‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 17 “Threshold”


Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is here, and with a time jump in episode 17, there is only a month left until the Death Date. In the outside world, Jared, Michaela, and Vance help Cal with the Callings, and inside the 828 facility, Ben, Olive, and the detainees have made a new life for themselves. Meanwhile, Angelina is more convinced she will be the one to lead the righteous to a new life, and a surprise about Drea brings some shock to people.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Threshold.”

One Month Out

There is an eight-month time jump, bringing everyone to May 2, 2024 — just one month until the Death Date. Drea’s mother is upset about the area she chose to rent an apartment, and Drea won’t show her the place just yet. It’s revealed she is pretty pregnant but doing well. Kicking off her heels, taking out her hair tie, and putting on some overalls and boots, she gets to work on fixing up the place, having started hammering into a wall for what is definitely a much bigger reason than renovation.

The 828 facility, meanwhile, has turned into a home for the detainees; there’s even a garden. Unfortunately, the rations are starting to run out, but Ben, as always, has a plan.

Michaela and Jared have been helping Cal solve Callings, but it hasn’t been easy since Jared won’t let Michaela help out in the field for fear that something will happen.


Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022

Cal is exhausted, but he assures Michaela, Vance, and Jared that he’s fine, and tries to get another Calling. When he’s on the plane, he is clearly overwhelmed, but he pulls through. He sits in a seat and is immediately trapped by flowers and vines and can’t breathe. The three try to pull him out of it, and he wakes up. He tells them he sat in 14F, Autumn Cox’s seat. Jared doesn’t like that they have to solve Autumn’s Calling, but Michaela says they have to solve her Calling no matter how they feel about someone. They can’t just pick and choose. They have to have faith.

They try to figure out how to find Autumn, and Cal tells them what he saw in his Calling, and he is describing Beverly’s house or their own house. Cal and Jared leave so Michaela and Vance can stay with Steve. They get back home, and it doesn’t look like the way it was left. They see Angelina and the other fugitives in the living room, and Angelina is talking to them. Cal confronts Angelina, and the others leave them be. Angelina tells him it’s time for him to accept what they are, and Cal says he wants nothing to do with her. She is convinced she is the Archangel and will guide the righteous to survive.

Jared, meanwhile, talks to Autumn and tells her about the Calling, but she says that purple flowered vines mean nothing to her. He takes a picture of Autumn’s picture with the flowers and tells Cal they should go. Before leaving, Cal tells Autumn that she can still get redemption, but Angelina doesn’t see it that way.

“Redemption is futile. Your only hope for survival is me.”

Cal tries to talk Autumn into it, but she stays. He and Jared leave. Later, Angelina finds out that Astrid will likely plan to leave her, but she’s not mad. She says they all have to make their own choices in these final days. It’s Autumn’s chance to earn some loyalty.

Life in Isolation

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Polly’s daughter has grown a lot since being born, but with eight months passing, Polly worries about milestones Chloe should be hitting since Saanvi isn’t there to check up on her. Since he does have three kids, Ben gives his input but wishes that she was able to see the outside since this is the only place she knows.

There’s a tremor, and the lights go off for a bit, so Ben checks the fusebox. Joe comes to help, and there’s another tremor, a bigger one, and the lights stay off this time. Joe figures that the tremor shorted the system, and there’s no fixing this without tools. Henry finds Ben and tells him that the ALNI patients are dying since they have no life support, so Ben has others check supplies before it’s too late. He starts doing chest compressions on a patient, but they end up losing two of them. They try to figure out how to get the supplies they need, like a generator, and Olive figures they can try to make a banner for the outside world to see. There has to be some 828 sympathizers still out there.

Olive and Eden have made a giant banner that says “Send help” in the hopes of getting someone’s attention. Later, Ben, Olive, and other passengers are up on the roof and have gotten the banner up, making their mark. Ben tries to talk the military personnel outside into listening, but they keep shooting. Joe is still trying to work the generator, but there’s no use. He suggests they make some impossible choices, but Ben doesn’t want to decide who lives or who dies.

Outside Help

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Elsewhere, Vance and Michaela look into a building from Autumn’s photograph, which is near the detention center. Coincidentally, Mikami Inc. owns the building. Drea has been trying to sledgehammer her way through a wall, and a guy she was working with turns out to be not good. He pulls a knife out, and Drea pleads with him.

Steve wants to see Ben and Michaela figures with Drea owning the building next door, they may be able to get him close enough to at least wave. Vance doesn’t like the idea, but with the Death Date only a month away, it could be Steve’s last chance to see Ben and the girls, Michaela’s too.

“I’m not playing it safe anymore. If I get caught, so be it. No regrets.”

Jared and Cal get to the building and see the purple flower vines. They hear Drea calling for help, and she is getting tied to a pillar. Luckily, Jared and Cal come in just in time, and Drea tells Jared to let him go. He’s not worth it. Cal is surprised to see that Drea is pregnant, and so is Jared. Before they have any chance to talk more about it, they hear gunshots coming from the facility.

Drea has a way to get to the facility, showing them the wall that she had broken down. The facility is right on the other side. Jared immediately gets to work and tries to break through the wall, and it’s a success. Ben and Cal are finally reunited, and Ben tells Jared and Drea what they need. Once they get everything connected, the power turns back on, and the ALNI patients are saved. Cal tells his dad about the Callings and what he’s been doing, and it gives Ben hope. As if things can’t get better, Michaela and Vance find Ben as well, and Jared isn’t so surprised to see Michaela there, but Michaela, like everyone, is surprised to see Drea very pregnant.

A New Hope

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Ben addresses the passengers and updates them on the supplies they now have and the fact they have a way out thanks to friends. He then introduces them to Cal, and they can’t believe that he was the little boy from the plane. He tells them about the Callings and how they can still follow the Callings and stick together — solving Callings is the only way to save the Lifeboat. Some of the passengers don’t know what to do since they only have a month left.

“We have to have hope. Faith.”

Ben thanks his sister for turning around his hope and faith and pleads with the passengers to stick together and to have faith and stay. Some passengers still choose to leave, but others choose to stay.

Jared and Drea finally talk, and he tells her what she did this entire time blows his mind. He’s not upset she didn’t tell him; he’s just proud of what she’s been able to do. Drea didn’t want to tell him because he was off saving the world. She didn’t want to stop him. She admits that he is biologically the father, but whether or not he wants to be a parent is another story. Jared tells her it’s all he ever wanted. The baby kicks, and she asks Jared if he wants to feel. Michaela watches the two of them from afar.

Ben finally reunites with Steve, who is happy as ever to see his son. Joe shows off pictures of Charlie, and he is going to make it his mission to bring his son back. Drea and Michaela talk about the pregnancy, but Michaela assures her she is happy. Everyone bonds over a puzzle, and Steve watches them, smiling.

Cal, meanwhile, goes off to find Marko, thankful he’s still alive. He knows there’s more he needs to do and admits it’s a lot to handle on his own. Marko grabs his arm, and his scar glows. Cal sees the peacock, who closes its feathers, and the Omega Sapphire comes back together. He hears Angelina tell him that as the only two people with the sapphire, they are connected.

The Right Path

Autumn has stayed with Angelina and tells her it is done, but she finds a pill on the ground, and Angelina tells her it’s fine. She did what she needed to do. Astrid, meanwhile, shows up at Drea’s building, having taken Autumn’s picture and Beverly’s necklace, but there’s no one there. She finds the bags that Drea brought and takes out a baby blanket to stay warm. She takes an anxiety pill, but it may not be the pill she needs.

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