‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 16 “Kamino Lost”

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Season 1 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is officially over. Last week during part one of the season finale, Wrecker, Echo, Tech, and Omega arrive on Kamino to rescue Hunter after he was captured by Crosshair and the Empire. You can read our full recap here.

Warning: spoilers for “Kamino Lost” below!

After last week’s cliffhanger, this episode begins right where we left off. The Empire just finished destroying Tipoca City. With no emotion whatsoever, Admiral Rampart watches on as the city is engulfed in flames.

The Bad Batch, with Crosshair in tow, frantically run through the facility trying to find a way out. The building begins to collapse into the planet’s deep sea. This causes the facility’s compartments to begin closing off to prevent further flooding, separating Omega, AZI, and Crosshair from the others.

Rampart orders the fleet to leave the planet after he is satisfied that everything is destroyed. Meantime, the team slowly comes to after being separated and getting knocked out from debris. Omega soon realizes that the area her, AZI, and Crosshair are trapped in is starting to flood, and Crosshair is trapped beneath a piece of debris.


Omega comms the guys on the other side of the door, and desperately asks them for help. The boys get to work trying to open the door as Crosshair begins to wake up. As the water rises, Omega works quickly to save Crosshair from drowning, using her energy bow to break the debris apart. Right before water completely fills the room, Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, and Tech get the door open, and Omega, AZI, and Crosshair barrel through it soaked to the bone.


The group is off once again to try to find a way out of the sinking building. As they run through a walkway, Omega stops to watch a cloning lab sink and burn. She is obviously sad in this moment, as she realizes the one place she’s ever known as home is now gone. The building they’re in flips on its side on its way down to the ocean floor, nearly sending them falling to their deaths. They all grasp onto something and hang on for dear life, as the building finally bottoms out.

The Bad Batch makes their way into their former barracks, which happens to be one of the only remaining habitable compartments in the facility. While here, Hunter and Crosshair have an argument about the choices they made that led them there: Hunter and the gang chose to leave, while Crosshair chose to follow the Empire’s orders.


“Blind allegiance makes you a pawn. A real leader protects his squad.” –Hunter


Omega interrupts the argument with a solution to their problem. She discovers that they landed on the underwater tunnel that leads to the platform their ship is on. They get to work, and drill a hole in the floor of a maintenance deck so they can jump into the tunnel, and hopefully escape.

The crew begins their journey through the underwater tunnel. While walking through the dark, damp tunnel, Wrecker begins scolding Crosshair for abandoning them. He says they would’ve accepted him back with open arms. Tech steps in and tells Wrecker to back off since it is in Crosshair’s nature and can’t change it.

“Understanding you does not mean that I agree with you.” –Tech to Crosshair

The Bad Batch seemingly can never get a break. They notice cracks all along the glass tunnel, but decide to keep moving. Before they make it safely across it, a new threat emerges. This time it’s a giant underwater monster.

The monster attacks the tunnel, which it’s only able to do because the power is off, and causes water to start rushing in. However, AZI to the rescue! He is able turn the power back on — electrocuting the monster — just in time for the clones to safely make it into Nala Se’s private lab. The bad news? This shorted out the power all together.

In the lab, it’s revealed that Omega is older than the clones and was there when they were born. That is why she was so excited for them to come back to Kamino. However, this major revelation is glossed over as the team discovers the other tunnel, which is their only way up, is destroyed. And if that wasn’t enough, AZI’s battery life is depleting.

Another argument between Hunter and Crosshair ensues, resulting in Crosshair to go sit by himself. Omega decides to join him, and talks about being alone until the others were created. She also goes on to say that she wanted to believe the inhibitor chip made Crosshair the way he is, but she admits that she was wrong.


Meanwhile, the others discover medical capsules which can help them escape. Tech assures everyone that they can use the capsules to float to the surface. And to help them get there without being hit by falling debris, AZI will guide them. Once the plan is solidified, Clone Force 99 sets off explosives around the lab to break the window so they can float up out of the water.

As the capsules head toward the surface, AZI guides them safely. However, Omega’s capsule gets hit by a chunk of debris and gets pinned to the ocean floor. The others emerge out of the water as AZI rescues Omega and pushes her toward the surface. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it all the way before his power runs out.

AZI begins floating back toward the bottom of the ocean, when Omega goes after him. Just as she loses consciousness, Crosshair — after looking like he’s about to shoot Hunter — shoots a cable at them and pulls Omega and AZI to safety.


Once they make it back to the ship, Hunter offers Crosshair a chance to come with them, but Crosshair says he’s made his decision. Omega then thanks Crosshair for saving AZI and insists he’s still her brother before they depart.

The episode ends with Nala Se being transported to a different planet, where an Imperial scientist reveals the Empire has big plans for her.

While this season finale wasn’t filled with action-packed fight scenes and a major cliffhanger, it was still incredible. This last episode was very much fueled by emotions, and leaves room to explore the story in the future. It ends on a satisfying note in our opinion.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has been renewed for a second season. It is expected to be released in 2022.

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