‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 “Spoils of War”

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The new season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is finally here, with two episodes released on January 4. At the end of season 1, Wrecker, Echo, Tech, and Omega successfully saved Hunter from Crosshair and the Empire on Kamino, and Nala Se was transported to a mysterious planet by the Empire. You can read our recap of the season 1 finale here. Season 2 starts a few months after the events of the finale.

Warning: Spoilers for “Spoils of War” below!

Encounter with giant crabs


The episode starts with the Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker on the beach of a tropical island flying from giant crabs. Despite going over the plan five times, Wrecker apparently disturbed the crabs while retrieving the cargo. Meanwhile, Omega, looking now slightly older, is studying Imperial ships on The Marauder. After taking a break, she is chastised by Tech, who tells her to go back to her studies. Hunter asks for a pick-up. Some of the crabs take hold of a line attached to the ship and start attacking it. Omega jumps off the ship and shoots them with her energy bow. After using the shell of one of the crabs, she seizes the line while Tech pilots the ship to rescue their teammates. They secure the cargo on the ship and fly away. Hunter is clearly worried about Omega taking risks to save them.

A risky heist

The team arrives at Cid’s Parlor in Ord Mantell City, where the robot AZI is now tending the bar. After introducing the clones to a pirate woman named Phee, Cid proposes a new job to them. She wants the team to go to Castle Serenno, the former home of Count Dooku in the Outer Rim, to retrieve one of his war chests. Initially, Hunter declines the mission because the Empire has already started transporting the treasure off of the planet, and he is worried about Omega. Echo, Wrecker, and Tech want to do the job. Hunter is still concerned about the Empire’s presence, but Cid convinces him that even a single war chest could mean freedom and a future for them.

On the way to Serenno, Echo tells Hunter that they should start to think about fighting back. Hunter doesn’t think it’s the kind of life Omega deserves. Echo answers gently that saving Omega was the right thing to do, but others in the galaxy need help. Unbeknownst to them, Omega heard the whole conversation.

Arrival on Serenno

The team arrives on the planet and starts walking toward the castle. Arriving in the city, the clones see it has been completely devastated by orbital bombardment like on Kamino. The Imperial forces are at work, and the war chests are currently protected by clone troopers. Wrecker says he can fight them, but Omega reminds him they need to use stealth.

While Hunter is keeping an eye on the troopers, the rest of the team makes its way to one of the containers. Wrecker neutralizes a trooper. Tech tells the team to look for items of value. Meanwhile, Hunter is planting explosives on the Imperial ships. In the container, Omega localizes a chest full of jewels. The Imperial soldiers try to contact the missing trooper. Echo asks Hunter for a diversion, and he triggers the explosion on the Imperial ships. Wrecker takes the chest and leaves the cargo. Meanwhile, Captain Wilco orders the cargo to close its doors and leave the planet. Echo, Tech, and Omega are stuck inside.

Echo, Tech, and Omega decide to make their way to an escape pod. They are discovered, and Captain Wilco orders the pilot to release the pods to prevent the clones’ escape. Tech, Omega, and Echo search for another way off the ship, and Omega realizes that they could use a container because they are equipped with reentry thrusters on that type of freighter. Tech is impressed with her, but they don’t have many plans to implement the plan.

Meanwhile, Wrecker and Hunter are facing heavy fire from the clone troopers inside the former castle. They find a hidden lift, but it’s stuck. Wrecker jumps on it several times and is able to get it to work.

After facing more troopers, they are able to release one of the containers, but the thrusters are not working properly.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with each part of the team facing its own challenges. Will the thrusters engage? Will Wrecker and Hunter escape the troopers in the castle? Stay tuned for the next episode recap of The Bad Batch on Nerds and Beyond! A new episode of the show is released weekly on Disney+ on Wednesdays.

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