WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘Free Guy’ and More on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Ryan’

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On August 4, Ryan Reynolds appeared on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan. He talked with host Ryan Seacrest and guest host Katie Lowes about Free Guy, being a girl dad, Canadian kindness, and more. Check out the clips below!

In the first clip, we see the co-hosts congratulating Reynolds on his upcoming 10-year first-date anniversary with wife, Blake Lively.

After that, the conversation turns to his love for being a girl dad, despite being punched in the face. He was terrified to have sons as the youngest of four boys, but has the answer to households with boys. Just invest in all padded rooms.

We then circle back to Reynolds and Lively’s relationship, with a look at a video of him coloring his wife’s hair during quarantine. Despite the clear irritation he points out on his face, he completed an impressive ombré.

Next, Reynolds confirms he has been learning to tap-dance thanks to an upcoming project he is working on with Will Ferrell. Ferrell has been a comedy idol of Reynolds’ for a long time, and we agree that this duo will be amazing. Reynolds has the advantage of his friend Hugh Jackman, who Reynolds did reach out to for advice on learning this new skill set.

Everyone knows the stereotype that Canadians are friendly and overly-apologetic, and Reynolds agrees. On the stereotype that Canadians can’t fight, Reynolds disagrees: “Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a hockey game?”

Upholding his reputation of being a good guy to work with, Reynolds recorded 400 personalized videos for the families (and pets) of the crew working on Red Notice during the pandemic. Reynolds discusses how he feels it was the least he could do for the sacrifices the crew members were making to get the film made.

Discussing his upcoming film Free Guy, Reynolds unpacks the comedic nature of the video-game based film, though he insists the film is not a “video-game” film. He makes a completely valid point saying Free Guy is a video game film is the same as saying the 1997 classic Titanic is a film about boatmanship.

As a perfect wrap-up, Reynolds and the hosts broke into song while discussing the homage to The Greatest American Hero in Free Guy.

Be sure to check out Free Guy, in theaters August 13. Tickets are on sale now and you can find information here. LIVE with Kelly and Ryan airs weekdays on ABC.

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