Monday, March 20, 2023

‘Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection’ Graphic Novel Now On Sale

BOOKS'Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection' Graphic Novel Now On Sale

Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection brings readers new adventures from the Robinsons, Robot, Doctor Smith, and Don West. The graphic novel from Legendary Comics brings together six previously released stories as well as two new stories in one book. This omnibus comes out in celebration of the third and final season of the classic sci-fi show on Netflix.

Legendary Comics

Lost in Space takes place thirty years in the future at the Robinson family is headed to a distant colony but are thrown off-course when their ship crashes on a mysterious planet. The family encounters dangerous environments and an alien robot. Readers can explore new missions as our heroes attempt to survive in a new world filled with danger and unexpected visitors in the Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection.

Legendary Comics

The two new stories delve deeper into the backstories of our favorite heroes. “When Worlds Collide Part One” (written by Richard Dinnick with art by Steve Stanley), features the Robot as it tries to save the Robinson family from a reptilian creature. In “When Worlds Collide Part Two” (written by Richard Dinnick with art by El Garing), the crew meet their modern counterparts from another reality who are also lost in space. As the families meet, they encounter a new danger.

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Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection is available now for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and

The third season of Lost in Space is now streaming on Netflix.

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