‘Gotham Knights’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “Poison Pill”

The Gotham Knights race to cure Turner of radiation poisoning while Harvey Dent talks to himself and gets some answers.

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The Gotham Knights race against the clock to find a cure for Turner’s mystery illness on this week’s Gotham Knights. Meanwhile, Harvey makes a rash decision in his search for the truth, and Brody turns to Stephanie when he makes a shocking discovery. Let’s recap!


This week we’re diving right into the Knights’ medical drama, picking up where we left off at the end of “Dark Knight of the Soul.” Turner is desperately sick, laying under a blanket in the belfry and looking like death warmed over. Around him, the Gotham Knights are doing their best to play internet detective, but as Stephanie points out, there’s not a lot of information on mysterious illnesses caused by magical rocks.

Harper finds a match, though. There’s one illness that pairs with all of Turner’s symptoms: radiation poisoning. Immediately, Harper jumps to her feet and tells everyone to back away from Turner.

Luckily, Gotham Academy has an old bomb shelter, complete with Geiger counters. The team soon confirms that Turner is radioactive. They pop some iodide pills to help protect themselves. Carrie and Stephanie want to take Turner to the hospital, but as Harper and Cullen point out, Turner is Gotham’s most wanted. He’ll wake up in a cell.

Carrie sits down to talk to Turner while the others go off to dig back into research. Turner tells her that he was tortured by the Court, and it comes out that they told him Bruce killed his parents. Upon questioning Carrie whether she thinks it’s true, she confesses that it is, and she knew. Finally, the journal pages that Carrie tore from Bruce’s journals at the beginning of the season are explained.

Turner is furious and shares some harsh-but-true words with Carrie about her habit of protecting others, as long as she gets to decide what she’s protecting them from. He tells her to leave.

Meanwhile, Steph gets a text from Brody that he needs help. She gets some pushback from Harper. When Steph questions what her problem is, Harper snaps and answers that her problem is that Stephanie is still talking while she is trying to save Turner’s life. Cullen and Stephanie exchange confused looks, but Steph steps away and goes to help Brody rather than continue the sudden fight.

Harper and Cullen’s research has revealed that Turner needs a blood transfusion. Carrie leaves to steal from the blood bank, as Turner doesn’t want her around anyway.

No Sparks

Duela brings Turner French onion soup, revealing she read in Bruce’s journals that he used to get it for Turner when he was sick. She confesses that she feels like Turner’s illness is her fault, as the Electrum wouldn’t have been needed if they hadn’t left him behind after the Court soiree. Turner tells her that she’s wrong, but more discussion is cut short when Duela notices blisters over Turner’s skin.

Harper is researching Dr. Leviticus, the doctor who first realized the uses of Electrum. Cullen tries to talk about what happened with Steph. Harper insists, again, that she’s not falling for her — she just remembered what they were really working for: clearing their names and getting out of Gotham. She doesn’t need to be friends, they’re going to leave. Cullen doesn’t agree. He tells Harper that he’s never had a family like this — like the Gotham Knights — and he knows she hasn’t either.

“Why would we let go of something that gives us a chance to feel whole?”


Returning to Harper’s Dr. Leviticus research, they discover that the patients he illegally experimented on had similar symptoms to Turner, and they all died within 24 hours.

Cullen and Harper aren’t sold on telling Turner he only has five hours left, but Duela refuses to lie to him. They decide to go ahead with a makeshift blood transfusion.

Newly returned from her trip to see Brody, Steph sits down with Turner and asks how he’s feeling. Turner tries a little gallows humor but quickly confesses that he feels like his whole life has been a lie. Steph comforts him and he pulls her into a kiss.

The kiss stops quickly, leading to a jumbled but sweet conversation and agreement that there’s no “spark” between them. In fact, Steph confesses that she’s never felt it with Brody either. The two laugh, and Steph reassures Turner that she doesn’t want him to apologize.

Duela interrupts with a code red — the GCPD are outside.

Lincoln March had the GCPD find the Gotham Knights by tracking Turner’s radiation. Several squad cars pull up downstairs, and officers in hazmat suits pour out. The Knights scramble to grab their personal effects and get Turner into the tunnels, while Steph reassures them that she’s got this. By the time the GCPD opens the door, she is the only person in sight, sitting cross-legged with a huge bong.

Transfusions and Truths

Meanwhile, at Gotham General Hospital, Carrie has retrieved Turner from the tunnels. After sneaking him in, Carrie goes to find her mom. Convincing Dr. Kelley of the seriousness of the situation, Carrie takes her to where she’s hidden Turner. Dr. Kelley recognizes him, but Carrie tells her that he’s innocent and will die if she doesn’t help him.

Dr. Kelley gets Turner stabilized. She needs to run some tests, but he’ll be okay. Carrie thanks her mom for helping. Dr. Kelley points out that she took an oath to help people, even criminals, but she will not allow them to lose everything because of it. She wants to call the GCPD and insists Carrie tell them everything.

Carrie begs her mom not to call, confessing that she can’t tell the GCPD about the fugitives because she is one of them. She tells her mom the truth.

“You know how Turner’s dad was Batman? I was Batman’s sidekick. He called me Robin.”


Mommy Dearest

While the Knights are in the midst of radiation panic, Brody March is walking through the March family’s apartment, talking on the phone. He’s saying that he had a root canal — as also evidenced by the ice pack he’s holding to his face — and the dentist didn’t give him very strong pain meds. Luckily, he knows that his Dad keeps some in his safe.

Opening the safe does reveal a couple of bottles of medication, but also something much scarier: a Court of Owls mask and the lapel camera that Lincoln took from Turner when he was kidnapped at the ball. Confused and scared, Brody texts Stephanie for advice.

When she arrives, she gives him all the bad news: his dad is the leader of the Court of Owls, he killed Cressida Clarke, and who knows what else. Brody wants to call the police, but Steph tells him that the GCPD is in the Owl’s pockets. The only one they can trust is Harvey Dent.

Brody goes back home. He hides the camera behind a wall socket just before his mom enters the room. He tells Rebecca everything he knows — that they could be in danger from Lincoln, and they have to get out. Rebecca looks shocked, but agrees to go pack a bag.

When she returns, she finds out that Brody told Stephanie about Lincoln. Brody promises her that even though it all seems insane, he’s going to take care of it all. He’s going to keep her safe.

Rebecca pulls Brody into a hug and stabs him in the back.

“I don’t need your protection.”

Rebecca March

As Brody bleeds out, Rebecca tells him that he’s just like his father. Naïve, and blind to the real threat.

Harvey vs. Harvey

Harvey Dent is shut away in his office — his suspicious activity location of choice — watching the video of himself. It seems that when Harvey was a little boy, they used to talk all the time in his dreams. Dark Harvey theorizes that at some point Harvey’s father’s beatings did more than just break his bones; they fractured his psyche. Quite literally. Dark Harvey sees himself as Harvey’s protector, and he wants to talk to Harvey about what’s been going on lately.

Persuaded by the version of himself on the video camera, Harvey comes to the decision to take a bunch of medication and himself into a deep sleep so that he can talk to his alter ego. Dark Harvey has calculated exactly how many pills Harvey can take and — hopefully — not die. It’s a huge risk, but Harvey’s desperate. After popping 17 of his anxiety pills, Harvey passes out. Next thing he knows, he’s in a version of his office with an eerily familiar voice greeting him.

Dark Harvey confirms that he has been taking control during Harvey’s fugue states. He also calms Harvey’s worst fear — he did not kill Mayor Hill or Cressida. He’s being framed by the Court of Owls who want him to believe that he committed the crimes.

Manipulative and charming, Dark Harvey has a comeback for all of Harvey’s questions and angry complaints. He tries to convince Harvey that he should let him deal with things for them, because he knows what the Court of Owls is up to, he was there during the blackouts. Doing his best to sell Harvey on his brand of justice, Dark Harvey tries to convince him to take revenge.

Dark Harvey also lets slip that he murdered their father. Harvey is horrified and refuses to go along with Dark Harvey’s plans. Unfortunately, Dark Harvey eventually tells him he doesn’t need Harvey’s permission.

A fight ensues, and Dark Harvey viciously goes after Harvey. They wrestle, and we get a shot of Harvey’s physical body in his office, being shaken by the hits and appearing to an unaware observer as if he’s having a seizure.

Eventually, Harvey manages to get the upper hand. He chokes Dark Harvey with the district attorney nameplate from his desk.

Outside, in Harvey’s real office, Aja enters the room and sees Harvey passed out and thrashing on the couch. She runs to get help. GCPD medics manage to revive him, but only after he had flatlined for a minute.

The Real Threat

Lincoln enters the March’s apartment to tell Rebecca that he almost had Turner and the other fugitives, but the GCPD lost them. Rebecca tells him to add it to their list of problems, and that Stephanie Brown will also need to be “dealt with.” She leads Lincoln into the room where Brody’s body is still laying, blood everywhere.

When Lincoln protests that she didn’t have to do this, Rebecca corrects him, saying that she was cleaning up his mess. If he hadn’t kept a trophy it could have been avoided. Lincoln is quiet, meeker than we’ve ever seen him, and quite emotionless as he looks down at Brody.

Rebecca uses Brody’s body to unlock his phone with his face I.D., then sends a text to Stephanie. She pretends to be Brody, telling Steph that the incriminating video is gone, and he’s taking his mom somewhere safe. Rebecca demands that Lincoln clean up the blood.

“Why are you still standing there? Get a mop.”

Rebecca March


Steph explains to the Gotham Knights that she told the GCPD the lead in the belfry bells was confusing their sensors. By the time she’d sent them on a wild goose chase, the radiation had dissipated. At least Turner is now radiation-free, too. As they talk, Stephanie gets the text message from Brody’s phone. She relays the news that the video which could have cleared their names is gone.

Turner sits amongst the library stacks, looking much healthier. Duela appears. “No offense,” he tells her, “but I’m not really in the mood to talk.” He tries to offend her, hitting her with some truths about her lack of social skills and selfish motivations, but she’s not bothered by any of it. Duela tells him to get over himself because the whole team worked their asses off to save his life.

Turner admits that she’s right. He had an idea in his mind of how his life could be, avenging his dad, creating a kind of family with the Gotham Knights, even things with Stephanie. He’d been lying to himself. But Duela, he notes, doesn’t lie. She always tells him the truth and is always unapologetically herself. She’s always Duela.

Duela kisses Turner. After only a moment he reciprocates, and the pair create some sparks on the library floor.

Finally, we get a shot of Lincoln wheeling a coffin. Inside it, Brody wakes up.

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