‘Seven on 7’: Breaking Down the Sixth Episode of ‘The Boys’ Digital Series

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December brings snow, sleighbells, and many sugary confections… and a new episode of Seven on 7 of course. Grab your Santa hats (oof, maybe a bad choice of words… but more on that later), because an all-new Christmas-themed episode of Seven on 7 has dropped! This month’s installment marks the sixth month anniversary of the digital series set in the world of The Boys that serves to bridge the gap between the events of seasons 2 and 3. Here at Nerds & Beyond, we’ve been helping you wade through Vought’s BS, breaking down and connecting storyline threads, Easter eggs (wrong holiday, I know), and tidbits that VNN is hand-feeding us to the bigger picture of events in the show. Without further ado, check out the sixth episode of Seven on 7 and our breakdown below!

Gecko the Rat

Another day, another Supe popping back up out of nowhere. For those of you who don’t remember, Gecko (real name Matthew Culbert) was an old friend of Annie’s from her Capes for Christ days (after all, he was perfect for the role of Jesus in the play. No one was gonna take a nail through the hand like he could). That is, until she blackmailed him into stealing her some Compound V from the Vought facility where he was a lab rat for regeneration testing. After threatening to expose his S&M side hustle of letting people hack off his limbs for money — which seems to not be so much of a secret anymore (and whew, I did not need the visual of Santa chopping off Gecko’s Christmas tree if you catch my drift) — the two did not part ways on good terms.

Which explains why normally sweet Culbert is spewing hatred about his former friend to the media — he probably thinks that Starlight is the one who exposed him in the first place. What’s even more interesting is the FBSA’s involvement — and Coleman’s subsequent praise of the organization. Are Victoria Neuman and our Petít Hughie tying up some loose ends? It’s hard to predict if this incident will incite backlash against The Boys or America’s newly re-instated sweetheart in the future. It’s definitely something to keep our eye on concerning season 3.

Another Brave Maeve Marketing Campaign

Vought has really been pushing the Brave Maeve agenda nonstop since the beginning of Seven on 7. I’m starting to wonder if the Queen is voluntarily leaning into the marketing scheme since the last time we saw her. At least her charity is helping people, no matter how in your face the marketing might be. This month’s product? The Brave Maeve Pride Bar (vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free of course), which is going towards helping the homeless LGBT community (while doing some extreme branding of course).

Bullseye Beats

We’ve been hearing an awful lot about Eagle the Archer lately, which has spawned lots of speculation about his television iteration’s role in the future of Payback (of whom multiple members will be on screen in season 3 including Crimson Countess, Soldier Boy, and the most recently revealed Gunpowder). However, the arrow-shooting Supe seems to be taking a different path in his career at the moment as he becomes… a rapper? Not really sure where that’s going, but stream “Bow and Quiver” exclusively on Voughtify, I guess.

OurSheet, OurCoffee, OurToiletPaper. Who Knows at This Point?

It’s the little things that always manage to circle their way back around in the universe of The Boys, and today’s episode of Seven on 7 is only reinforcing that idea. Mickey Londale, CEO of OurSheet (don’t remember? check out the commercial from the very first episode here), has recruited Supe Blue Hawk (welcome aboard, Nick Wechsler) as the newest spokesman for his ultra-patriotic brand, promoting the company’s new “4Freedom” line — which apparently includes products like toilet paper and coffee? They’ve really lost the plot in marketing over there. But hey, at least Coleman got to have his fanboy moment. Mmm…. selling toilet paper, truly the American Dream.

Vought’s Super Christmas Spectacular!

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Along with The Seven (more like The Five at this point), VNN’s own Cameron Coleman will be making an appearance with the most special guest of all (nope, still can’t think of the Santa costume without gagging) at Vought’s Super Christmas Spectacular! Get into the holiday spirit live at Vought Square or stream it with Vought+ super access (wow, they’re really pushing this streaming network).

Black Noir Spreading Christmas Drear

There aren’t words to explain just how much is going on in this segment… which fits, I guess, because it concerns Black Noir. Firstly, the silent Supe seems to have recovered from his “unspecified severe allergic reaction” (cough tree nuts, cough Almond Joy). And just in time to spread some holiday cheer… by handing out bulletproof backpacks (at a school named for JFK nonetheless). Coleman spouts “These bullet stopping bookbags [available in a variety of Supe-related designs of course] will help make sure that kids and parents feel extra safe at school despite the ever-present threat against our country from Super Terrorists”… Cameron, I don’t know how much a backpack is going to help against these so-called (Vought-grown) “terrorists,” especially considering the real terrors are the very Supes that are supposed to be protecting America. But okay.

Vought’s Christmas Benefit Shines Bright

Spotted: Starlight was the guest of honor at Vought’s recent Christmas benefit, where she was recognized as Hero of the Year. The even bigger buzz? Stan Edgar himself made an appearance to “mingle with an illustrious crowd of New York businessmen, politicians, and socialites” — sounds like a lot of opportunities to grease pockets to me, especially with Vought’s favorability down right now. Even stranger, one Mr. Petít G-Man and his boss, V. Neuman, were spotted having a good time. Governmental schmoozing duties or some sort of secret bust? Only time will tell. And in perhaps the juiciest tidbit of the entire episode, Coleman apologizes for “accidentally” buying Hughie a drink at the benefit, apparently having mistaken him for someone else??? It seems like I’m not the only one who appreciates Hughie in a suit, waitstaff-chic or not.

Homelander Addresses the Nation

As Coleman prepares to launch a tirade on the alleged “war on Christmas,” the left is carrying out (thank god for that cutoff), we cut to… Homelander?

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Well, maybe it would have been better to hear the Christmas rant after all. As Homelander launches into a speech talking about how he’s here for the American people and is going to work towards rebuilding the public’s trust since the Stormfront debacle, you can’t help but admire the guy’s acting skills. He comes off so sincere. But you and I know better. Of course, the host of Seven on 7 lights up like a little kid on Christmas at the speech (reign in the crush Coleman, geez). Typical.

Nearing the End?

While there’s no official indication that these episodes will be slowing down anytime soon, I can’t help but wonder if next month’s will be the end (following with the theme of sevens and all). I, for one, sincerely hope not (feed us Amazon Prime, we’re starving for season 3). Regardless, that’s all for the last episode of 2021. As always, stay tuned until next month to see what’s in store for season 3 of The Boys. Make sure to check out our breakdowns of all the previous Seven on 7 episodes here. See you in the new year!

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