‘AEW Dynamite’ Winter Is Coming Recap: AEW World Title Match, Dynamite Diamond Ring, and More


On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, the yearly Winter Is Coming special aired some spectacular matchups. Danielson and Page meet for the first time in the ring, Deeb and Shida continue their feud with a grudge match, and who gets custody of the Dynamite Diamond ring? Keep reading for everything that happened this week on AEW Dynamite.

Bryan Danielson versus “Hangman” Adam Page

Hangman has wrist control, Danielson sweeps Hangman’s legs. Danielson ankle picks, Hangman rushes out. Pushing each other around, Danielson gets in Hangman’s head once again. Boot to the chest by Hangman to Danielson. Hangman slams Danielson, chops him hard in the chest, taking him off his feet momentarily. Danielson works Page’s legs and sets him up for the Romero Special, locking it in. He turns it into a variation of a Dragon Sleeper, but Page fights out. They exchange chops with each other.

As Page gives him space to recover, Danielson takes the upper hand once again by delivering an uppercut to Page. Page chases Danielson, hitting him with a big boot to the face. Hangman goes to the top rope, Danielson lands a round kick to Page. Danielson traps Page between the ropes and once again hits him with uppercuts, chops, and middle kicks. Page desperately needs an opening and finds it with a fall-away slam and a Death Valley driver; Danielson kicks out. Page goes for a moon sault press, but Danielson moves out of the way, quickly attempting an inside cradle. Danielson throws Page off the ring post, forcing him to land on his shoulder. He continues the assault on the shoulder on the steel ring post (a callback to Unified 2006 with Nigel). Danielson counters the fall-away slam, trying to get Hangman flat on his stomach for the Cattle Mutilation. Page sets up a figure four leg lock to Danielson who rolls to the ropes.

Danielson tries to take him out on the apron, but Hangman reverses it on him, landing the Deadeye. Hangman crashes face-first into the table after Danielson moves out of the way. Danielson attempts a maneuver from the top rope again; Page lands on his head and delivers a rolling lariat to Danielson. They trade shots back and forth. Danielson counters the rolling elbow with a kick to Page’s head. Page delivers stomps to Danielson’s head, and the LeBell Lock is locked in on Page. Page fights out, momentarily trying to roll Danielson over for the pin and slingshots him into the ropes. Hangman finally hits him with the Buckshot Lariat just as the match ends in a 60-minute draw.

Wardlow versus Matt Sydal

Sydal immediately goes for Wardlow’s head. Wardlow slams Sydal to the mat. He attempts to go for his Powerbomb Symphony, but Shawn Spears tells him just to pin him. Wardlow doesn’t listen, going for another powerbomb, pinning him then. Spears enters the ring with his chair, smacking Sydal against the back.

Serena Deeb versus Hikaru Shida

Shida gets straight into the ring, but Deeb knocks her off the apron. The two trade hits to start. Shida isolates Deeb in the corner and dropkicks her. Deeb goes after Shida’s knee, but Shida immediately breaks the hold by making her way to the ropes. Deeb locks the figure four on Shida on the ring post. Deeb continues her control over Shida and her knee; Shida creates an opening with a step-up enzuigiri and a delayed vertical suplex. Deeb exposes the turnbuckle, hooking Shida around it for a neck breaker assist. Shida lands the falcon arrow, and both women struggle to make it back to their feet. Deeb punishes her with the single-leg crab. Both women exchange covers before Shida goes for the pin with a Jackknife cover.

MJF versus Dante for the Dynamite Diamond Ring

MJF immediately goes for the famed side headlock takeover. Dante smacks him in the face and sends him to the mat, gaining the upper hand for a few beats, before MJF throws him to the ground. Dante is out cold on the floor, but MJF sends him into the barricade anyway. Throwing him back in the ring, he works Dante’s arm, but Dante fights to his feet and out of the attempted powerbomb. MJF covers Dante and attempts to use the ropes to aid him, but the referee catches him.

Dante flies over the top rope to hit MJF with a heavy blow to the face. MJF attempts to stall but Dante stays on him, landing on top of MJF with a Shooting Star Press. They exchange near-fall roll-ups. MJF attempts a side headlock takeover once again, but Dante scouts it, turning it into a side headlock takeover of his own. MJF hits a Liger Bomb; Dante kicks out. Just as Dante is about to win the match, Ricky Starks helps MJF get his foot to the rope, allowing MJF to put him in an armbar and win.

Starks and Martin’s rivalry goes back to the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal last week when Martin swerved Team Taz by eliminating them and rejoining Lio Rush.

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