‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 12 “Rescue on Ryloth”

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Last week on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, we saw a young Hera Syndulla and her droid friend Chopper on the planet Ryloth, where the Empire has taken control. Read our full recap of Season 1, Episode 11 “Devil’s Deal” here.

Warning: Spoilers for “Rescue on Ryloth” below!

This episode takes place right after last week’s episode. Hera’s parents, Cham and Eleni, as well as their followers, are in prison cells guarded by clone troopers. Vice Admiral Rampart and Clone Captain Howzer approach their cell, and much to the clone’s dismay, the couple defies Rampart, standing up to him and declaring themselves enemies.


Rampart then orders his troops to arrest all of Cham’s supporters and search the planet for Hera, who escaped as her parents were taken prisoner. Captain Howzer is clearly unsettled by this but reluctantly decides to follow orders. Chopper comes out from a hiding spot after hearing their conversation and contacts Hera, who is scouting the building. She decides to send out a transmission for help.

The Bad Batch is on their ship when they receive a transmission from an unknown frequency. They play it and Omega comes over recognizing her friend. Hera asks for the team’s help, and even though Hunter is upset that Omega gave the Twi’lek their comm channel, they agree to go check out the situation.

The team arrives on Ryloth and meets Hera and Chopper at their hidden base, which was used by her father during the Clone Wars. Hera states her case to Clone Force 99, and they decide to see what they’re up against first, but stress there are no guarantees that they will actually help free Cham and Eleni.

While Rampart addresses the citizens of Ryloth, who are gathered at the capitol, the Bad Batch, Omega, Hera, and Chopper survey the area. After Omega points out that Crosshair is there, the clones discuss amongst themselves on what to do. Their talk is cut short by a probe droid, which Hunter effectively takes down, but not before a recording of the group is sent to the Imperial troops occupying the planet.


Back at Hera’s base, Clone Force 99 tells Hera that there is nothing they can do since more troops are patrolling the capitol and Crosshair knows they’re there. After Hera pleads with them to stay, Omega stands up for Hera and what’s right.

“She’s trying to save her family, Hunter. I’d do the same for you.”


Meanwhile, Rampart tells Captain Howzer that he wants all of Cham’s supporters arrested, not some. Howzer warns that it would cause an uprising. As they walk into Rampart’s office, Crosshair is waiting for them. The clone reveals that the Bad Batch is on Ryloth, but the Vice Admiral dismisses Crosshair’s concerns and orders him to continue the search for Hera.

Omega confides in Hera and they decide to come up with a strategic plan to present to Hunter and the others so they feel better about helping out. The plan includes attacking the Imperial refinery on Ryloth, which would distract the clone troopers. Once more reinforcements are sent to the area of the attack, they can sneak into the capitol and free Hera’s parents.


However, things don’t go as planned (typical Star Wars). Chopper, who snuck into the refinery, is unable to disable the cannons and is caught. This causes Hera and Omega to improvise in order to get it done. Hera finally lives out her pilot dreams and flies a stolen Imperial shuttle and destroys the cannon’s control console. Tech and Wrecker effectively take out the cannons while Hunter and Echo sneak into the capitol to free the prisoners.

But not all of the clone troopers race toward the attack on the refinery. Crosshair realizes Clone Force 99’s plan and orders some troops to stay where they are so they can stop the prisoners. Before Hunter, Echo, and the prisoners can escape, Howzer stops and warns them about the trap the others have set for them. The Twi’leks are weary of Howzer, but the clone captain reveals that he’s on their side and wants to help them escape. Despite knowing the consequences of helping them and getting caught by the Empire, Howzer doesn’t flee.


“I will not abandon my squad. They’re good men. I have to try to get through to them.”

Captain Howzer

Hunter, Echo, and the others turn away and find an alternative exit, while Howzer steps outside to confront the troopers. He even convinces some of them to drop their weapons and fight against the terrible acts of the Empire. Howzer and the clones who joined him are taken away and arrested.

Hera is finally reunited with her family, but before leaving, her and Omega share a special moment, complete with a goodbye hug. Meantime, Rampart suggests Crosshair was right to worry about the Bad Batch, and grants the sharp-shooter permission to hunt them down.

Is that the last we see of young Hera? I certainly hope not, but it was amazing seeing the beloved Rebels character get her start. Where will the Bad Batch go next? What will happen when Crosshair finds them? So many questions and only a handful more episodes left until the season wraps up.

The next episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be available on July 23 on Disney+. Stay tuned for more recaps on Nerds and Beyond!

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