Sleeping At Last Releases New Single in ‘Astronomy’ Series

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Sleeping At Last

With the end of the year near, multi-talented musician Sleeping At Last has released a new single in his Astronomy series titled “December 24, 2021: Webb Space Telescope – Launch.”

With his latest compilation series themed around the idea of space and titled Astronomy, Sleeping At Last has come out with his latest song to celebrate the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. Originally set to launch on Christmas Eve (currently postponed to Christmas Day), Sleeping At Last has dedicated this song to this technological wonder as well as to the holiday season. “December 24, 2021: Webb Space Telescope – Launch” is currently out on streaming services here, making it the perfect track to listen to during the countdown to the telescope’s launch!

Starting as a multi-person music project, Sleeping At Last is now the stage name for singer-songwriter and producer Ryan O’Neal. Based in Chicago, O’Neal has been dedicated to his craft for over two decades, with his music heard in many well-known films and television shows such as The Fault In Our Stars, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, and more.

After years of making conventional albums, O’Neal decided to begin a different kind of project. In 2011, he began writing long-form series of songs, the first being the 36-song collection Yearbook. In 2014, O’Neal started a new compilation called Atlas, which was split into three parts to be released over several years. The first was Atlas: l, a 30 track collection focused on the origins of the Universe and the various planets. Atlas: ll included 25 songs about involuntary human development and personality. In 2021, the final chapter began, titled Atlas: lll, focusing on voluntary human development, specifically what humanity can achieve when given the conscious opportunity. Sleeping At Last also continues adding to another mostly-instrumental compilation series, Astronomy, with each song marking important milestones in space exploration and discovery.

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