‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 13 “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen”


The season 2 finale of DC’s Stargirl is finally here! In the final episode of the second season, the JSA go up against Eclipso with some unlikely allies. Just what will happen and how will it set up season 3?

Keep reading for all the best moments from the season 2 finale of DC’s Stargirl, “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen.”

The Start of Something Big

The CW

Back from the Shadowlands, Dr. McNider and Beth team up and come face-to-face with Eclipso, who is a creepy little boy. Though using the goggles, they can see just who the villain really is and what he looks like. Eclipso mentions he has the power of darkness and it’s been growing, all thanks to them. The power of light is what’s important right now, however. McNider tries to get more information though Eclipso says they should be more worried about other people, Beth’s parents, who are now in the Shadowlands.

Jennie, meanwhile, is still feeling Eclipso’s wrath and a dark Courtney. She wakes up and tells Barbara she had a vision. She doesn’t know why, but she needs to stop Courtney from going to Eclipso. Barbara tells her they’ve already gone.

A Different Type of JSA

Wildcat, Stargirl, Pat, and Shiv are trying to find Eclipso, though it’s a little hard without Thunderbolt, Beth, McNider, and Jennie. And Yolanda and Cindy are still fighting. The four see a purple lightning strike in the sky that opens up a wormhole.

Rick, Mike, and Jakeem are at Pit Stop, working on gadgets and waiting for S.T.R.I.P.E. to get fixed. The robot is grounded, unfortunately. Rick is still trying to get the hourglass to work, but nothing. Deciding that sitting around and doing nothing isn’t working, he leaves Pit Stop to fight. After Rick leaves, Mike realizes that his dad is going in without backup, as he knew S.T.R.I.P.E. wouldn’t be able to work due to it being so late at night. Thunderbolt, though, finally arrives back from China with the Chinese food.

A Fight With Your Other Half

The JSA show up at American Dream, ready to take out Eclipso once and for all. Pat leaves to find Beth and McNider, leaving the girls to handle the villain. Thanks to Eclipso, Yolanda is now fighting the original Wildcat while Cindy is fighting her younger self. Pat, meanwhile, comes face-to-face with Stripesy. Courtney tries to take out Eclipso herself while the others are occupied, and Eclipso admits he’s going to merge the Shadowlands and the Earth, then he will be able to consume all of humanity at once.

“I will finally end my suffering. I will become a god.”

Beth and McNider show up and Stripesy, OG Wildcat, and young Cindy vanish, as Eclipso comes into his true form. Stargirl, Shiv, and Wildcat start fighting Eclipso, but he’s too strong. He throws Stargirl and Shiv out the window.

The Climax

S.T.R.I.P.E. finally comes to the battle, with Mike inside after wishing for the missing engine part from Thunderbolt. Jakeem and Thunderbolt also arrive, and not a moment too soon. Jakeem wishes he would electrocute Eclipso and while it seemed like it was working, Eclipso uses Thunderbolt against Mike. Rick, as Hourman, shows up with Solomon Grundy, who gets to work. Soon, Eclipso fights back and kills Grundy, also knocking back Rick who was getting ready to fight for destroying his friend.

Jennie refuses to sit out any longer but before she and Barbara leave, they get a surprise visitor at the door that turns out to be a valuable asset later on in the fight.

Mike’s okay in S.T.R.I.P.E. but the controls are locked up. Pat tells him to reboot the systems but he’s soon getting dragged by Eclipso. He begins to break Pat’s arm, threatening to twist it right off, right in front of Courtney. He gets Courtney to say she hates him and when she does, he says everything he’s done is to have the darkness within her grow. One thread of hatred is all he needed.

“I’ve got my hooks in you now, because you have chosen to embrace the darkness.”

Eclipso overtakes Courtney, completely turning her dark.

Dark Courtney

The CW

With control over dark and light powers, she begins to merge the Earth and the Shadowlands. Thanks to it, though, the Shade is able to come back and in turn, save Beth’s parents as well.

Cindy and Yolanda see what’s happening to Courtney, and while Cindy wants to kill the host, Yolanda doesn’t want to. They both fight Courtney, wanting her to fight Eclipso. It seemed like there’s no use, until another hand touches the Staff. Sylvester Pembleton, Starman, is back. The two grab hold of the Staff as they’re floating in the air, with everyone watching on anxiously. Sylvester tells Courtney that if the Staff works for her, she is chosen. For a reason. Courtney hears Eclipso’s words but she thinks back to her friends, her family, and it breaks her out of his control.

Sportsmaster and Tigress show up to the fight, surprisingly, as their daughter broke them out. Cindy called them for backup. Everyone crowds around a weakened Eclipso and uses their powers on him to finally finish him off. Eclipso vanishes and turns into toast.

The Aftermath

The JSA relaxes and regroup after everything, and Yolanda confesses she’s back.

Pat and Courtney try to figure out how Starman is still alive and Sylvester had said he’ll explain it later. When he touched the Staff, Courtney admits she could sense it somehow, the Staff could too. Courtney worries that Sylvester will want the Staff back but Pat wants to take a break before they start worrying about something else. Eclipso’s been destroyed, the world is safe and they’re going to figure it out. He was right. There is darkness in everyone but there’s also light too, Courtney figures. In the end, all he did was make her believe in people even more. That’s why the Staff picked her, Sylvester says as he’s coming down the stairs. He’s not there to take it back but perhaps he can show her what it can really do. Pat thinks it’s very amazing but after summer school.

“School? Superheroes don’t need school.”

What Else Happened?

The CW
  • Dr. McNider leaves to find his wife, who is in Indiana with a 10-year-old kid, Beth found out. Apparently she was pregnant when everyone thought he died. If the world needs Dr. Mid-Nite again, they already have one with Beth.
  • Mike suggests to Jakeem they start their own JSA with the Thunderbolt. What could go wrong?
  • Cameron’s grandparents finally tell him the truth about his family and their eyes turn into icicles.
  • Cindy tells Yolanda she wants to join the JSA. Wait what?
  • While Rick is burying Grundy, the Shade tells him that he has a tendency to come back, but he just has to bury him in the right place. Not only that, but the Shade has taken rather a liking to Blue Valley so he’s not going anywhere.
  • Thanks to being trapped in the Shadowlands and nearly dying, Beth’s parents now know that she is Dr. Mid-Nite. Although they were a little shocked at first, who wouldn’t, they started to fully support their daughter, maybe even a little too much, and it may have even saved their marriage.
  • Jennie went back to Milwaukee to find any information on her brother.
  • It’s the last day of summer school, everything is back to somewhat normal and the Dugan-Whitmores have gotten new neighbors. However, when the doorbell rings, it’s found out that the new neighbors are none other than the Crocks. DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies is coming in 2022!
  • Back at the Helix Institute, the nurse is telling someone about Blue Valley, Mister Bones. He suggests they take a trip to Blue Valley…
The CW

And there you have it! Season 2 of DC’s Stargirl was a lot to take in and that finale just sets up an already insane season 3. Don’t miss DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies premiering in 2022 on The CW! Stay tuned on our coverage here.

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