‘The Expanse’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 3 “Force Projection”

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In this episode of The Expanse, Marco goes after the Roci, Filip confronts his father’s ways, and The Roci makes their escape. Keep reading for what happens in “Force Projection.”

Naomi Confides in Holden

Holden leaves ship controls to Clarissa while he heads to his quarters to get some shut eye. Naomi is up and waiting for him, she tells him they can talk about what happened to her. She froze up; for a moment it felt like she was back on the Pella escaping Marco and Filip. She says she feels humiliated but Holden asks her if he did all the things she had done, would she be embarrassed for him? He pivots the conversation to the Barkeith and requests her help at making sense of all the data that Bobby could gather for him.

Filip Confronts His Father

Filip is upset that the news is calling Marco and crew cowards. Marco wonders why he cares and Filip says it’s because he told the people of Ceres it was their new capital but instead they abandoned them. Marco just told the people what they wanted to hear when they needed to hear it, which fires Filip up. They left the people of Ceres with barely enough to survive. Marco interjects to remind him they left the inners with a problem they have to deal with. He also acknowledges he thinks it speaks wonders that he wants to do well by the Belters on Ceres. But they have different motives, caring more for themselves than the Belt itself.

Marco’s Plan in Action

While in orbit, The Pella catches sight of another ship nearby. Analyzing it, Marco determines it’s the Roci and he wants to strike, now. He turns over weapon controls to Filip. While in battle, two of his ships back down after being hit, leaving just the Pella and the Rocinante to fight it out. For a moment, the Roci is losing, but Bobby suggests giving them something else to worry about. It will distract them long enough to get a hit on and take them out.

Their comms are down but once rebooted, Holden contacts Marco to get him to surrender. Of course, he says he’d rather die than be at the end of Holden’s leash, so Bobby fires a missile. Just then, Filip makes himself visible and Naomi cries. As the missile is about to make contact, Holden disarms it, making it look like a dud.

The Pella retreats, which would normally signal a win if it was anyone but Marco. Marco insists on finding a new pilot and relieves Filip of his duties after he once again stands up to his father.

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