‘Seven on 7’: Breaking Down the Fifth Episode of ‘The Boys’ Digital Series

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Give thanks, for it is finally November 7, meaning a new episode of Seven on 7 has dropped! Today signaled the release of the fifth episode of Seven on 7, the digital series set in the world of The Boys that serves to bridge the gap between the events of seasons 2 and 3. Here at Nerds & Beyond, we’ve been helping you break down and connect all the storyline threads, tidbits, and propaganda totally reliable news that VNN is hand-feeding us to the bigger picture of events in the show. Without further ado, check out the fifth episode of Seven on 7 and our breakdown below!

FBSA Cracking Down on Crime

As reported by Victoria Neuman, the FBSA has been directly responsible for a 23% decrease in Supe-related violence incidents. Coleman doesn’t seem to be buying it (as if the headline “Neuman Strains Shoulder Patting Own Back” wasn’t already tipping that off). It seems that Neuman and our favorite petit G-Man Hughie have been busy since we left off in season 2.

Try Try Again (and Again and Again… and Again)

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VNN has really been pushing the efficacy of these Vought Global Wellness Centers, which I for one am becoming extremely suspicious about. There is no doubt in my mind that these therapeutic centers are a front for some not-so-squeaky clean activities instead of rehabilitation. Nevertheless, the most recent program inductee? The Supe Groundhawk, a “short-statured and short-tempered hammer-handed Supe” who’s been checked into the center after a confrontation with Chicago law enforcement, making this his record-breaking fifth stint in the facility.

Singer for President

Robert Singer has made yet another appearance in one of these news segments — I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him this season. According to Coleman, rumor has it that said Secretary of Defense may be gearing up for a Presidential run… much to the chagrin of the VNN host if his enraged rant was anything to go by (side note, the graphics in this segment were absolutely sending — see below).

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According to Coleman (with some badly photoshopped pictures to prove his point), Singer is nothing more than a “doddering, liberal bureaucrat who is more interested in taking naps and working on his golf swing than working to protect the citizens of our great nation.” Coleman, always circling back to those Super Terrorists… because Vought had nothing to do with that, right? Whether or not this rumor is true remains to be seen. We’ll have to wait until season 3’s debut to find out what exactly is going on behind the scenes with Singer.

A-Train Still Not on His A-Game

It seems that A-Train will not be bringing his A-game to the race that was rumored to occur between him and former member of The Seven Mr. Marathon due to a “sensitive, classified mission” — yeah, okay. More like to make sure his heart doesn’t blow on the spot. How long can the not-so-speedy speedster possibly hope to keep this facade alive, especially in the face of the newfound scrutiny Vought is receiving? The veneer gets thinner and thinner every time a convenient excuse appears just in time to interrupt a race.

Commercial — VoughtLand

Your mission should you accept it? To have the “greatest time of your life” at VoughtLand, a Supe-themed theme park. Pushing out some seriously Disney-esque vibes (but you know, less Mickey Mouse, more glorification of secretly murderous and overall terrible people with a free pass from the government to do whatever they want unchecked…) VoughtLand has attractions for everyone! From “Homelander Extreme Flight” to “Soldier Boy, Ahoy!” (finally, a crumb on the members of Payback — peep Crimson Countess) to “Black Noir’s Animal Adventures Super Petting Zoo,” there are plenty of attractions for all members of the family. The Pride PR campaign with Maeve still seems to be going strong, with yet another mention of Brave Maeve’s Inclusive Kingdom. Book your tickets today at voughtland.us (or not, definitely a hard pass on my part).

Gunpowder and Lead

With all of the news coming out about season 3 over the past couple of months, we’ve known that Payback, the superteam precursor to The Seven, is going to be a major plot point in season 3. This episode of Seven on 7 only seems to be reinforcing this point with the mentions of Crimson Countess (who fans recently got a first look at) and Soldier Boy in the commercial above. Now, we learn about Gunpowder, a member of Payback who is… rolling out a “junior shooter program in partnership with the Vought Rifle Association. Doing his part to ensure that the dreams of America’s musket-toting founding fathers live on”… more like pushing Vought’s increasingly militarized agenda, but okay. While the emergence of all these Payback members is a recipe for trouble, I can’t wait to see how all of the pieces will come together for the team’s television iteration in season 3.

More Bullsh*t: Coming to a Screen Near You

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Vought+, the newest Super Streaming platform revealed in episodes past, profits have been through the roof, pushing executives to line up even more original propaganda content for consumption by the masses. The streaming platform’s success seems to only keep growing as all of the classics, from Soldier Boy’s Red Thunder (1983) to Translucent Invisible Force (1 and 2), can be viewed from one convenient spot. I personally will have Letterboxd on standby ready to give one star.

See You In Court

It seems that all that involuntary testing of Compound V that Vought had been conducting on adult subjects is finally coming with some serious consequences. A lawsuit has been filed against the corporation by the firm Bremmer & Bremmer for “nonconsensual exposure to Compound V” on behalf of a group of Supes. Of course, Coleman immediately launches into a spiel about how these “liberal snowflakes” were given a chance to become heroes and instead would rather “whine and cry to get a free handout than actually do some work.” Cameron, buddy, we get that you have a serious hard-on for Vought, but maybe, just maybe show some sympathy for people who were experimented on against their will? Vought’s soullessness truly knows no bounds.

Well folks, that’s all we’ve got for you concerning the fifth episode of Seven on 7. As always, stay tuned until next month to see what’s in store for season 3 of The Boys. Make sure to check out our breakdowns of the four previous Seven on 7 episodes here.

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