‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 2 “Fast Times at Creekwood High”


In this episode, Mia decides to shake things up and throw a party! During it, Victor and Rahim confront each other, and Lake and Felix find some closure. Elsewhere, Isabel attends her first PFLAG meeting with Armando. Read on to find out what happens in “Fast Times at Creekwood High.”

Back to School

The episode opens with Victor texting Rahim about his winter break. While he narrates, a montage of the respective events plays. Victor ends by saying he hopes Rahim responds. Otherwise, they’ll see each other at school. Before the first day of school officially starts, Victor finishes up a shift at Brasstown where a photo on the wall triggers a Benji memory. Felix interrupts and asks about Benji. Victor still doesn’t know where they stand, and Felix offers some comfort before they head to school. And they’re not looking forward to facing Lake and Rahim.

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Meanwhile, Lake and Mia get ready for school and Lake is also not excited to see Felix again. However, she can’t wait to show off Lucy. Andrew arrives with pastries in tow, leading the conversation into how Mia is waiting to hear if her dad will be able to stay longer at his job in town so Mia can finish the school year. Either way, Mia wants to throw a party while Harold is out of town.

Felix and Victor meet up with Pilar and Rahim at school, and it’s pretty awkward. Felix tries to break the tension but doesn’t help at all. Shortly after, Mia, Andrew, Lake, and Lucy arrive, and it gets even more awkward. Mia mentions the party, trying to convince everyone she can be fun. Then Felix asks if he and Lake can talk in private. But as the awkwardness is simply not intense enough, they end up talking in the group. Felix reveals he’s dating Pilar, and Lake reveals she’s dating Lucy. Things go silent again before Mia reminds everyone the day of the party and they all go to class.

Isabel’s First PFLAG

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Isabel is going to her first PFLAG meeting! A few days before, she stress picks out an outfit, and Armando assures her she doesn’t need to worry. On the day of the meeting, the group leader asks if any first-timers would like to share. Isabel starts to stand until another mother, Theresa, beats her to it. Theresa introduces herself and her son Asher. As she tells her story, Armando still thinks Isabel will be okay because it sounds as though Theresa was also not on board. That is until they realize Theresa was actually very accepting. Armando then says maybe she’s just not religious, which Asher also debunks when he says he was worried. You know, because of course his parents were also religious. Armando is at a loss for words when he says that Theresa’s a rare case and everyone else is bad. (A for effort, I guess.)

Next, the leader asks for another volunteer and indicates Isabel. She declines until Theresa makes a remark that gets under her skin. Isabel vents about how she feels she was a horrible mother to Victor. After the meeting, Isabel is dejected. Armando reminds her that Victor forgave her, but she hasn’t forgiven herself.

Victor and Andrew Take a Trip

Meanwhile, Victor, Felix, and Pilar arrive at the party. Victor goes to find Mia while Felix stares at Lake and Lucy from across the room, annoying Pilar. As she and Felix head to play flip cup, we see that Lake was watching them, too. Elsewhere, Victor spots Rahim. He asks if Rahim got his texts, and Rahim gives a hostile yes before pushing past.

Andrew checks on Mia, who’s good and goes to mingle. Victor finds Andrew and asks how it’s going. Andrew says he’s been better, and Victor has the same response when Andrew asks. Two guys on the couch tell Victor and Andrew how nice the couch is. They deny they’re on drugs but ask that if, hypothetically, they were, would Andrew and Victor want some? The two say no but then change their minds. And they are really feeling it. At another spot at the party, Victor sees Rahim talking to a guy and Andrew suggests Victor go be his wingman. Victor heads over and starts telling the guy (Ryder) how great Rahim is. Rahim is thoroughly annoyed and tells Victor that Ryder is straight, which Rahim knew when Ryder checks. Ryder leaves and Rahim does shortly after but bumps into another guy, causing him to spill his drink on himself. Victor follows and Rahim tells Victor to leave him alone.

Victor chases after Rahim, saying that Rahim is being a jerk and yes, he stayed with Benji even after the kiss. He says they used to be good friends and now that Benji is in rehab (whoops), he just wants a friend. Rahim admits he waited for Victor. He’s mad that Victor brushed everything aside because he thought they had a connection and Victor made him feel crazy for that. He ends by saying that if Victor didn’t see that, they were never really friends.

Finding Closure

Pilar runs into Lucy and both lament about how their SOs keep staring at each other. They both know their respective partners are into them, but Lucy mentions that Lake has unhandled Felix baggage. So, the two find Lake and Felix and tell them to go work everything out. Felix and Lake head upstairs and air everything out. Felix wonders why they’re struggling so much with it, and Lake says it’s because he left her on the dance floor, and she never really got closure. Felix agrees and adds that Lake was his first love and is glad they did get to be together. Lake reciprocates. Then, she says slapping him could help, too, and Felix is ready to let her. Instead, she gently holds his cheek and says goodbye, and he does too. When they go back downstairs, they thank Pilar and Lucy.

Mia’s Future

Mia, thrilled about how the party’s going, finds Andrew and asks if he’s having fun. He says yes but he’s also sad, which leads Mia to figure out he’s on drugs. Despite this, Andrew explains that he’s trying to be strong and be there for Mia, but he’s scared she will have to move. However, he knows that their relationship is more than a high school fling. Mia knows that and is scared too, but she’s trying to live in the moment.

The next morning, she and Andrew finish cleaning up. Harold finds them and has a look on his face that Mia knows means he can’t stay. She tells him about the party and how she had a feeling this would happen, so she wanted a final high school experience. Harold tries to explain but Mia interrupts him, reminding him how Lake and Andrew’s families were there for her when Harold wasn’t. They’re her families too, and she wants to stay. When Harold asks, she says she can stay with Lake. He’s onboard if Lake’s family is okay with it, and Mia is ecstatic.

Burying the Hatchet

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Victor goes to Rahim’s house and apologizes for not giving Rahim space. He confirms that they did have a connection and Rahim’s not crazy. Victor thought if he pretended things were fine, they would be (#FakeItTillYouMakeIt). He wants to be friends again but understands if Rahim needs more space. After Rahim gently teases Victor, he says he wants that too. All he needed was for Victor to acknowledge it.

Back at Victor’s, Benji is back, and Victor wants to know everything. He tells Victor it went really well but he needs to stay away from emotional triggers, including Victor. And that means they have to break up. Victor asks if that’s what Benji wants. Benji says it doesn’t matter because it’s what he needs.

All episodes of Love, Victor are streaming now on Hulu and Disney+. Find our season 3 review here, our interview with Bebe Wood here, and the rest of our coverage, including recaps, here. Stay tuned for the remainder of our season 3 recaps.

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