‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Four Things We Want To See (And Two We Don’t)

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The long-awaited first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home released on August 23 and has received millions of well-deserved views, reactions, and reviews. The trailer simultaneously confirmed some fan theories and rumors and opened the door for a whole slew of new ones. While none of us can be positive about what we’re going to see when the movie releases December 17, 2021 but we can continue the long-standing tradition of fan theories.

Below is a list of four things we want to see and two things we don’t.

Four Things We Want To See

1. With Great Power…

The MCU has never had an Uncle Ben, choosing to find a father figure for Peter Parker in Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark instead. While this definitely made sense and has worked for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, this has meant that we have gone without a key Spider-Man moment in the MCU. We have never had an Uncle Ben to tell Peter that great power comes with great responsibility.

With the hope still alive that Tobey Maguire’s Peter and Andrew Garfield’s Peter will be seen as variants in the upcoming film, we believe it would be the perfect opportunity for this lesson to be passed on to Spider-Holland. It would certainly be impactful for the older, “been there, done that” Maguire-Spidey to be the one to give this advice to the sacred timeline’s Spider-Man.

2. “Your webs come from…where?”

2002’s Spider-Man chose to take a risk by making Spider-Man’s web-shooters be organic material that actually came from Peter Parker’s body rather than an invention he makes following the development of his powers. This truly sets up what could be an iconic and hilarious scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home when (and if) Spider-Holland and Spider-Garfield discover the nature of Spider-Maguire’s web-shooters. We can only imagine the banter that would ensue between the three of them. It would be the Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man (pointing at Spider-Man) meme in real life. We all deserve to see that.

3. Speaking of variants…

If Loki can give us an alligator Loki variant and a frog Thor variant, we don’t see any good reason why Spider-Man: No Way Home can’t give us a live-action Spider-Ham. We’re being realistic in our desire too; it doesn’t need to be a full scene but at least a mention or glimpse of Spider-Ham would just add to the ever-growing list of absurd variants.

4. The Duo We All Need.

What would be the best Christmas gift of all? Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool joining the MCU on the big screen and getting to see classic Deadpool and Spider-Man interactions. Reynolds’ Wade Wilson kind of joined the MCU back in July via a YouTube promo for Free Guy featuring Deadpool and Taika Waititi’s Korg from Thor: Ragnarok. Capitalizing on the popularity of the Spider-Man/Deadpool comics only seems like the right decision when it comes to how Deadpool will join the MCU.

Two Things We Don’t Want To See

1. Holland Stays Front and Center, Please.

Our biggest hope for this film is that despite the cast being full of familiar and exciting characters from the past, Holland-Spidey is not overshadowed in his own movie. The story it appears we are getting in December has a ton of potential to result in more growth for Spider-Holland, but has also come with the worry that there will be too much going on in this movie for it to be a true Spider-Man movie. We choose to maintain hope that Spider-Holland will continue to be the heart of his own Spider-Man films.

2. Not A Hair On Happy’s Head.

Peter Parker has been through a lot of trauma as a high school kid. He’s become a superhero, fought the Avengers, fought with the Avengers, gone to space, and lost his surrogate father Tony Stark. I’m not sure how much more trauma and sadness this kid can endure, which is why I will have to organize a protest if a single hair on Happy Hogan’s head is touched. Leave Happy alone and let him be a good role model to Peter for years to come.

Let us know in the comments or on social media what you’d like to see in Spider-Man: No Way Home and check back here for our continued coverage for the film.

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