‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 15 “Throttle”

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Season 4 part 2 of Manifest is here, and we are about halfway through these final episodes. In episode 15, a blood-red river has the press and civilians concerned more than ever about the passengers. Meanwhile, with Angelina locked up in the detention center, it’s bringing more stress to everyone around as Zimmer tries to use her to bring in the other passengers still out there. Family troubles plague Michaela, and TJ and Olive somewhat work together again. The end brings a startling discovery that will surprise everyone.

Keep reading to find out what happens in “Throttle.”

Blood Red

The river near the detention center has turned a blood red, and of course, people are putting the blame on the 828ers. Two of the 828 fugitives turn off the news, and one of them says that the safehouse doesn’t feel safe anymore. Captain Amuta comes in with supplies, saying that Georgia wasn’t at the drop, but she did leave a note. Amuta tells the others they need to hunker down until it’s over, though some think staying is a bad idea. He says that traveling as a group isn’t the best thing, so for now, this is all they have.

Ben tries to talk to the press in the hopes that it will make them see the passengers as humans, but it only makes it worse. Someone throws a rock at his head, but luckily, with help from Saanvi, he’s fine.


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After talking to Ben about Angelina, Zimmer goes to Angelina’s room in isolation and tells her that Ben corroborated what she said about her abilities, wondering when to expect the other passengers to show up. Angelina says she can’t force Amuta to turn himself in; she can only use the people close to him to suggest it. The two made a deal for Angelina to bring in the other passengers in exchange for freedom. But if the other passengers don’t show up within the day, Angelina is never getting out.

After Zimmer leaves, Angelina holds Daly’s photo and closes her eyes, trying to focus her sapphire glowing.

Amuta shows up at the detention center to turn himself in. He wants to see Captain Daly, and Zimmer tells him he’s in no position to demand something. Amuta says that if he doesn’t get to see his friend, she doesn’t get to know where the others are. Zimmer tries to assure him they will be safe there; she just wants to help them. Guards take Amuta away.

Safe House

Later, Amuta and Ben talk, and Amuta tells him he’s waiting for Daly, who showed up at the safehouse that morning. Ben tells him that Daly died and warns him about Angelina. He realizes that Zimmer might have bribed Angelina to use her sapphire to convince the others to turn themselves in.

Zimmer, meanwhile, meets with Angelina and tells her she needs to get all the passengers, and Amuta won’t give up the location of the safe house. She tells Angelina to find her the location, or she’s stuck there for good. Angelina gives her some clues she saw and uses the sapphire to try to get more information. There’s a tremor, and Zimmer tells her to focus. Ben gets a passcode from Amuta for the safe house, thinking they might be able to get there before Angelina.

The safe house is raided, but it’s empty, and Zimmer accuses Angelina of warning the passengers. Angelina threatens her with the sapphire, so Zimmer does the same. She brings Angelina to the lab, where she’s sedated. Zimmer tells Saanvi to remove the sapphire, but she’s reluctant, not knowing the medical consequences. She thinks Zimmer is going to use the Omega Sapphire to weaponize the Callings, but she tells her to remove it anyway. Saanvi gets ready to extract the sapphire from Angelina’s hand, but it’s moving. It’s resorbed into her body and absorbed into her veins.

Family Troubles


Steve shows up at the detention center to visit Michaela, but he’s not doing so good. He tells her about the madhouse outside due to the river and catches her up on everything else. Steve says he left his shoe untied and bends down, grabbing a note from his shoe, and he slips it through a crack in the wall below the window. He tells Michaela that Olive thinks she’s on to something, something that TJ can help complete. They talk about Michaela’s mother after Steve mentions that Olive’s like her, and Steve tells her that she would have loved Zeke and tells her that she is worthy of happiness. The longer they talk, the worse Steve is getting, and when he stands up, he collapses.

Michaela’s pacing her room, and Ben comes in. She tells him what happened, and she is worried out of her mind about their father, upset that no one is telling her what’s going on. She wasn’t there for her mother; she wasn’t there for Zeke. She isn’t going to just sit there. Ben tells her to use the Calling she just had, even though it was of a stream. Zimmer isn’t going to know what the Calling was, just that she had one. Michaela gives in and thanks her brother. Ben makes her promise to keep him updated.

It takes some time to convince Zimmer that Michaela had a Calling since it’s “convenient” she wants to go out and solve her own Calling right when her father collapses, but luckily, she’s persuaded. Jared and Michaela head out, and Michaela tells him to text Drea, who texted him asking to talk.

Michaela and Jared get to where they need to and wait for Drea, and Michaela admits that it wasn’t exactly part of the Calling. She just needs to make a quick stop somewhere. Drea pulls up with alcohol, and Michaela wants Jared to cut out her tracker and Drea to drive around with it for a little while. Jared’s a bit nervous to do it, and Michaela instantly realizes her mistake and asks Drea, who does it with ease. Drea drops the tracker into the bottle of alcohol.

Michaela and Jared are anxiously in the waiting room of the hospital, and the doctor tells them that Steve survived, but he suffered a massive stroke. The lack of oxygen to his brain created complications, including his ability to talk. Recovery isn’t impossible, but it will require both financial and personal sacrifice. The doctor leaves, and Michaela wonders what she can do. Jared offers to help with anything, but Michaela says she won’t abandon him.

Michaela and Jared get Steve in Jared’s car and try to figure out what to do next. Michaela gets another Calling of the stream, and she thinks it’s the same stream by Tarik’s house. The Calling is giving her another chance to be with her dad, and she’s not going to pass it up. Jared is immediately on board despite the possible consequences.

“Maybe this is our chance.”

Jared tells her that they would be together if not for the plane. He’s sure. They have their long-awaited kiss, and Drea clears her throat. Even though she says it’s not awkward since they were doing no strings attached, and they haven’t been a thing for a while, it’s still awkward. After Michaela gets in the car, Jared asks Drea if there was something she wanted to talk about, but she says it was nothing.


Jordan slips TJ the note from Steve, which catches him up on everything. Eagan comes into his room after seeing how sketchy TJ was and “accidentally” spills some water on the table where the note is. Due to Eagan’s photographic memory, he already has what he needs to know. He wants payback. Eagan spills the rest of his water on the ground as a way to get out because of Jordan, and TJ is all for it.

TJ, Eagan, and Jordan sneak around to try and find Angelina, and Jordan is reluctant to use his key card for a restricted area, not wanting to get caught, but TJ assures him that it will be fine.

Sinking Lifeboat

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Ben wants to use the Callings antidote on Angelina. If they can’t remove the sapphire, then they have to stop her from using it. Saanvi tries to get through to him, telling him they have no idea how much damage this could cause with the sapphire running through her veins. Despite Saanvi’s protests and Angelina’s pleas, Ben injects her with the antidote. The entire facility starts rumbling, Angelina starts screaming, and every passenger is hurting and passes out.

Eagan comes to and steals a pass from Jordan to get into the lab. Angelina is still awake and trying to get out of the gurney that she is strapped to. Eagan wants to take the sapphire back, but after seeing that the sapphire is in Angelina, he frees her. Even though they are reluctant to trust each other, they escape. They later get to a building and knock on the door, where the fugitive passengers are.

Ben and Saanvi come to, and Saanvi is already doing tests after finding the rash on her arm and on Ben’s. The same rash she had after she injected herself.

“They’re gone. The Callings are gone.”

It’s like everyone has been injected with the serum. The Callings are gone.

“I sank the Lifeboat.”

Ben was so consumed in trying to stop her. He messed up and short-circuited their Calling receptors. He let her escape.

The End is Coming

TJ shows Saanvi and Ben the note from Olive. The World card from the Al-Zuras deck showed a red river and a volcano.

“It has to be connected.”

Saanvi gets test results back from the river, and it has Peyssonnelia. Daly’s blood isn’t what caused the river to change color. It’s red algae. The only thing that can cause algae to change that quickly is if there’s a hydrothermic vent in the earth’s crust, as if a volcano is erupting below them. Zimmer comes in to tell Saanvi she’s been transferred, and she’s taken away. Ben realizes that Saanvi isn’t the only scientist to figure out there’s a volcano underneath New York. TJ says the World card has been trying to warn them.

“The world’s ending. And we know how.”

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