‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 16 “Furball”


Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is here, and in episode 16, life for the detained passengers is about to get a lot more tough. Meanwhile, Jared and Michaela adjust to life at Tarik’s house with Steve, but Michaela’s having a hard time adjusting without the Callings, as Angelina and Eagan try to persuade the fugitive passengers.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Furball.”

Life Without Callings

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Jared gets Steve all set up and meets Michaela outside, who doesn’t want to leave since it’s so peaceful. It’s been two days since they left, and Michaela wonders if they made the right choice. Jared kisses her and says they did. Despite her dad being upstairs, Michaela takes up Jared’s offer, and the two makeout and do a lot more.

Jared got groceries enough to last months and wonders if they’re really going to be there for that long. While Michaela doesn’t know, she does wish she could tell Olive and Cal, but their phone’s going to be tapped. She doesn’t want to drag them into this. Jared says for now, this is their best bet.

“A life without Callings.”

Steve is still having trouble but seems to be getting stronger every day. Michaela tells him a story about how he encouraged her when she was little, how she got a spark, and Michaela tells him that all he needs is a little spark. Jared comes back, and Michaela seems to be getting second thoughts on everything, even though she is genuinely happy being there with him. He knows something is up. Michaela admits she’s lost. Without the Callings, she doesn’t feel like she has a purpose anymore. Jard doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, but he guarantees they will figure it out together.

Jared and Michaela have a moment together, but their moment ends when Michaela spots a dish on the counter, and Jared admits a neighbor brought it over, and he had some skewed story about what happened at the house when Tarik was killed. Michaela says the 828 misinformation is getting out of control. She misses having Callings because they could at least prove they were doing good. Without them, she doesn’t know how to help anymore. She just feels caged up, so she decides to go on a run.

Left Behind

Not knowing about Steve, Olive and Cal have been searching everywhere for their grandfather. Cal found a search warrant from the Registry, and Olive says they need to get out. Olive leaves with Eden to ask Ben if he knows anything.

Olive and Eden visit Ben, but he has no idea where Michaela or Grandpa are. They talk in code again so they don’t get caught and know exactly what they’re saying. There’s tremors at the facility, and Olive and Eden leave after Ben tells them to find Aunt Michaela, even despite Eden’s cries for her dad. A window is cracked, and Eden jumps through, Olive following her.

Chosen Followers

Angelina wants to help the other passengers, but Autumn tells her they don’t want her help. They want her to leave. They know she killed Grace. Angelina tells them she is God’s chosen one, but they won’t hear it.

Angelina and Eagan talk about trust, and Eagan tells her he goes with the best bet, and his money’s on her. He tells her he can help her with getting them to listen. He can speak their language. She needs to connect with them, be their friend. Eagan has all of the information she needs about the passengers, having the information from Ben’s passenger boards.

Eagan talks to the passengers and tries to get through to them about Angelina. She then talks to them, admitting she made some mistakes. She talks about the sins some of the passengers have to point out they are all flawed. She shows off her sapphire powers and tells them God has chosen her to take them through the final judgment. To usher in a new world. She can lead them to salvation if they will have her.

Eagan tells Angelina that the passengers have voted to let them stay. She wonders what made Eagan change his mind about helping her, and he admits that his eyes are open. He has been chosen. His first Calling ever was about sapphire. Years later, he was the one to find it. And now, she has it. All these people will listen to her, not him.

Autumn tells Eagan she doesn’t trust him, but he says that Angelina is the one that matters.


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Director Zimmer prepares to transport Daly’s body to Dr. Gupta’s lab, but Vance tries to stop her. He’s unsuccessful in doing so. Unfortunately, while trying to transport the body, tremors start rumbling the facility, and a fissure opens up, swallowing Daly’s body and two guards.

The agents talk about what’s been going on, and Zimmer tells them they’ve been cleared for Isolation protocol, and all the cameras are turned off. Everyone is going to leave except for the passengers. Zimmer tells them that they tried following the Callings, but the carnage keeps coming, from them.

“You’re on your own.”

The passengers try to get out, but there’s no use. Vance apologizes to Ben, but he tells him that he knows he did all he could. No one is coming in or out. Before leaving, Vance gives Ben key cards to ALNI patients and food storage. Once the guards leave, all the living quarters will reunite, and everyone will be free in the facility. If anyone can rally the troops, Ben can. The alarm goes off, and Vance leaves, but not before Ben tells him to find his kids and tell them he loves them.

Vance runs into Olive, who is trying to find Eden. She doesn’t want to leave since she already missed five years with her dad. She tells Vance to tell Cal she’s sorry and to make sure he’s okay on his own.

The passengers are all alone, and the doors open up. Everyone comes out and are reunited once again. Olive and TJ have a heartwarming reunion, and Ben is surprised to see his daughter. She tells Ben that Eden ran away when the earthquake hit, but they just have to look for her.

They go into the security office to find that the cameras are down, but luckily, Eden was hiding in there anyway.

The guards turn in their key cards, but one of them, Quinn, goes back in with his gun cocked. Quinn aims his guns at the passengers in the main room, as he is upset at having to see his colleagues die because of them. Quinn shoves the gun in Ben’s chest, and Eden tries to convince him that he’s wrong and the passengers are scared. TJ and Olive plead with Quinn to not hurt Eden, and Ben tells him he has every right to be upset. But they aren’t bringing on the end of the world; they are trying to stop it. Quinn can’t let them go, and Olive and Eden make the decision to stay. Quinn leaves.

The passengers are starting to lose it and figure out how they’re going to make it. Ben decides to make a speech and tells them that it’s not freedom, but it’s something. He doesn’t know what the future holds, if they get the Callings back, and what it means for the Lifeboat. He does know something.

“Every single passenger in this place has become family. No matter how hopeless it feels at times, we still have each other.”

Now they have nine months left to make every last second count and find the little joys in life. Everyone pounds on the table in solidarity, and Ben groups up people with skills and to volunteer and figure they can change things around to make it more like their home.

You’re On Your Own, Kid

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Vance visits Cal and tells him what happened with his sisters and the detention center. He assures Cal that he has him; he’s not alone. Cal asks about his family, and Vance says his boys are in Florida with their mom. They’re safe. And he’s going to make sure he’s safe, too. Vance also tells him about Michaela and Jared, assuming they’re laying low, but they’re going to find them. Cal gets a Calling involving cards, and he’s having a hard time breathing. Vance says nobody has Callings anymore. If Cal still has Callings, he’s the only one.

“Then we better get started.”

Cal places the cards he saw in his Calling on the table, which are all Queens, as well as 6, 2, 3, and 8 cards, placing them in the format he saw them. Vance says there is an Every Queen Cooling company that services the detention center and their logo looks exactly like the way Cal placed the cards. Vance looks up the company and sees the location of the vans. Cal points out a van with 6238, which was scheduled to make a stop at the detention center tomorrow, but it’s way outside its location.

Meanwhile, Michaela’s on a run, and a guy watches her run past. Later, she sees someone stuck under a van, and the same guy attacks and chokes her. Luckily, Vance and Cal pull up just in time, and Cal knocks him out, thanks to the Calling. Cal doesn’t think they’re there to just help Michaela, so they check inside the van. Sure enough, there’s sarin gas in the back, enough to poison the entire 828 facility.

Back at Tarik’s house, Michaela tries to make sense of what happened at the detention center, and Cal thinks he’s able to still get Callings because of his sapphire. He thinks it protected him somehow. Michaela wonders if the Callings aren’t gone, people just can’t receive them anymore. Maybe with the sapphire, Cal can go on the plane and access the Callings. They don’t know what could happen, but Cal tries anyway. He’s back on the plane, and it is overwhelming for him, too overwhelming. He got all of the Callings. As long as he focuses, he should be able to dig them out one by one.

“A chance is enough.”

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