‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 “I Hate to Spoil Your Memories”

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In this week’s episode of Dynasty, Fallon’s company is under attack, Ryan and Sam’s relationship is in hot water, and Blake and Cristal are making up for the lost time. Read on to find out everything that happens in “I Hate to Spoil Your Memories.”

Once again we see the shot of Fallon at a funeral as Adam sits next to her. This time, the shot zooms out as Sam sits behind them, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Blake and Cristal have returned from racing. Adam interrupts them and hints that maybe she could be telling Blake what’s happening. Cristal shoos Blake away to have a one on one chat with Adam. She thinks that with her limited time left, she should be able to live her life out the way she wants to.

Oliver and Kirby are chatting when he brings up the fact she needs to go to a party with him to get her next modeling gig. At first, she isn’t sure about it, but after the promise of a drink, she’s ready.

Ryan shows up to La Mirage with breakfast for Sam before he heads to class. They haven’t seen each other as of late so he wanted to surprise him. Sam goes on a rant about tasting old muffins but Ryan doesn’t seem to catch his drift. They agree on dinner later that night.

Fletcher shows up to the hotel to discuss actual business, but of course, he and Sam’s personal matters get thrown into the mix as well. Fletcher buckles down on his feelings toward Sam and says they need to have a real chat about everything soon.

Fallon needs Jeff’s help scrubbing the servers of a very not safe for work photo of herself she sent to Liam from her work computer. As he’s trying to work, she practices her pitch for the IPO launch. She wants Jeff to hear it because she wants him on her board. He isn’t interested; he’s trying to find his own next big thing. Jeff uncovers that someone has been siphoning her company’s reports including data.

Jeff has put a patch on the security for now, but Fallon will need to contact the FBI so they can catch whoever did this. That’s a no-go for her until after the IPO launch so it runs smoothly. She works her Fallon magic to get Jeff to stay and help instead.

Oliver is at the manor on a phone call with Alexis filling her in on how things are going. Adam walks in the door and he quickly hangs up. Adam asks if it’s normal for the photographer to show up and help the model dress and of course Oliver says no. Adam is clearly becoming more and more jealous the more Oliver speaks.

Blake and Cristal are on the next stop of her memory-making venture in France having dinner together inside of the Louvre. Blake says he will never forget this moment, and Cristal notes that’s the point.

Ryan and Sam are having dinner. Just as Sam is finally going to tell Ryan about everything that happened, he gets a text from Fletcher. The deal is about to fall through, so Sam needs to go and discuss strategy. Ryan is understanding, telling him to go, he’s too close to stop now.

Nathan Bolster/The CW

Kirby is at the photoshoot and Oliver is of course giving creative direction. Adam is there for support but is getting ticked off seeing Oliver be handsy with Kirby. He knocks over a light and draws attention toward the door.

Anders has done his sleuthing and found out that Oliver not only didn’t complete his old job in Australia, but he also gave no notice of his absence and left everything back home. Kirby isn’t concerned by it, considering she was told he got a better job in the states.

Fallon is giving a polygraph test to all of her employees to find out who is going behind her back and committing these cyber attacks.

Conveniently, the photos from the photoshoot were corrupted. Oliver offers to do a reshoot, but Kirby doesn’t want to miss Adam’s work party.

Sam is filling Culhane in on the deal that is about to fall through when Culhane offers to come with him to the next meeting. He thinks it will help settle everything and it will sweeten the deal.

Blake and Fallon are in a meeting to discuss the launch. He asks if anyone failed the polygraph as Amir spills tea all over the desk and paperwork. He rushes out to grab a rag to clean and Blake asks if he was tested. Fallon says no and asks him to get hooked up to the machine. Amir says he needs to pick up his grandma and rushes out of the room.

Back at the manor, Jeff is helping Fallon with her setup to prevent any breaches or attacks. They spy on Amir at the office as he sits at Fallon’s desk and opens his computer.

Culhane and Sam are in negotiations, and Culhane pulls through, helping push the deal over the finish line.

While Jeff and Fallon are spying on Amir, the company servers are in the process of being hacked. They’ve eliminated Amir but the question is … who is really behind all of this? Blake brings Cristal a gift. It’s her wedding dress; he wants to renew their vows.

Fallon and Jeff get into a fight and he leaves her helpless, with no idea how to stop the hackers before the IPO meeting.

Meanwhile, Adam is upset that Kirby didn’t show up to the hospital meet and greet. It was important to him, but she says she didn’t have a choice. He notices her shaking and grills her about drug abuse. He can tell that Oliver has been giving her coke.

Nathan Bolster/The CW

Anders is in Oliver’s hotel room waiting for his arrival. When he does, Anders makes it clear that he will find out exactly what and why he is in Atlanta and around Kirby. He asks how much it will take for him to leave, Oliver claims he can’t afford it. But he also lets it slip that he already has a patron — a female one — who pays him enough. Anders puts two and two together that it’s Alexis.

Blane, Fletcher, and Sam are at a strip club together to celebrate the deal between La Mirage and Infinity. A dancer comes out and it’s none other than … Ryan?! He begins dancing on Fletcher which not only makes Sam jealous but it prompts him to tell the truth.

Oliver heard back about the photos, and Kirby got the job. To celebrate, she asks if he has any more of the fun stuff, they make have made mistakes in the past but now is different. (Is it, Kirby?)

Ryan meets Sam for a chat, Sam starts by apologizing for cheating and Ryan apologizes for neglecting his relationship with Sam. Ryan decides that the timing of their relationship is wrong, so for now they need to part ways.

Cristal and Adam are speaking privately about her health. She pleads with him to do everything in his power to help her have a chance. She made a promise to Blake to do something similar. He agrees, but there aren’t any guarantees.

Culhane drops by the hotel and Sam tells him all about the last 16 hours. Sam may be single again and the deal may be dead, but Culhane thinks he can fix one of those problems. He offers to partner with him as an investor. He knows Jeff and Monica want to expand Club Colby, and right next door seems like a perfect fit. They have a deal.

Fallon apologizes to Jeff for never understanding what life must have been like in his shoes. They make up and Jeff even reveals he helped with her hacking problem by ensuring they wouldn’t try to do it ever again.

A woman is seen on the phone with whoever is behind the hacking deal. They’re clearly after Liam, who is still on the hunt for the truth about his father’s death. Without him knowing, all of his e-mails are now being screened, so they’ll know exactly what he’s up to.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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