‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 “It’s You”


In the season 3 premiere of Love, Victor, we catch up with everyone after the events of the wedding. Victor makes his decision while Mia and Andrew go see Mia’s mom. Meanwhile, Lake and Lucy spend the night getting acquainted, and Felix and Pilar continue their new romance. Read on to find out what happens in “It’s You.”

Victor’s Choice

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The episode picks up right where season 2 ended. Victor chose Benji and didn’t want the night to end without letting Benji know. Victor tells Benji about the first time he saw him (that iconic slow-mo intro) and how it made Victor confront being gay. Benji changed his life, and he loves him. Benji reciprocates, and his dad chooses this time to interrupt the moment. So, Victor suggests they get out of there, and they take Benji’s dad’s car. Victor leads him to the bench where they first kissed (the real one) and wants to start over. He assures Benji that while Rahim did kiss Victor and they were friends, things were confusing. But they’re not anymore and he apologizes. Benji responds that he just wanted to protect Victor and didn’t want to see him get hurt. After they’ve cleared the air, they kiss.

They hit a sobriety checkpoint on the drive back, and Benji begins to panic. Victor tries to calm him down, thinking Benji hasn’t been drinking. Benji admits he had a few drinks before Victor came over, and the only reason he drove was because he didn’t want his dad to know. Victor tells him to switch seats, and they do. They make it through, and at Benji’s, Victor tries to tell Benji it’s okay that he slipped. Benji’s dad comes to get the keys, which Victor has. Victor covers, and Benji’s dad buys it. But Benji doesn’t want to keep lying. He tells as much to Victor and says he’s going to tell his parents.

Waiting for The One

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Rahim peers out his window, hoping that Victor will show up. When his mom asks about it, he claims he’s admiring the drapes but eventually admits the real reason. His mom thinks he should pray. He says no before saying good night and sneaking one more peek out the window. When he gets to his room, he notices his Tasbih (prayer beads) and begins praying.

The next morning, his mom mentions the Tasbih, but Rahim says praying didn’t work. His mom tells him about when she prayed for a boy, she jokingly tells him that she got her favorite son (who is not Rahim). She adds that she believes God has a plan for Rahim and will bring him someone who will love him.

Secret Romance

Pilar and Felix have a make-out sesh in Pilar’s room when she pushes him away as her parents knock and come in. She quickly tells them Felix is just there waiting for Victor. Then they announce that they’re getting back together. Pilar is glad, and Felix is over the moon and hugs them. He starts to say something when Pilar pushes him away (again) to rush her parents out. Felix is a bit confused, and Pilar tells him she just wants to keep fooling around in secret for a bit.

In the kitchen, Felix and Pilar are eating cake when Felix (loudly) kisses her. She asks him to kiss quieter, and he thinks they should just tell her parents, especially considering how much they’ve done for him in the past. Pilar still doesn’t want to and says it’s because they’ve only kissed, and Isabel chooses that moment to walk in. She wonders who Pilar is kissing, and Pilar covers, which prompts Felix to eventually leave.

Seeking Answers

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Mia and Andrew arrive at Mia’s mom’s house, where she is hosting a party. Inside, Mia spots her mom, who approaches and tightly hugs Mia when she sees her. They sit down to talk, and Andrew interjects sarcastic remarks throughout. A woman named Layla comes over, and Mia’s mom gushes about how pretty Mia is and says she’s so proud. Andrew wonders how she could be when she knows nothing about Mia. She responds by saying that she gets tidbits from Harold’s posts, bringing up Mia’s art and how she wishes she could’ve gone to Mia’s art show. After another remark from Andrew, Mia’s mom and Layla head off somewhere, and Mia gives Andrew an annoyed look.

Mia finds her mom and apologizes about Andrew, but her mom gets it. Mia tells her about Harold’s wedding and that she likes Veronica but has been struggling with Harold, telling her about the job and the move. Her mom explains how she once got an offer for her art in Paris (before she left). When she suggested they move, Harold was opposed to it. Mia wonders if that’s why her mom left, but she says it’s because she was losing herself. She admits that what she did to Mia was horrible and wants to know what she can do to make it up. Mia suggests moving to Creekwood so they can work on their relationship. But, of course, her mom is unable to because she has an art show in Prague soon. Upset, Mia and Andrew leave. When Mia gets home the next morning, she doesn’t tell Harold what happened, but he promises they’ll figure things out.

Vibes and Vibes

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At another house, Lake and Lucy chill with their feet in a pool when Lake checks her phone to see if Felix texted her. Lucy asks if she’s sad about Felix. Lake says yes, but he also helped her stop caring what other people think. In turn, she asks if Lucy is sad about Andrew. She also says yes and that he helped her realize things about herself. A door opens from inside the house, and Lucy gets them out of there. She doesn’t actually know whose house it is.

They head to Lake’s house, where Lucy asks if she can borrow some clothes. While she changes, she reveals she worked the catering job and others to save up to get out of Creekwood. Before Lake asks more questions, she pointedly stares at Lucy’s shirtless back, then asks why Lucy doesn’t like Creekwood. Lucy tells her it’s not as easy living there like it probably is for Lake because she’s pretty. Lake then compliments Lucy, who again compliments Lake by saying she has a perfect body. Lake gets bashful, and the two begin to lean in, but Lake decides to check her phone before anything happens, and Lucy leaves.

The next day, Lucy returns the clothes she borrowed. Lake says she had fun the night before and apologizes for what happened. She was scared because she wanted it to happen, and after a beat, the two kiss.

Benji’s News

Victor gets home from Benji’s and finds Felix waiting in the hallway for him. He briefly mentions Benji before asking how things went with Pilar. Felix tells Victor that Pilar doesn’t want to tell their parents. Victor gets it, though, explaining how his parents do love Felix, but they’re incredibly protective of Pilar. He suggests Felix let Pilar take the lead. So, the next morning, Felix goes to see Pilar. She apologizes, and he wonders why she didn’t tell him it was because Armando is so protective. She doesn’t want Felix to see her as a little girl who needs protecting, and he assures her that he doesn’t.

That morning, Victor also tries to text Benji but gets no response. He heads to Benji’s house, and Benji tells him his parents took his phone. Victor tries to make light of the situation when Benji breaks the news that he’s going to rehab. Victor doesn’t understand, thinking it was just the one slip up. But Benji tells him it’s been more than that. He’ll be gone for three weeks, with no phone or email, and doesn’t know what will happen after. As he watches Victor leave, he makes the hand gesture he created for Victor last season.

All episodes of Love, Victor are streaming now on Hulu and Disney+. Find our season 3 review here, our interview with Bebe Wood here, and the rest of our coverage, including recaps, here. Stay tuned for the remainder of our season 3 recaps.

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