‘The Expanse’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 2 “Azure Dragon”

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THE EXPANSE season 6
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In this episode of The Expanse, Bobby is sent aboard the Roci, Marco sets a trap on Ceres Station, and Filip’s punishment for his friend’s death is decided. Keep reading for everything that goes down in “Azure Dragon.”

Filip’s Punishment (or lack thereof)

Once Marco has found out what Filip has done, he wants to dish out his son’s punishment himself. Only, there isn’t much of a punishment at all. Marco fishes him a made up story, hands him his weapon, and tells him to report for duty once back on the ship. Marco insists that the “embarrassment” Filip has become is punishment enough.

Filip, in an effort to make things right, wants to compensate Yohan’s family for what happened, and it works … to a degree. They’ll send his family new mining nets and a month’s worth of supplies. He notifies the family with a message, putting his feelings for his friend aside.

Bobby Boards the Roci

With the information Naomi collected on The Azure Dragon, Avasarala and company have determined the Dragon is a rockhopper rigged with scopes, antenna, and sensor rays. Bobbie tells them their new mission is to capture the ship for its data instead of destroying it. Holden realizes they’re an independent ship, so if they mess up, it’s not on the Marines or Earth. Bobbie insists that it’s about morale; they need a break in the war.

Once that’s all settled, Amos has news of his own for Bobbie: Clarissa Mao is on the ship; he rescued her on his trip to Earth. Bobbie notes she is a conflicted felon, Holden is quick to remark back that Amos trusts her. As Bobbie excuses herself to eat, Holden inquires about missing ships in the ring. There was Martian intel that a number of ships went dark after entering. They chalked it up to them joining Marco, but it wasn’t confirmed. Holden shows Bobbie footage of the Barkeith disappearing and asks if he can see the intel, Bobbie promises to get it to him.

Michio’s New Crew

Michio is preparing to join the crew of another fleet that Drummer promises will keep her safe until their return. They don’t engage in the war, they just transfer supplies over and do little odds and ends jobs Marco assigns to them. Drummer gets an idea when he mentions supplies, though. They’re running low so she devises a plan to raid the supply depots with the help of The Golden Bow ships that are working against Marco.

The Capture of The Azure Dragon

The Rocinante is on The Azure Dragon’s flight path. Just before they make it to them, the ship catches sight of them and bolts. Holden wants to go for their original plan of destroying them, but Bobbie is giving the orders and the order is to capture. Holden begrudgingly agrees and they eventually get hold of the ship.

Naomi suffers a panic attack about going into orbit, so Clarissa takes over her job. It’s clear she’s suffering, so with the help of Naomi from inside the Roci, they bypass the Dragon while Holden and Amos breach the ship. Once in, they gain access to every single path the Dragon has taken.

Marco’s Trap

Marco receives word that the Azure Dragon crew died and the Rocinante has captured the ship and all of its data. If everything remains intact, they’ll be able to locate all the rocks that have yet to launch. He’s not nervous, though. Once they redeploy their fleets to come after Marco, his own fleet will be lying in wait.

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