‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Rocky Romero, Lee Moriarty, Women’s Tag Match, and More

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Another episode of AEW Dynamite has aired. Continue reading for what happened on the go home show before Full Gear this Saturday.

Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero with Orange Cassidy

Rocky takes down Bryan. Bryan shoulder tackles Rocky, Rocky counters with a juji gatame. Bryan works his way out of the hold. Rocky hits a drop step to Bryan, sending him flying out of the ring. Bryan and Orange face-off, Rocky takes advantage of the distraction and takes Bryan down to the floor.

They exchange chops and kicks, Bryan lands the Romero Special. Rocky gets to the ropes to break the hold. Rocky is able to hit a DDT to Bryan followed up by a dropkick to the side of Bryan’s head hung on the middle rope. Bryan bounces off of the steel steps from a Hurricanrana that is followed up by sliced bread. Bryan makes his way to his feet and tries to create an opening with a German suplex to Rocky. Bryan is back on chops and kicks, isolates Rocky to the corner and the top rope but Rocky counters.

Goes for the pin, Bryan kicks out; changes it into his own submission. Cross arm breaker into a version of a calf slicer, Rocky is able to switch the momentum but Bryan counters it with an ankle lock. Bryan kicks Rocky in the face and counters the running knee strike with stomps to Rocky’s face before transitioning into the LaBell lock but switches to a Tequila Sunrise which Rocky taps out to.

Inner Circle Promo

American Top Team jumps the Inner Circle from behind. Junior Dos Santos punches Sammy Guevara in the stomach, Santana gets slammed into the steps. Junior Dos Santos grabs a kendo stick striking Ortiz’s back. Dan Lambert is busy getting a table set up in the middle of the ring. Lambert, from the middle rope, powerbombs Jericho into the table. “This was just a small piece of what we can do,”  Ethan Page says. Not only is ATT going to win, but Lambert will pin Jericho. Tonight, they’re going to make Jericho tap out to the Walls Of Jericho.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D., Rebel, and Jamie Hayter vs. Anna Jay, Tay Conti, and Thunder Rosa

Chaos breaks out in the middle of the ring. Order is restored, Britt starts in the ring with Thunder Rosa. Thunder Rosa tries to put Britt away quickly, Britt tags out to Rebel. Trapped in the corner, Thunder Rosa tags in Anna Jay and assists with a hammer throw. Rebel whips Anna Jay into the ropes where Jamie is waiting to pull on her hair and pull her out of the ring. Britt kicks her while the ref is still distracted. They throw her back in the ring.

A little showboating from team D.M.D. as they continue to dominate the match with Anna stuck in their corner. Anna Jay creates separation with a suplex to Britt Baker. Britt and Anna both make tags to Jamie and Tay Conti, Conti is fired up with pump kicks to Jamie, Britt, and Rebel. Thunder Rosa moves to save Conti, Britt Super Kicks Anna. From the top rope, Thunder Rosa flies with a crossbody to Jamie. In the ring Conti plants Rebel, Britt attempts to distract but it doesn’t work. Tay Conti, Anna Jay, and Thunder Rosa are victorious.

Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Anthony Bowens

Bowens quickly backs Jungle Boy into the corner. They exchange waist locks. Bowens gets cocky too early as Jungle Boy kicks and chops him. Bowens gives a few kicks and chops of his own sending Jungle Boy to the mat. Jungle Boy climbs the ropes and performs an arm drag. Bowens attempt to switch the momentum, it works momentarily. Jungle Boy fights out of Castor’s hold on the ring apron, Bowens takes advantage of the distraction with a DDT. Jungle Boy lands a series of elbow strikes followed up with a chop and basement dropkick into a lariat. Bowens fights back with combination offense, going for the pin but only achieving a two count.

Jungle Boy goes for a quick roll-up; Bowens kicks out. Jungle Boy sets up for the Snare Trap as Castor attempts a distraction. Jungle Boy knocks Castor down. Bowens, as a last-ditch effort, DDT’s Jungle Boy from between the ropes, he kicks out. Bowens trash-talks Jungle Boy as he counters and locks Bowens into the Snare Trap. Bowens desperately tries to reach the bottom rope and Castor, eventually tapping out.

Bobby Fish attacks Jungle Boy from behind after the match, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus come to the aid of Jungle Boy.

SuperKliq Promo

In a backstage segment, Adam Cole wants to talk about “him”, referring to old partner turned foe Bobby Fish. He’s known him for a long time and wants to introduce the Bucks to Bobby, but they don’t need to be introduced. Matt Jackson wants to make one thing clear: In AEW, there are no disputes; it’s the era of The Elite. If Adam vouches for someone, they go along with it. Adam suggests that on Friday’s episode of Rampage, Bobby finishes the job with Jungle Boy before their match with him at Full Gear on Saturday.

Wheeler YUTA vs. Wardlow

YUTA lands a quick dropkick to Wardlow. Wardlow grabs YUTA into a waist lock, YUTA fights out with elbow strikes. Wardlow slams YUTA to the center of the ring before picking him up and power bombing him, four times. Wardlow toys with YUTA before finally connecting with a rising knee strike and pinning him. HFO attacks the Best Friends, namely Orange Cassidy. Matt Hardy shoves OC’s head into a steel chair and hits the Twist Of Fate.

Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty vs. Dante Martin and Lio Rush

Lee and Dante start the match. Lee sweeps Dante’s leg, Dante kicks out; Dante sweeps Lee’s leg. Dante goes for a figure four but quickly rolls up Lee for the pin, Lee kicks out. Dante tags Lio in, Lee tags in Matt. Lio smacks Matt across the face, Lee assists Matt with a shot to the back of Lio’s head. Once back on his feet, Lio is able to hurricanrana Matt. Both teams are in the ring fighting, Lee gets thrown out as Matt is cornered. Dante rolls up Matt who is quick to kick out.

Dante hits a shotgun dropkick to Matt, both men are down and desperate for tags, which they make. Lee connects with a high boot to Lio, Lee counters Lio with a rising uppercut; plants Lio and gets a two count. Matt assists Lee but Lio is able to fight out with a series of flips and kicks. Lio then flips off the ropes with two handspring elbows. Lio tags in Dante, Lee brings in Dante from the top rope and uppercuts him. With Matt out from the Insigurey, Lio calls for the moonsault, lands it on Lee, and gets the win over Sydal and Lee.

PAC vs. Dax Harwood

Dax slams Pac into the corner. PAC shoulder tackles Dax. PAC lands kicks and chops to Dax, Dax takes advantage of PAC taking his eye off of him, taking the upper hand. Both men exchange strikes. PAC hits Dax with a German Suplex before launching over the top rope, taking down Dax. Dax leads PAC in a chase, attempting to escape but PAC stays on him, knocking him down and hopping back into the ring.

Dax crawls back to the ring, whipping PAC into the ropes to set him up for a Spine Buster. On his feet, PAC grabs Dax in an arm drag. Dax is on the top rope. PAC catches him with an avalanche brainbuster; both men are down flat on the mat. PAC attempts to capitalize on a pin, Dax kicks out. PAC shotgun dropkicks Dax’s shoulder blades. PAC makes his way to the top rope but Dax rolls out of harm’s way. Dax hits a brainbuster to PAC who kicks out of the pin. PAC goes for the Black Arrow but Dax counters. Dax ducks the roundhouse kick and hits the lariat with a rebound into the liger bomb, PAC kicks out. PAC attempts a quick roller up with a backslide, Dax kicks out. PAC finally pulls Dax into a submission hold that he taps out to.

Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page contract signing

To close out the show, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page sign their contract for Full Gear. Hangman states, “After all this time I don’t know what there is left to say. And I know that the sooner I sign this, the sooner I get to Full Gear and beat your ass for the World Championship.” Kenny says if it wasn’t for Hangman’s failures and insecurities it could be him on the other side. Hangman hits Kenny where it hurts, mentioning a certain former partner that Kenny had (Kota Ibushi) that he felt he didn’t measure up to.

Although The Elite and Dark Order are banned from ringside, Don Callis, disguised as a cameraman, slams his camera into Hangman’s head, busting him open. Omega signs the contract with Hangman’s blood.

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