Broadway Podcast Network’s ‘Twits in Love’ Out Now

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Broadway Podcast Network

The Broadway Podcast Network released the first two episodes of a new podcast called Twits in Love. This podcast is described as an audio comedy steampunk distraction. It stars Michael Urie, Christian Borle, Mary Testa, James Monroe Iglehart, Lillias White, Kiera Allen, Ann Harada, Dakin Matthews, and Stephen DeRosa.

Broadway Podcast Network

You can check out the following description of the podcast from The Broadway Podcast Network below.

This is a world in which the great minds that should have discovered electricity went into the restaurant business instead, or decided to chuck it all because their true passion was stand-up comedy. It is a world of steam-powered servants and factory-made food in which the privileged few, like Cyril Chippington-Smythe, whose every wish is instantly gratified, have nothing to live for but pleasure… and fashion… and love.”

Broadway Podcast Network

Twits in Love is created and directed by Tom Alan Robbins with producer Dori Berinstein also directing. The podcast is additionally produced by Alan Seales, Liz Armstrong, and the Broadway Podcast Network. This includes Beatriz Westby, Katie Rosin, Ayanna Prescod, and Ethan Halpern. Sound design and editing is done by Brett Ashleigh with sound engineering by Alan Seales, Brittany Bigalow, and Kimberlee Garris.

The first episode of Twits in Love is available from the Broadway Podcast Network or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Check out the teaser here to get a glimpse into this whimsical audio podcast.

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