‘The Expanse’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 4 “Redoubt”

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In this episode of The Expanse, Marco discovers what Holden did, and Drummer raids the supply depot with the help of The Golden Bow. Keep reading for what happens in “Redoubt.”

Monica is Live on the Scene

After the explosion on Ceres station, the Belters assume the Inners are the cause of the attack, not a plant by Marco. She’s recording the entire situation because Avasarala told her she had complete access.

Avasarala looks over all of the footage Monica has recorded, admitting that it makes Earth look weak. Monica bites back, telling her it makes them all look weak, that’s why it works. If she wants the enemy to see them as human, they have to see you as human. Avasarala doesn’t think it would appeal to the Belters, but Monica wasn’t talking about them.

Holden and Naomi Butt Heads

Holden pulls Naomi aside to tell her that Filip looks so much like her. When they launched the torpedo he couldn’t look at his face. She wonders why he’s telling her this. He admits the torpedo wasn’t a dud … he disarmed it. Holden knows what the choice meant but he couldn’t do that to her. He wants her to stop carrying the weight of everything on her shoulders. He can’t be the one to kill Filip. Every time she wakes up she’ll be sleeping next to the man that killed him. Naomi tried to save him and he didn’t want to be; she knows there’s a risk that he may die now.

Drummer Raids Marco’s Supply Depot

Upon arrival, Drummer’s team is met with attackers; they were readying a pickup. Drummer instructs everyone to collect what they can so they can get out of there before anyone shows up. Just then, a crate falls on top of Josep’s arm, pinning him. Michio rushes in to help but there’s not much they can do besides cut his arm off to free him. Once back on her ship, Drummer demands an open wide ban channel to call out Marco. She calls him a coward and tells him he’s nothing.

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