‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 14 “But I Don’t Need Therapy”


Kirby is in recovery, Adam is making a breakthrough, and Sam and Culhane get caught up in more shady business. Read on to find out what happens in Dynasty‘s 14th episode of season 4, “But I Don’t Need Therapy.”

Sam has made his way to the hospital to hear the news on Kirby which Fallon is providing. The good news? After an extensive stay, Kirby is able to go home to recover. The bad news? They still have to tell her about her dad’s passing. At first, they don’t want to, but it’s best for her to find out now.

Blake, Cristal, and Adam are having a check-up to make sure Cristal’s surgery took and things are still looking normal. To celebrate, Blake insists on treating Cristal while Adam is on his way to a board meeting. Blake says he’s impressed by the way Adam is handling being chief of staff, and Cristal says he saved her life.

Dominique is upset that the sales for her business sales aren’t on target. Jeff assures her that not everyone can be an overnight success. Dominique thinks that they need to reassess their marketing strategy but Jeff has to set a meeting with Korosh Patel. He needs to convince Korosh to work for him because he has one of the leading minds in renewable energy.

The chairman of the board at the hospital is having a one on one with Adam. He’s heard rumors of Adam’s threats to Karen. Adam insists he didn’t threaten her and he’ll sit down with her but she’s already quit and moved her sister to another hospital. The chairman says Adam is barely holding on to the chief of staff position; if it weren’t for his last name he wouldn’t be there at all.

Kirby is home and making demands. Specifically, she wants to walk in the Designer Institute Ball. Fallon insists it’s not the right way for her to go right now, Kirby flips the script back on her asking if she would rather see her sit around all day feeling sorry for herself.

Fallon’s discussing Kirby with Paloma who won’t budge at first. If Fallon wants Kirby in the show she has to make a few sacrifices she’s not willing to — including hiring Paloma’s daughter as Assistant Editor at Fallon Unlimited.

Sam and Culhane are trying their best to play ignorant about Leo’s dealings in the hotel. It seems to work until Sam finds a box labeled “Boss” which contains tons of drugs. They panic and try to get it out of sight as quickly as possible.

Blake is looking to acquire a wheat farm to build a private airport. The only problem is it’s not for sale. Blake wishes Anders was still around, he would have already uncovered information they could use. Cristal says he’ll always be with him.

Jeff and Korosh are having their meeting about partnering together. Just when it seems like Jeff is going to cut a deal, Nolan shows up, he seems to also have a meeting with Korosh.

Kirby asks Fallon how the talk with Paloma went, Fallon tries to convince her to take another job instead or process her loss. Kirby says that she’s already had time to process the loss. When he had a heart attack a few years prior, she thought about what it would be like losing him. Kirby then realizes Oliver’s crew is still working so she can just get a job from them. Once Kirby is out of the room, Fallon calls Paloma’s office and leaves a message to have her daughter come to Fallon’s office next week.

Blake is having dinner with the wheat farmer he’s trying to buy land from. He knows of Blake’s reputation but Blake says after almost losing his wife to cancer and losing his best friend, he’s been changed. He proceeds to share his offer which includes land he owns in South Carolina being turned over to him should he accept Blake’s offer, which he does.

Blake calls Adam into his office to give him a gift for saving Cristal’s life, it’s a new watch. Adam talks about the hospital and how things aren’t looking so great for him at the moment. Blake offers him a job alongside him to help rebuild the Carrington dynasty with his new business venture. Adam wants to stay at the hospital for now but Blake hands him a folder and tells him to think about it.

Jeff is sitting down with Nolan man to man to tell him Korosh is going to pit them against each other until he gets more than he deserves. Nolan suggests they solve their differences, the winner of the bet can hire Korosh.

It’s time for the ball and everyone is in attendance! Fallon and Sam check on Kirby who looks like a nervous wreck. They ask her if she’s sure she’s okay and she insists she is while chugging a water bottle. It’s time for the show so she quickly dashes off to take her place.

Jeff is training in the gym for his bet with Nolan. It flashes to him and Nolan getting ready for their fencing match. While they’re in the middle of their match, Dominique is busy at the ball getting herself on the red carpet to pitch Domystique. Nolan wins, so Jeff agrees to back off.

Wilford Harewood/The CW

Kirby is clearly still nervous when she approaches Fallon. Soon they find out that that water bottle she’s been chugging is full of vodka. Sam and Fallon are mad that she would do this after spending two weeks in a coma, all Kirby wants to do is back out of the show. Paloma says that’s not an option and Kirby has a full breakdown.

Kirby is back home sleeping. Sam is furious that Fallon pushed her. Fallon thinks she’s dealt with Anders’ death now, while on the topic, Sam asks if Fallon has dealt with it herself because she hasn’t said anything since his funeral.

Adam gets a call from Dr. Bridges and asks if he had a chance to review the data. He breathes a sigh of relief when he realizes the data is promising and could be a big breakthrough for him. Adam sits down with Blake to tell him in the news, that he’s going to stick with the hospital. If all works out, he will be building a dynasty of his own. For now, he wants to work on bettering his relationship with his father.

Jeff is sulking because he wasn’t able to hire Korosh. Dominique asks what’s bothering him about it, and he says he’s concerned about the planet. So his suggestion? To send a rocket into space because other planets have the resources we need. Dominique asks if the scientist didn’t like Jeff’s ideas, he says Korosh doesn’t know about the rockets. She then poses a great question: if he doesn’t know about your goals, how can he help you achieve them?

Fallon ends a phone call with Liam and takes her jewelry off. In the process, she knocks over a book that contains a note from Anders. She reads it to herself and begins sobbing to herself.

Kirby checks on Fallon to see if she’s still upset with her. Fallon doesn’t care about Paloma, she just wants Kirby to be okay. She even tells her about her own ugly cry she had to herself. Fallon confides that she feels guilty for Anders’ death. Kirby tells her to stop, he loved her and would save her again even with the same outcome.

Jeff is talking to Nolan about his plans to send a rocket into space, Nolan now understands why he needs Korosh. Jeff asks if he’d like to merge with him because “two billionaires are better than one.” Nolan passes, asking what’s next.

Sam has dug the box of “drugs” out of the dumpster. There’s a note from the chef at La Mirage that says a box of cassava root flour showed up at the club instead of the hotel.

Blake and Cristal are having breakfast when he gets a call from his lawyer. The deal for the land is off. Garth has been indicted for massive tax fraud. Cristal tries to calm him down, he’ll find land somewhere else, they’ll figure it out. Blake isn’t having it though.

Kirby and Fallon are at Anders grave. They retell some of their favorite memories. Kirby can’t believe she didn’t get to go to his funeral. Fallon tries to comfort her, asks if that’s what the drinking is about. Kirby says yes, she needs to take responsibility for her actions too. Fallon leaves her to have a moment to herself. She tells Fallon she needs to go to rehab.

Adam fires the researcher who was working on the groundbreaking medicine, making sure he leaves his box of information with the hospital.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/CT on The CW. Be sure to check out our continued coverage of the show and catch up on past episodes on cwtv.com.

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