‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 14 “Fata Morgana”

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Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is finally here, and each episode is getting more and more intense. In episode 14, Cal and Olive deal with the aftermath of Fiona’s death while Jared and Vance track down Angelina, who is more motivated than ever to kill Daly so she can have two dead witnesses. Meanwhile, the detention center deals with another plague, and Michaela says her heartbreaking goodbyes to Zeke.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Fata Morgana.”

Sapphire Projection

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Cal covers Fiona with a sheet as Olive wonders how this happened; she blames herself. It was on her watch, and she fell asleep. Cal blames himself because a Calling led to her to keep her safe, and he failed. They don’t know how the straw fell out. Olive wants to call someone, but Cal says they should sit tight since Saanvi said she’d send help.

Cal and Olive have closed off the room Fiona’s in, and when Eden tries to open the doors, they stop her. Eden tells Cal she helped her last night, just like Olive told her, and she tells them about the splinter. Eden runs upstairs, and Olive tells Cal she was asleep. She never spoke to Eden.

Cal and Olive look at the baby monitor and see Eden talking to someone who isn’t there and watch her pull the straw out. Cal thinks it was Angelina, but Olive wants to believe she’s dead. He tells her about the Calling with Angelina; he’s still connected to her.

“You and me, we’re connected. Our family, we’re connected through love. Angelina doesn’t connect with people. She manipulates them.”

They figure that since Angelina couldn’t project herself to touch Fiona, she made Eden do it. So they have to protect Eden and find Angelina before she kills again. Cal used his sapphire to project onto Saanvi. He can do it again, this time onto Angelina.

Cal touches Angelina’s photo, and his scar glows. He’s under a bridge and finds Angelina, and confronts her, though she tells him they’re on the same side. She’s grown, and so has he. They’re both bound to God by the sapphire; they can lead the chosen. This is a good thing. The sapphire is deep in her skin. Angelina wants him to open his eyes to the potential, and he tells her there is no “we.”

Back at home, Cal tells Olive that the sapphire is embedded in Angelina, just like Cal’s. If he’s the dragon, what does that make her?


On the Run

After seeing a picture of Angelina on a security camera, Jared and Vance try to track her down, looking at toll cameras. They assume she’s going to be in New York in about three hours and assume she’s running toward something. Angelina, meanwhile, is in her van underneath a bridge, the Bible, a map, and newspapers surrounding her. She puts her focus on a picture of four police officers, and one of them turns out to be in the lab at the detention center.

Jared and Vance show up, and Cal and Olive tell them about Fiona. Vance says they played it safe by not telling anyone, which was smart. As Olive and Vance tend to Fiona, Jared, and Cal talk about Angelina. Cal tells Jared a sign he saw when he projected himself to Angelina, and Jared looks it up on a map, now knowing exactly where she is.

Raining Plagues

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As Ben washes his hands, the water turns blood red, and he sees Daly in the mirror. But when he looks back down, the water is clear again.

Saanvi meets with Daly’s son, Patrick, and tells him that his dad is alive and he’s there. They’re not sure how he came back, but he brought something. She tells him about the plagues in the hopes that he could be the cure since they share the same DNA. Patrick admits he’s been estranged from his father for a long time, long before 828. On the video camera in Daly’s room, they see blood fill his IV fluid, and blood fills up a beaker. Patrick finally gives in.

In the cafeteria, Michaela bumps into Polly, and milk is spilled. A janitor comes over to mop it up, but the water turns into blood, and water cups are turned into blood. The alarm goes off, and the passengers are told to return to their quarters. Ben leaves to find Saanvi since he knows his blood Calling has to be connected.

Ben gets to the lab, and Saanvi tells him she tested across the facility, and the blood has Daly’s DNA on them. She tells him about Patrick and the possible cure, which could hopefully disconnect him from the plagues and rebuild the rift between his son.

As Saanvi takes samples from Patrick, Ben tells him about Daly and how while he doesn’t know him well enough, he knows that he has a lot of guilt surrounding 828 even though it wasn’t his fault, and he doesn’t think the plagues are, either. Patrick lists his father’s problems, and Ben tells him he’s also made mistakes. He’s learning to be a better dad, and his kids’ forgiveness means the world to him.

Patrick tells Ben some good stories about his father as a way to tell him that not everything about Daly is bad. A guard comes in, having been looking for Ben. Saanvi tells him that she gave Ben authorization to be there, and it’s not Zimmer’s call.

Later, blood on the ground seeps into a drain, which seeps out into a river.

Two Dead Witnesses

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Patrick shows up in Daly’s room and tells him that all of this is his fault. He’s always been rotten, though. He tells his dad he hates him, as does his mom and the whole world, and that he deserves to die. Daly frees himself, and Patrick, still in the lab, sees his dad get up on the monitor and frantically pound on the door. Ben leaves to help him, and Saanvi yells at him through the microphone as “Patrick” keeps getting in his head.

Daly escapes his room, and he’s stopped by three guards aiming guns at him. “Patrick” tells Daly to stand up for himself, but when he does, he’s shot, despite Ben’s pleas. Ben rushes over, and Daly tells him he doesn’t want to die. Ben tells him about Patrick, but he closes his eyes and dies.

Jared finds Angelina and successfully arrests her. She tells him that the two witnesses are dead. The world will end, but the chosen can follow her; they can survive. Angelina tries to resist when she sees Jared’s car, but he pushes her in and tells her she’s under arrest for the murder of Grace Stone and the kidnapping of Eden Stone. Jared calls Vance, Ben, and Saanvi and tells them what Angelina told him, but they tell him that Daly is dead. Jared texts them a picture of the newspaper she had, and Saanvi recognizes one of the guards she had circled. Vance tells her that the guard had it out for a supervisor and was dismissed a few days ago, but Saanvi swears she was in her lab, but Ben didn’t see her. Saanvi thinks Angelina used her to get to Daly, projecting herself onto the guard. Ben realizes that Angelina was in the room with Daly as Patrick.

“She’s diabolical.”

Now that they have her, they need to shut her down. For good. Jared brings Angelina to the detention center as passengers, including Ben, watch her being taken away.

A Little Miracle

As passengers scramble back to their quarters, a guard bumps into Polly, who tells Michaela something is wrong. The janitor calls over the two so they can get away from the chaos.

With the amount of stress, Polly’s in, Michaela figures she has false labor pains. Trying to calm Polly down, she tries to do what Zeke would do and keep the Zen. However, it’s time, even though she still had six more weeks. Back in Polly’s room, Michaela is trying to keep her calm as she wishes her boyfriend was there. The janitor checks up on them, and Michaela asks if he can bring them some supplies. After he brings the supplies, Michaela delivers her baby, and it takes a while for it to cry. Luckily, cries fill the room, and Polly’s baby is fine.

Polly admits that she and her boyfriend Jordan got separated after 828 since she was on the plane and he wasn’t, but they found their way back to each other, and when she found out she was pregnant, it was the happiest day of their lives. But that was a day before the passengers got detained. Luckily, a month later, Polly saw him mopping in the detention center, and it’s revealed that Jordan is the janitor. He didn’t want to miss his child being born. Michaela leaves them alone and offers to be on the lookout so they can be with baby Chloe.


Jared visits Michaela in her room and the two awkwardly talk about their almost kiss. Michaela says to forget it never happened, and Jared apologizes for making it awkward.

After Jared leaves, Zeke appears, and they talk about being able to still have moments together. He wishes he had more time if he was stronger, but she reminds him that his “big beautiful heart” saved Cal’s life and others. Zeke says it was his redemption for Chloe; he couldn’t forgive himself, and he couldn’t meet his redemption in the middle. He urges Michaela to not make the same mistake. She has important work to do, people who need her. Zeke says he has to leave soon, but Michaela tells him that he can choose to stay with her. He wishes he could, but he can’t.

“You need to be out in the world on your journey. Wherever it takes you.”

Zeke says it’s time to move forward, but soon, he doesn’t even know who Michaela is. The alarm goes off for breakfast, and she’s back in her room.

Michaela’s in The Glow again, only this time, they’re in the cave, and Zeke has no idea who she is. She pleads with her husband to remember her. He is freezing. Michaela realizes he’s coming out of The Glow and going into the cave. That’s why he can’t remember. He’s going back to 2018 before they ever met. Zeke says she looks so familiar, and Michaela assures him they will meet and they will fall hopelessly in love. The cave starts to rumble, and Michaela wants more time. Their story is ending, but he is going back to the beginning. She tells her he needs to find the cabin for their story. She tells him to look in his pocket, and it’s the magazine page of her he ripped out, and she has him repeat, “Find her.” Rocks fall down, and Zeke walks out of The Glow.

“Goodbye, Zeke.”

Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is streaming now on Netflix! Check out the rest of our coverage on the series here, including episodic recaps and more!

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