going to worry about him.

Date Night

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Rahim and Connor meet with Nick and Victor at a restaurant. Nick compliments Rahim’s jacket, and he flaunts it in response. When the group gets settled, Rahim notices two guys making fun of him and asks to move. Victor says to ignore it. Rahim can’t but doesn’t say anything. As they finish up dinner, they laugh about the gay award, which Rahim still doesn’t see as a problem. The group gets ready to head out, and Rahim and Victor go outside while Nick and Connor head to the bathroom.

Outside, Victor and Rahim see the two guys from earlier, and one of them calls Rahim a slur that prompts him to stand up for himself (and let me tell you, Rahim had some seriously incredible burns). Things begin heating up when Nick and Connor walk out, and the two guys eventually leave. Connor asks if Rahim is okay, while Victor wonders how Rahim came up with everything on the spot. Rahim says he didn’t; he spent all of dinner thinking about what to say if a confrontation happened. He adds that, unlike Victor, he can’t just ignore people. He asks Connor if he wants to go to Brasstown, and the two leave.

Nick offers to take Victor to Brasstown. When Victor arrives, Rahim tells him that he and Connor kissed, and Victor apologizes about dinner. Rahim says it’s okay but shares that the award frustrates him because he thinks Victor is only out and proud when it’s convenient; not everyone has that luxury, so why wouldn’t Victor want to be out and proud in front the whole school if he actually is? Victor, though, has decided to accept the award — not for Rahim, but for himself. Connor returns from the bathroom, and Rahim tells Victor to leave. Before he does, Victor tells Rahim he wants to know everything later.

Mia Meets Her Brother

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Mia and Andrew are with the baby (currently nameless), Harold, and Veronica. Andrew excuses himself when he gets a call. In the hallway, he’s on the phone with Coach Ford, and Harold walks out and overhears. It’s revealed that Andrew missed a game with a recruiter because this trip was important to Mia. He promises to be back for the awards ceremony before hanging up. Harold asks Andrew to go pick up food with him. As they drive, Harold mentions the call and wonders why Mia didn’t think the game was important. Andrew admits he didn’t tell her. Harold appreciates Andrew’s devotion to Mia but doesn’t want it to get in the way of his future. Andrew says it won’t because Mia is his future.

Mia is with the baby when Veronica finds her. Mia says that staying at Creekwood was harder than she thought, and now, with Harold and Veronica, she feels like she finally has a family. Veronica shares her first date story with Mia, explaining how she was certain she wouldn’t be with Harold long-term. But then she couldn’t imagine life without him, and life just happens. Mia is still conflicted because of Andrew, but Veronica says he would understand. After a beat, Mia suggests the name Zahair for the baby.

Andrew finds Mia and tells her Harold is ecstatic about the name. They both start to talk at the same time, so Mia tells Andrew to go first. Andrew tells her about the recruiter but decided she was more important. When it’s her turn, she thanks him for being there instead of telling him about moving.

A Sad Pizza Night

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Lake works on making a pizza when Lucy arrives. Lucy is confused because she thought they were going to talk about Portland, but Lake says she just wants to enjoy their time now. When they kiss, Lake pulls away, which tips off Lucy, who says they need to talk. Lake doesn’t want to but quickly caves and shares that she doesn’t understand why Lucy has to leave. Lucy explains that she’s been sad since her mom died, and now her stepmom hates her, and her dad won’t look at her. She wants a fresh start. Lake responds that she can’t keep falling in love with Lucy, and Lucy realizes what Lake is suggesting. Lake doesn’t want to break up, but she thinks they have to. Later, Lake goes to see Felix because she didn’t know where else to go. She tells him what happened, and he hugs her and says she’ll be okay.

Another Big Decision

Benji attends an AA meeting where he shares how talking to Victor made him sad, explaining how they’re supposed to stay away from each other. Benji adds that his parents think Victor is a trigger, and they want to send him to boarding school. While Benji isn’t sure if this is the right path, he acknowledges that he and Victor fought but also that Victor made him feel safe and loved. After the meeting, the group leader says that only Benji can decide what’s good for him.

Outside of Victor’s building, Nick tells Victor that the confrontation earlier made him want to protect Victor and made him realize what’s important. They kiss, and a little bit down the sidewalk, Benji approaches but turns around and leaves when he sees them. When he’s home, he tells his mom he wants to go to the boarding school.

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