‘The Expanse’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 1 “Strange Dogs”

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The Expanse season 6
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The Expanse has returned with the first episode of season 6. In this episode, the Roci make a discovery that could change the trajectory of their mission, Drummer makes a heartbreaking decision, and Filip loses his temper. Keep reading to find out what happens in the season 6 premiere “Strange Dogs.”

The Roci Makes a Discovery

While skimming through Free Navy intel, Holden comes across the Barkeith making its way through the ring and mysteriously disappearing. Holden tells Amos the flashes remind him of the artifact on Ilus. Amos claims it isn’t their problem anymore; he’s here to kill Marco before Marco kills them. Naomi makes another discovery, though. She pulled all the signal relays in the Belt and came across coded bursts at the frequency scattered about. Each one launched a rock at Earth. Naomi is one step ahead; she triangulated the signals to see if she could find where the transmission came from. There’s a ship that’s gone dark guiding the rocks where they need to go. Holden makes a remark about spotter ships being specialized ships. There aren’t a ton of them. If they can locate it and take it out, it will reduce Marco’s ability to attack Earth.

Filip Heads Into a Downward Spiral

Ever since Naomi fled off the ship to escape Marco and Filip, Filip has been acting out in the worst of ways. After scooping up a few lady friends to spend the night with, Filip and his best friend head to their quarters. Something is bothering Filip though, so he flees to meet up with his father to confront him about the treatment of Ceres and heads to the bar to get a drink. He makes a poor attempt at flirting with the bartender, who wants nothing to do with him, making a remark about her being lucky he’s talking to someone like her. He throws his glass at her, missing her head. Filip’s friend tries to stop him, eventually falling victim to his friend’s dangerous temper when Filip kills him.

Drummer Weighs a Hard Decision

Michio has had her fair share of mistakes since joining Drummer’s crew. Josep is in Drummer’s ear about letting her go; they lost a ship because of her. Drummer doesn’t budge at first. Michio is like family to all of them, and the thought of breaking up is just another relationship Drummer can’t afford to lose. She eventually comes around knowing in her heart it’s what must be done. They confront Michio to tell her they will drop her off at the nearest service station — where she can stay — and they’ll return for her once the war is over. Michio cries hysterically because why would she want to leave the people she loves behind?

A new episode of The Expanse premieres every Friday on Prime Video. Follow along with our recaps of the season along with subsequent coverage. Read our spoiler-free review the season 6 here.

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