‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 “Maybe It’s Maybelline”


This week’s episode of Walker brought in a fun new character named Maybelline, Stella dealing with the trauma of the death of Witt, and more. Let’s dive into what happened in season 4, episode 2 of Walker, “Maybe Its Maybelline”.

Cassie’s Staying

The episode starts off with Geri and Cassie coming back from a run, and entering Geri’s house. Geri asks Cassie about the FBI and Florida, and Cassie tells Geri that after talking to Larry, she told Tessa Graves that she will not be going back to the task force. Cassie says she wants to put down roots in Austin.

August’s Boot Camp Program

Bonham enters the Ranch and runs into August, who is working out. Augie tells Bonham that he wants to do an after-school boot camp readiness program, to help him get ready for the Army. Bonham tells Augie that Cordell has to sign it, and Augie asks Bonham to talk to the drill instructor soldier to soldier. Bonham said he’ll try to reason with Cordell, and he’ll talk to the drill instructor, too.

At Trey’s apartment later, he’s cooking and getting ready for his date to come over. Instead of his date at the door, it’s Bonham. Trey is the drill instructor who is doing the boot camp readiness program. Bonham asks about August joining, and Trey brings up Cordell having to sign off on it, and Bonham says he will talk to him. If Cordell approves, Trey agrees to let Augie join and that he won’t take it easy on him.

Bonham goes to talk to Cordell later, and Cordell brushes off the program and doesn’t want to deal with it, telling Bonham to stay out of it.

Bonham goes to talk to Abeline about it, who is working on another wedding in the barn with Ben. Abeline and Bonham agree that August should be able to do what he wants to do. Bonham brings up retirement to Abeline, too, as something to think about.

Later, Cordell sits Augie down and talks to him about the boot camp. Cordell agrees to let him go and signs the paper, but tells him that he needs to keep his grades up and makes it to Sunday dinner every week. Augie gives Cordell a big hug and agrees. A flashback occurs, that shows a younger Augie and Cordell bonding and talking about Augie growing up.

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Maybelline Pratt

Cassie and Cordi arrive at the Ranger station, and there’s a commotion. Cordi ends up drawing his gun on a suspect, who ends up turning out to be Maybelline Pratt, an older woman who is a key witness in a case. After a phone call with Larry, he tells Cordi that they have to keep an eye on her.

Cordi, Cassie, and Trey all tell Maybelline that they’ll be her security detail and she can’t leave the station. Maybelline flirts with Trey, taking a liking to him. When two new security guards come in, Maybelline gets upset that she doesn’t want to go to Witness Protection, so Cordell takes her back to the Walker ranch so that she can be safe and more comfortable.

At the Walker ranch, Maybelline gets settled in. She sees a picture of Cordell and Emily, and Cordell tells her that Emily passed. She sees a picture of the kids, and talks to him about being a single parent, stating, “The days are long but the years are short,” which Cordell takes to heart.

In the middle of the night, Cordell goes to get water out of the fridge and sees Maybelline sitting at the table. The two have a deep talk, talking about her testimony, and get onto the topic of Augie joining the military. Maybelline tells Cordell that children are not theirs to keep, and he has to let him go; Cordell brings up the quiet again, a recurring theme from the first episode. Maybelline tells Cordell that if you raise a child to be secure enough to leave, he’s done a good job.

The next day at the courthouse, there’s a fight that breaks out which distracts Cassie and Cordell. They leave Maybelline with another sheriff, but he’s a fake and kidnaps Maybelline. Cassie, Cordell, and Trey all chase after them, who they corner in a parking garage. They apprehend the men and get Maybelline to safety.

Stella and Witt

At the Walker ranch, Ben and Liam are watching TV and Stella is sleeping on the couch. Stella ends up having a nightmare about Witt and the night of the break-in. Liam and Ben ask if she’s okay, but she tells them she’s fine and leaves.

Back at the dorm, Liam comes to bring Stella some items from home. Stella gets upset, talking about Witt and how he had a life. She gets angry at Liam, saying that just because things worked out for him it doesn’t mean that it will work out for everyone else, and tells him to leave.

Stella drives to the spot where Witt had his car accident, which has a memorial there. She brings a flower and a rugby ball, and another man approaches, introducing himself as Witt’s uncle, Mike. She says her name is Stella but does not go into further details. However, when she leaves, he gets on the phone and says, “So this is interesting,” alluding to the fact he knows exactly who Stella is.

The Side Step

Stella heads to the Side Step, and she tries calling Sadie and leaves a message that she needs to call her back. Ben overhears and asks to talk to Stella. He shares feeling guilty over the loss of his previous partner, Lucas, and bonds with Stella.

Cordell enters the Side Step, and Stella and Ben join him for a game of darts. Liam appears, and Stella tells Liam that he’s her partner and she’s extending an olive branch.

Geri talks to Cassie and asks Cassie to move in with her. She said she doesn’t spend a lot of time there, but if and when she ever lets go of her place, it could go to her friend who wants to lay down roots. Cassie excitedly agrees.

After the night is over, Stella heads back to her dorm. As she enters, she looks up and across her window in red is, “This isn’t over.”

Walker airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on The CW. You can catch up with the show the next day on The CW app.

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