‘The Shrink Next Door’ Recap: Episode 7 “The Breakthrough”

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It’s the penultimate episode the Apple’s limited series The Shrink Next Door, and it’s time for Marty to have a breakthrough.

Last week, we saw the extent of Ike’s manipulation and abuse of not only Marty but other patients as well. Ike continues to host lavish and expensive parties at Marty’s now two Hampton properties, and Miriam detailed her horrible realization about Ike. A confession that left her stranded at a strange gas station and Marty an accomplice in her abandonment. Marty still can’t read Ike’s gaslighting and conniving ways, but perhaps a catalyst will finally open his eyes.

Things Aren’t Good at AFC

It’s now 2010 and Marty’s textile company AFC isn’t doing very well. While it isn’t explicitly stated, we can only assume that Ike’s money-racketing ways have contributed to the loss of profits. However, Bruce only mentions that the rent has exceeded what they can afford. Bruce suggests a move to New Jersey, to a more affordable location, but Ike won’t allow it. If they leave Manhattan it’s only a step-down, and Ike won’t be seen as someone who steps out of the limelight.

Marty’s Operation

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Marty has a hernia that needs surgery immediately. In his final pre-surgery session with Ike, he begs and pleads with him to take care of the fish at the Hampton house when Ike heads down for the weekend. Adam has Ick and it needs treatment. Ike assures him that his fish are in good hands.

After his operation, Marty waits for Ike’s visit. But Ike never shows. Marty is clearly devastated by this, as he’s abandoned all other friends and family for this man for almost 30 years now, even going as far as to name him as his next-of-kin. By the fourth day, Marty has had enough. He leaves the hospital early, his nurse chasing him to try and stop him, and drives out to the Hamptons to find Ike hosting a party as if nothing is amiss.

In his very Ike way, Ike turns Marty’s anger back on him, reminding him of all the things he’d done for him (30 years prior) like helping him after his heart attack and helping propel AFC to new levels (despite them now being broke). Bonnie listens in and is less than impressed. She wants Ike to shut the party so Marty can rest, but Ike refuses. She also makes a comment alluding to the fact she’s also tired of her husband’s obsession with Marty, acting more like his husband than hers.

The Stick That Broke the Fish’s Back

Marty finally hits his breaking point when he finds Adam the koi dead from his Ick. It’s here that we find ourselves at the point where the series began in episode 1, with Ike asking Marty to take his photo with Lisa Rinna and then collect wet towels from the guests. This scene hits even harder now knowing that Marty is four days out from a major surgery who left the hospital against medical advice.

Inside, Bonnie offers to help Marty, but he simply says he’s had enough. He’s tried and yet it was never enough. She understands.

Again flashing back to those opening scenes, Marty destroys the yard, throwing chairs into the pool and smashing glasses. The commotion eventually wakes Ike, who now sleeps in a separate bedroom from Bonnie, and peeks outside the window and blames it on the guests getting rowdy. As it turns out, Marty was digging a hole to bury his dead fish (and not a murdered therapist) and the blood on his hands is his own; his stitches have torn.

Free At Last

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Clearly, Ike sees nothing wrong with his treatment of Marty, as he’s surprised to find him late for their session that next week. After unanswered phone calls, Ike travels out to AFC to find it empty. Marty has moved the business to New Jersey after all.

Enraged, Ike spends two hours on the George Washington Bridge to reach the new warehouse where he finds Marty helping Bruce unload the truck. After 30 years, Marty finally stands up for his decision against Ike, saying that “they” never decided not to move, only Ike did, and Marty, as the business owner, decided the move was for the best. Ike reiterates the time it took him to get there from the city, and that now he might not be able to come down to be the company’s psychiatrist. Marty does him one better. Ike has been fired.

Marty has finally taken a stand against Ike, but this likely won’t end well with just how much of his like Ike had taken over. See how it all ends with the finale next Friday, December 17, exclusively on Apple TV+.

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