Hannah’s a lifelong nerd, but has been with the team since May 2021. She’s been gaming since an early age, a trend that has continued into adulthood, and her most said phrase in regards to her favorite characters is “I could fix him/her.” Hasn’t stopped crying about Arthur Morgan since 2018 (with no plans to anytime soon) and thinks everyone should be nicer to Gale of Waterdeep. At her core, she's really just an aspiring vampire juice box. Especially nerdy about: video games, Star Wars, D&D, Spider-Man, and horror (all of it). Based in Denver, CO.
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‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix December 17

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‘Loki’: Release the Throg Cut! Additional “Throg” Scene Filmed

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Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ Receives HCA TV Award Nomination

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A Very Necessary Ranking of Thor Odinson’s Luxurious Hair

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