The Fourth Doctor Is Getting a New Companion in Upcoming Big Finish Story

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During Virtual Big Finish Day today, a new Tardis team will be announced for The Fourth Doctor (played by Tom Baker). The new team will be composed of Surgeon-Lieutenant Harry Sullivan and of new companion Naomi Cross, a UNIT secretary charged of accompanying Sullivan to Calcutta. Cross, bored with her desk job, will soon find excitement upon meeting a scarf wearing alien.

Naomi will join the Tardis team in Doctor Who: Storm of the Sea Devils to be released in 2024. The classic Doctor Who monsters, The Sea Devils, are back for another conflict with humanity. They were first seen on television in 1972.

Tom Baker is joined by Chris Naylor (Harry Sullivan) and Eleanor Crooks (Naomi Cross).

Big Finish’s Creative Director, Nicholas Briggs, said:

“Naomi Cross has a really interesting route to the TARDIS, via the very old-fashioned Harry Sullivan. Almost all her reactions to space-time adventures are the complete opposite of what we’ve come to expect from a ‘Doctor Who’ companion. And Ellie breathes fantastically energetic life into the role.”

Actor Eleanor Crooks added:

“Naomi is very much like me. She’s very feisty and says what she wants to say. And her weakness, if you will, is that she’s quite headstrong. So it’s good that she has Harry there to balance her out a little bit.”

Senior Producer David Richardson added:

“Naomi is a force of nature who hurls herself into the Doctor’s life. She’s a member of UNIT who has always been on the outskirts of the Doctor’s adventures – but at last she has the chance to throw herself into the centre of them! And she will learn that life is never simple with the Doctor… Naomi has a huge character arc that will play out in the coming years at Big Finish, and you may meet her in unexpected places. Eventually the jigsaw of her life will come together…”

Naomi Cross will make her official debut in 2020, but she may appear somewhere else before. Doctor Who fans will meet able to see Eleanor discussing the role of Naomi during Virtual Big Finish Day which starts on August 1 at 4 p.m. (uk time) on Big Finish YouTube channel

The three volumes of Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 13 will be released as  box sets or as a download on the Big Finish website. Listeners can pre-order the box sets individually or as a bundle to save money.

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