Monday, September 27, 2021

‘Halloween Kills’ to Premiere in Theaters and on Peacock on the Same Day

Halloween Kills, the next addition to Universal’s ever-growing slasher installment, is releasing in theaters and streaming on Peacock on October 15. If you haven’t already checked out the trailer, you can do that here ahead of the film’s release next month.

Halloween Kills is the sequel to 2018’s Halloween, which is a direct sequel to 1978’s Halloween. None of the other films featuring Michael Myers tormenting the town of Haddonfield are apart of this version of the franchise, including Rob Zombie’s 2000s reboot. This means Halloween Kills will be the third installment in this version of the Myers’ story. Jaime Lee Curtis returns to her role as Laurie Strode for the upcoming film.

The sequel will be available to Peacock Premium subscribers at no extra charge. The streaming service runs at $4.99 per month at the ad-supported tier and $9.99 a month advertisement free.

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Check out Halloween Kills on Peacock and in theaters on October 15!

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