‘The Expanse’ Season 6 Review: An Appropriate Conclusion to the Sci-Fi Series


The last season of Prime Video’s The Expanse returns for a six-episode run on December 10. Still amid the war between the Free Navy, Earth, and Mars, the Rocinante joins the fleet to put an end to Marco’s persistent asteroid attacks.

Note: This review is spoiler-free.

Through most of the season, the Roci crew, while back together, are still reeling from Alex’s death. It’s shaken them up, testing them like never before, and proves they may not be as whole as they once were. They’ve inserted themselves into a space war and must get on the same page about what exactly their goal is.

Season 5 of the series was arguably its best, finally finding a footing after transferring to Prime Video from Syfy in season 4. With the Rocinante crew on their own adventures, the ten episodes fleshed-out backstories and deeper storylines for many of the characters. It also introduced Filip Inaros, Marco and Naomi’s son. Naomi spent much of last season trying to get him to see the error of his father’s way, but he wanted nothing to do with it. 

Jasai Chase Owens in the expanse season 6
Shane Mahood/Amazon Studios

Jasai Chase Owens’ portrayal of Filip is a highlight of season 6. He’s fiery, wanting to prove himself capable of leading to his father. However, something is eating at him, constantly fighting the mental battle of his belonging.

The on-screen chemistry between Owens and Keon Alexander is truly captivating. Bringing in two new characters so late into a developed series to have them play father and son is no easy feat. Not only that, they’re spearheading an all out war that they’re fighting in for their own reasons.

Nadine Nicole in the expanse season 6
Shane Mahood/Amazon Studios

Including Clarissa once again this season and having her join the Roci crew makes for an interesting development. That Holden can set aside his differences with Clarissa in an “all hands on deck” approach is the beginning of a wonderful redemption arc. 

Her rekindled friendship with Amos was one of the best things to come out of season 5 and it’s amped up even more for season 6. She’s not without her faults and Amos knows that, but he sees a lot of himself in her. She committed heinous acts under the wrong belief system.

A shorter season means less time to pack in a lot of stories, but it doesn’t shy away from the action. While understandable why the season is short, it seemed to have trouble navigating the pace. While the first half was slower, the backend of the season felt too rushed.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Season 6 of The Expanse instills hope for the future in an age of uncertainty. Despite its weaker moments, it is a rewarding, appropriate cap on the beloved characters of Franck and Abraham’s novel series. The Expanse has never shied away from building off of the source material. However, this time it not only honored the series but the fans who have stood by through all of its tribulations.

The Expanse will conclude its six-episode run on January 14, 2022. Stay tuned for our ongoing coverage including recaps and other related content! Check out our season 5 recap as a refresher before the premiere!

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