Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Photo From ‘Supernatural’ Finale “Carry On” Released

THE CWSUPERNATURALNew Photo From 'Supernatural' Finale "Carry On" Released

“Carry on my wayward son,” there’ll be tears when we are done.

A new picture has been released from “Carry On,”  Supernatural‘s final episode. The photo shows Sam and Dean glancing at one another outside with Baby in the backdrop.

Courtesy of The CW

What this means for the brothers or the plot remains to be seen, but after last week’s episode (we are never getting over “Despair,” do you hear me?), it’s nice to see them together and (hopefully) alive. All we know is that the show’s final days are among us and that we’ll be appreciating every moment we have left with the show that’s been with us throughout these past fifteen years.

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Supernatural‘s finale will premier on November 19 along with a one-hour special commemorating the show’s legacy. If you haven’t already, catch up on the last episode with our recap of “Despair,” check out photos for the upcoming penultimate episode “Inherit the Earth,” and peruse some of our other Supernatural content. Do you have any theories for the show’s ending? Let us know what you think will happen in the comments!

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