‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Jamie Hayter, Kenny Omega, Samuray Del Sol, and More in Action

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Another week, another new episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT! Read on for our recap of this week’s show which included matches from Kenny Omega, Andrade El Idolo, Jamie Hayter, Miro, and more.

Kenny Omega vs. Alan Angels

Alan gets Kenny into the corner briefly, landing a number of punches to Omega. Kenny fights out, hitting a few chops across Alan’s chest. Irish whip into the ropes omega avoids the trip Alan hits a leg lariat getting the first cover in the match to no avail. Kenny goes for the Kotaro Crusher and hits it before hitting Alan with a brutal kick.

Omega calls for a V-Trigger but Angels avoids for a quick roll-up that Omega kicks out of. Omega, outside of the ring, is driven into the barricade by a tope suicida from Angels. Off the middle turnbuckle, Angels lands a moonsault on top of Omega. Now back in the ring, Angels goes to the top rope again, but Omega gets his knees up.

Omega hits a few palm strikes on Angels before going for the snapdragon that Angels counters. Kenny then sets up for a one-winged angel, but Angels again counters into a cover. Kenny kicks out and hits a quick V-Trigger that Angels kicks out of. Omega goes for a flurry of V-Triggers before finally pinning Angels.

CM Punk Promo

Punk comes out to the ring with a sour look on his face. He says there are two people that aren’t present. One has a real reason referring to Jon Moxley. Punk wishes him well, as the crowd cheers for Moxley. Punk also takes the time to encourage anyone that may need help to not be afraid to seek it out.

He turns his attention toward Eddie Kingston, who interrupted his backstage segment last week. Punk says he doesn’t like being interrupted and that the two have no beef despite Kingston insisting they do. He says he would fight him, but he’s not there; instead, he will be ready for Kingston’s apology in St. Louis.

Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, and SuperKliq Tussle

The Young Bucks, Adam Cole, and Brandon Cutler are attempting to speak to Alex Marvez about the shenanigans of last week. Nick Jackson says they aren’t afraid of anyone; Christian Cage walks up, looking for a fight. Matt Jackson diffuses the situation for a brief moment before running into Luchasaurus. The SuperKliq fake walking away before turning it into a backstage that carries out onto the stage.

Jungle Boy appears to help even the odds after being attacked by the SuperKliq just a few weeks ago. Diving off the stage, Matt and Nick retreat before catching Luchasaurus in a trap with a low blow. Christian goes for the Killswitch on Matt but Nick superkicks him. As Jurassic Express regains the upper hand, Luchasaurus isolates Cole, power bombing Nick on top of his back as Jungle Boy locks him in the Snare Trap. As Cole fades, Christian traps Cole’s head in between two steel chairs, performing a conchairto.

FTR vs. Aerostar and Samuray Del Sol for AAA Tag Team Titles

FTR is on the outside of the ring after a number of high-risk moves from Aerostar and Samuray Del Sol. Back in the ring, Aerostar looks for a double hurricanrana, but FTR is able to counter the move. FTR gets the upper hand, toying with Aerostar in the corner. Aerostar fights out of his predicament on the top rope before diving outside the dive onto Dax Harwood, hitting another dive inside the ring to Cash Wheeler.

Tagging in Samuray Del Sol, Aerostar assists as they go for the cover, but FTR kicks out. Aerostar takes Dax out of the ring as Samuray and Cash fight in the ring. He counters the brainbuster as Aerostar springs off the rope for a diving splash. Dax takes out Samuray Del Sol with a brainbuster. Aerostar rolls up Wheeler, but Wheeler uses the ropes (illegally) to his advantage to help pin Aerostar and retain their titles.

Anna Jay vs. Jamie Hayter

Jamie and Anna lock up in the ring, Anna headlocks Jamie. Anna shoulder tackles Jamie. With an exchange of headlocks, Anna fights out and hits a back elbow on Jamie. On the outside of the ring, Anna Irish whips Jamie into the barricade. Throwing her back in the ring, Jamie quickly gets up to kick Anna in the head as she’s getting in the ring. Anna and Jamie exchange blows in the ring as Anna creates separation to take the upper hand in the match. Anna sets up for the DDT; Jamie kicks out. Anna goes for the Queenslayer, but Jamie is able to counter momentarily. Rebel and Britt interfere as Jamie lands a cheap shot lariat to win the match.

MJF and Darby Allin

MJF comes out to the ring to address Darby, who is seated in the crowd, looking on. MJF doesn’t understand why the fans cheer Darby and boo him when they’re both the present and future of the company. He compares himself to someone successful in his haters’ lives, something that they’ll likely never be.

Darby says at Full Gear they’ll have a wrestling match; right now, he wants to take out his anger on MJF. Darby heads down to the ring as MJF attempts to retreat before being stopped by Sting and an entourage of his own. While Sting keeps MJF’s henchmen occupied, Darby and MJF brawl in the crowd, getting a head start for a running clothesline that sends MJF over the barricade. As Darby gets him back in the ring to go for the Coffin Drop, MJF rolls out of the ring.

Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo

Andrade slaps Cody in the face, Cody returns the favor with shots of his own to Andrade’s head. Cody flips over the turnbuckles as Andrade follows behind, both teetering on the apron. Cody hoists Andrade up to the top rope, but Andrade is able to counter; Cody scouts and hits a dropkick to Andrade. Outside of the ring, Andrade sweeps Cody’s legs out from under him, taking control of the match. Throwing him into the ring, Andrade gets Cody into a half crab leg hold as Cody attempts to fight his way out. He does, momentarily, before Andrade is right back on him.

Cody sets up Andrade with a double under hook, Andrade gets out of the hold. Andrade runs at Cody, but Cody catches him with a lariat. As Cody sets up for the Cross Rhodes Andrade lands his trio of suplexes. Andrade rushes in with double knees in the corner; Cody kicks out as Cody attempts to run the ropes; Andrade isn’t far behind with a high kick. Cody goes for a figure four but Andrade scouts it with a figure four of his own. Cody is able to reverse it and force Andrade to break the hold.  With interference from FTR, Andrade pins Cody.

Orange Cassidy vs. Miro

Orange messes around with Miro before landing a few very “deadly” kicks to Miro’s shins. As Cassidy runs back into the ring to attempt a tope suicida, Miro catches him and knocks him out flat. Dragging Cassidy by his bandage, he slams him into the side of the ring. Miro toys with the crowd and Cassidy, who takes a number of snap suplexes. Cassidy scouts Miro, able to take control for a few seconds before Miro captures him in the corner and kicks him around. 

Cassidy eventually gets the strength to attempt a dropkick and a DDT. As he goes for the cover, Miro kicks out. Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch, but Miro is quick to roll out of the ring. Cassidy jumps off the top rope onto Miro, both crashing into a table. With an eight count, Miro is still not in the ring but uses the strength he has left to finish the match. Cassidy, as a last-ditch effort, tries to put Miro away with the Beach Break, Miro kicks out. Miro kicks Cassidy in the head and pins him.

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