‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 11 “Frenemies — Chapter 11: The Haunting”


In this week’s episode of DC’s Stargirl, Sylvester struggles to deal with his anger as Icicle attempts to reintegrate into society. The JSA supports Artemis after her parents’ deaths, causing emotional reactions in the rest of the team. Courtney must decide which path to follow: Icicle’s tantalizing offer of forgiveness and a future with Cameron, or supporting her beloved mentor Sylvester. Read on to find out what happened in “Frenemies — Chapter 11: The Haunting”!

Ice Melts

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The episode opens with a flashback to Icicle’s death one year earlier. We see that instead of Icicle melting into nothing like it was assumed he did, the water particles he was made of found their way into the sewer system and combined, explaining his survival. In the present day, Icicle is having a hard time staying in his human form.

The JSA strategizes on how to get everyone on board with their plan, with Courtney insisting that they bring Cindy in despite Yolanda’s objections. She also wants to invite Cameron, sharing that the Mahkents think she was the one who killed Icicle. Artemis shows up in a panic, telling the team that her parents are missing.

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Icicle heads back to his home, physically struggling to stay human. Lily and Sofus are shocked yet overjoyed to find their son on their doorstep, while it appears Cameron is struggling with his own emotions. Icicle tells his family about the long process it took to heal, and Cameron is angry he didn’t come back sooner. His father insists that he didn’t want to put Cameron in danger by returning. Icicle also tells them that Mike was the one who really killed him, but that he forgives the JSA since they were doing what they thought was right. In fact, he wants to make peace with the JSA for good after being moved by what Courtney told him. Cameron wants to believe his father, but he’s suspicious.

Meanwhile, the JSA traces the Crocks to the sewers. Artemis and the JSA (minus Rick) head into the tunnels, where they find the destroyed bodies of the Crocks. A devastated Artemis sobs and screams with rage. The news of what happened spreads quickly, and Barbara gets even stranger news when Icicle shows up at work. She’s shocked, but Jordan rushes to reassure her he only wants his old life back. Still reeling from losing the Crocks, she barely conceals her contempt as he monologues about how he’s a changed man thanks to Courtney. Barbara calls him out for freezing the Crocks, which he dismisses as an accident. He knows they need help with the Ultra-Humanite and offers his services before leaving.

Walking on Thin Ice

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Sylvester takes the staff to look for the Ultra-Humanite. While he’s surveying an abandoned barn, Courtney calls to tell him that Icicle is back. Enraged, he torches the whole building. He and Pat fight about Icicle, with Pat wanting to use him to take out the Ultra-Humanite. But Sylvester plans on murdering him the first chance he gets, whether the JSA backs him up or not.

Jakeem and Mike try to use the pen to wish for Icicle to lose his powers, but the pen can’t help because taking his powers will kill him. Cindy pops in to say she’s reconsidered their offer and will team up with them.

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Cameron goes to see Courtney, thinking everything will be fine now. He buys his father’s lie about needing to kill the Crocks in self defense and points out that she had no problem accepting the Crocks or Cindy. He tells her they can all start over, but Courtney is conflicted. He kisses her, only making her feel worse. She walks to the mural Cameron painted in memory of his father, finding Icicle waiting for her. He tells her that while revenge was his first priority when he woke up, his time watching Courtney from the sewer showed him the error of his ways. He knows she’s important to Cameron, and thus she’s important to him too. He just wants to team up with her to defeat the Ultra-Humanite, then let her and Cameron start over.

Cold as Ice

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Pacing in her room, Artemis screams as she throws a weight into the wall before collapsing in tears. Barbara finds her and comforts her, asking that she come back to the Whitmore-Dugan house so she won’t be alone. Yolanda calls her mother to tell her she loves her before hanging up, the Crocks’ deaths clearly affecting her.

Courtney arrives home and finds Sylvester and Pat waiting for her. Sylvester begs her to let him take the staff and go after Icicle, not believing that he’s really changed. but Courtney is wavering after talking with him. After all, the Ultra-Humanite is Icicle’s sworn enemy. Maybe they can all work together to take him down. But the truth is revealed as Icicle heads to the woods, telling the creature that, “It’s time.” They’re working together, plotting just as Sylvester had feared.

DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find the rest of our coverage here!

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