‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 13 “Frenemies — Ch. 13: The Reckoning”

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In the series finale of DC’s Stargirl, our heroes confront the remains of the ISA for the last time while looking ahead to the future. The show that began as a way to honor the legacy of a comics character created to honor the life of a young woman gone too soon went out on its own terms, fully completing its arc. It’s a bittersweet farewell that should satisfy fans, giving much-deserved closure to the characters while closing out an iconic era of superhero stories for The CW alongside the final season of The Flash as the Arrowverse officially ends next year. Brec Bassinger proves that she is the best possible actor who could have brought Courtney Whitmore to life as she leads the team through one last battle, once again acting as the heart and soul of the series.

Putting the Pieces Together

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The new JSA realizes that Sylvester was manipulating them all, but they can’t figure out why. It becomes obvious when they meet with “Sylvester” and the Mahkents at the auto parts yard. While they use Cameron to try to appeal to Courtney, “Sylvester” claims that Pat was killed by the Ultra-Humanite. But Pat returns in grand fashion with the newly repaired S.T.R.I.P.E. It turns out he was able to escape being buried alive, and he quickly lets the JSA know that Sylvester is really the Ultra-Humanite.

With that, the fight breaks out. Cindy, Jakeem, and Mike take on her father while Pat goes after the Ultra-Humanite. Rick and Courtney fight Icicle and Cameron, whose loyalty is conflicted now that his father’s treachery has come to light. Beth and Sofus agree not to fight each other and to stop the others, but Lily threatens him with death if he doesn’t. Yolanda leaps in and saves Beth and Sofus, only for a car to fall on Lily and kill her.

Jakeem finally gains the courage to make a wish from the heart, transforming Cindy’s father into a cuddly teddy bear and saving her life. Icicle goes for a killing blow while fighting Courtney, but Barbara arrives just in time with her crossbow, saving her. Cameron finally wakes up to his father’s manipulation and holds him off, giving Courtney, Rick, and Barbara the chance to get away.

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However, one final piece of the puzzle remains: “Sylvester” and Courtney. The staff is still answering to the imposter, and Courtney believes it’s because she’s not worthy. But Barbara reminds her that it was only when Courtney stopped believing in herself that he was able to take the staff. In one final monologue, Courtney regains command over the staff by telling “Sylvester” that, “You are not worthy … but I am!”

Finally fully becoming the hero she was all along, Courtney and Cameron defeat his father while Pat gets justice for his best friend by fighting “Sylvester” and winning. While the JSA is willing to welcome Cameron, he struggles with the guilt of what he’s done and leaves, not wanting to hurt them any further.

The Aftermath

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With the staff safely in its usual spot, Courtney and Pat have a heart-to-heart. She’s sorry that Sylvester didn’t really come back and wants to reassure Pat that she believes in him. He tells her that he heard what she said to “Sylvester” about him and that he appreciates it, pulling her in for a hug. They also realize that while the Ultra-Humanite’s brain is damaged, Sylvester’s real brain is probably out there. Pat agrees to keep him on life support in case they can find it.

Rick apologizes to Beth’s family for how he treated them before, and they easily accept his apology. Beth also shares the reason she was pushing them away and tells them that she wants their help. Her parents are delighted to assume the role of “sidekicks,” especially when they start talking costumes. Mike reconciles with his mother while a supportive Barbara and Pat wait outside the diner. Courtney finds the Gambler’s daughter Becky to fulfill the promise she made at the start of the season, sharing all the love he had for her and finally healing some of her own wounds at being abandoned by her father. At a dinner for the new JSA, Yolanda sees all the reconciled families around her and calls her mother, wanting a fresh start.

Cameron also wants to start over. While “Inch of Dust” by Future Islands plays, Courtney walks alone to the Mahkent house, which has been empty since the final battle. As she sadly stares at the dark windows, it begins to snow. Cameron returns, asking Courtney to help him. They embrace as the snow swirls around them, echoing the first time he showed Courtney his powers.

In a flashforward to three months from the battle, Artemis finds Icicle hiding out in Denmark and kills him, finally getting revenge for her parents.

The Future Is Here

The scene shifts to ten years into the future as Shade gives a tour of the JSA museum discussing their exploits over the years. He lists all the current members: Starwoman, Wildcat, Jade, Obsidian, Dragon Queen, S.T.R.I.P.E. 2.0, Jakeem Thunder, Icicle, Artemis, Sand, Damage, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Solomon Grundy. Paying off a plot point from season 1, it’s mentioned that the group took on Nebula Man to save the Seven Soldiers of Victory and even got Sylvester’s brain back. In a win for HourNite shippers everywhere, Shade also reveals that he will soon be officiating Beth and Rick’s wedding.

But the story isn’t over just yet. Jay Garrick rushes in to get Shade’s help as the JSA needs him once again. As Flash tells him, “The adventures are not over,” Shade wryly replies, “Are they ever?” As they speed away, we get one final title card.

Never the end.

DC’s Stargirl season 3 is now available in its entirety on The CW app, with seasons 1 & 2 available on HBO Max. You can find the rest of our coverage here!

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