‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season, 1 Episode 11 “Devil’s Deal”

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In last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the group goes on a mission to Raxus, after its senator was detained by Imperial forces. Omega is left behind with Cid, and while she’s there she ends up figuring out a way to pay off the boys’ debt. Read our full recap of Season 1, Episode 10 “Common Ground” here.

Warning: Spoilers for “Devil’s Deal” below!

This episode begins on the planet Ryloth. The Twi’leks who live there are gathered together around a government building occupied by the Empire. As Crosshair stands guard he points out a group of Twi’leks that consist of Gobi Glie and his fighters. The gathered Twi’leks, including the group of fighters, wait for their Senator Orn Free Taa to address the crowd. But before this happens, Vice Admiral Rampart expresses his concern with the Senator that his people look troubled. Rampart also confides in Clone Wars veteran General Cham Syndulla and his wife, Eleni.

Clone Captain Howzer, who seems to be more of an individual clone before Order 66 than a soldier following orders, sees if Cham is all right. Cham expresses his concerns, saying he hopes his people embrace this change with the Empire and accepts the peace.


Senator Taa takes the stand and addresses his people, announcing working with the Empire will bring stability and growth to Ryloth and urges the citizens to step down from their military posts. The crowd doesn’t seem happy with this, and begins booing and yelling at the senator. To calm the people, Cham steps forward to speak. He effectively calms the crowd’s uneasiness and reassures them that this is what is best for Ryloth.

The episode then cuts to an Imperial refinery, where someone is spying on it. Much to the audience’s surprise, Cham and Eleni’s daughter Hera and her trusty droid friend Chopper are the ones gathering intel. However, her daydreams of becoming one of the best pilots in the galaxy (which we know she accomplishes in Star Wars: Rebels) gets her in trouble. A couple clone troopers catch the two in the restricted area.

As the Twi’lek citizens turn over their weapons, Gobi Glie confides in Eleni on why her husband is okay with this Imperial occupation. He also reveals he has reached out to his contact to acquire more weapons. During this conversation, the clone troopers arrive with Hera and Chopper in tow. Captain Howzer assures Cham he won’t report his daughter, but then goes on to remind him that the situation is tense, and this can’t happen again.

Hera initially tells Cham that her and Chopper were just exploring, but as her dad pushes for the truth, Gobi reveals that he sent Hera to spy on the mining facility. Her mother seems to be involved in Gobi’s plans and asks Hera to tell her what she saw as they walk away. And in an argument with Cham, Gobi says he will not stand by as more clones arrive each day.

Meantime, Vice Admiral Rampart and Crosshair approach Senator Taa and voice their surprise about how cooperative Cham is being, though Taa worries about his influence on Ryloth’s people.


Cham finds Hera on a balcony to talk about the Imperial occupation. After Hera volunteers to fight if needed, Cham tells her the time of war is coming to an end and warns her that fighting takes a toll. He hopes that she won’t ever have to live a life like his, which explains his cooperation with the Empire.

Later, Rampart takes Cham and Eleni on a tour of the Empire’s mine, assuring it will “rebuild parts of the galaxy affected by the war.” However, Eleni doesn’t buy it. While this is happening, Gobi persuades Hera into joining him on a supply mission after offering to let her pilot the ship.


In their first and only appearance in this episode, The Bad Batch meets up with Gobi, Hera, and another Twi’lek, but instead of a simple supply run like Hera thought, Clone Force 99 delivers three dozen blasters and a case of thermal detonators supplied by Cid.

Entranced by the Bad Batch’s ship, Hera approaches Omega who is sitting at the docking ramp and asks about it. Omega offers to show Hera around, and the two bond in a short amount of time.

After Hera says her goodbyes to Omega (which is the last time we see the Bad Batch in this episode), the Twi’leks take off. On the way back to Ryloth, Crosshair shoots down Gobi’s ship, and additional Imperial forces quickly join them. Since Hera is with them, Senator Taa uses this moment to blame Cham, saying he’s behind this and is plotting an uprising. Hera and the others are arrested and found guilty of treason without a trial, and some of Gobi’s followers alert her parents.

Cham and Eleni go after the convoy transporting Hera and the others, resulting in a firefight. Despite having to stun some clone troopers, they have little trouble stopping the convoy, and Rampart agrees to surrender despite Senator Taa’s dismay. Eleni puts Hera in a speeder with Chopper at the wheel as Taa accuses Cham of being a traitor. Cham is about to shoot the senator down before Eleni talks him out of it.


However, Rampart has a deceitful plan of his own, and orders Crosshair to shoot Senator Taa in the head just as Imperial reinforcements arrive. Chopper and Hera flee into the night on the speeder, and Rampart has Cham and Eleni arrested for Taa’s attempted assassination.

While the Bad Batch was hardly in this episode, it was great getting another perspective of the early Empire. And the fact that it tied into Star Wars: Rebels as well as Hera and Chopper’s beginning was such a treat! Will we see more of this plot or was this a one-off episode? I’m not sure, but I do hope the Bad Batch and Omega help Hera in the future!

The next episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be available on July 16 on Disney+. Stay tuned for more recaps on Nerds and Beyond!

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