‘The Expanse’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 5 “Why We Fight”

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In this episode of The Expanse, Naomi and Drummer have an interesting encounter, Marco is unraveling, and the Roci crew learn of Holden’s betrayal. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Why We Fight.”

Drummer Saves Ceres

With the shipping containers full of food and fuel that Drummer captured from Marco, she’s using it to help relieve Ceres station. Avasarala makes contact to let her know she is welcome as long as there are no disruptions.

Naomi and Drummer Meet Again

Naomi sends a message to Drummer letting her know she’s on Ceres with the Roci. There’s so much she wants to say to her, so she tells her to let her know when she has a little time to chat.

Naomi pops over to Drummer’s ship and waits for her to arrive. Naomi says she’s eager to meet her family. However, Drummer is quick to interject; they’re all gone now, and she is all she has left. Naomi wonders if Drummer blames her for it but Drummer did what she did and now she must face it.

Naomi gets down to business on why she’s there. Holden sent her on behalf of Avasarala. She wants Drummer to fight on her side against Marco. Drummer is upset because once again Naomi has chosen the Inners to side with instead of her own people.

Drummer agrees to meet with Avasarala in the open, in front of the Belters so they can bear witness. She asks Avasarala if she will remember the Belters that bled for her once the last shot is fired and Marco is dead. She can’t make promises but agrees that Drummer’s people will only have to take orders from her.

Holden Gets Found Out

Amos meets up with Draper at Ceres station. She teases him about his habits (drinking and sleeping around), and tells him he should get back to his ship. But he’s not sure he wants to be part of the cause anymore. Draper insists it is foolish until Amos fills her in on the fact Holden disarmed the nuke because of Filip.

The series finale of The Expanse premieres next Friday on Prime Video.

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