‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Taking Shots”


On episode 5 of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Theta is back in full party force and begins to stir up some envy with Bela. Whitney deals with microagressions from a TA, and Leighton helps out Kimberly while she preps for her procedure.

Party Time

The episode opens as Bela reveals that Theta’s charter was reinstated, and they’re hosting an insane amount of themed parties. Kimberly segues the conversation into her hormone injections (as she can’t drink while on them), and Leighton helps her with the first one. Later in bio chem, Bela looks for toddler sized shirts to wear for the party. She and Whitney get their tests back, but the TA gave Whitney one for someone name Mariah, the only other Black girl in their class.

The group waits to get into the party, and Whitney fills them in, but she doesn’t want to focus on it. Impatient, Bela flashes her toddler shirt to get them inside, where they have a playful debate about how Leighton would rank them. But her perfect woman is herself. Soon, Bela runs into Eric but gets a little jealous when she finds out he’s there with another girl, Dana. Meanwhile, Kimberly asks Leighton for injection help again and an injection montage ensues, ending with the final one.


The Procedure

Two people from Leighton’s math seminar, Jimin and Maurice, ask her if she’s going to the big math hackathon. She’s definitely not, but on the way to Kimberly’s appointment, she’s really into the livestream. At the hospital, Kimberly begins panicking, but Leighton offers reassurance, eventually calling Bela and Whitney for extra emotional support.

The procedure goes great, and Leighton gets Kimberly settled in the dorm. Leighton is back on the hackathon, and Kimberly convinces her to go. A little later, Kimberly, not feeling well, heads to the bathroom but locked herself out of the room. Thankfully, Jackson spots her and tells her to stay with him until one of the others come home. Whitney is the one who eventually finds her fast asleep on Jackson’s bed.


Totally Not Jealous

After another bio chem class, Paul calls Whitney by Mariah’s name, so she tells him the right name — which then cues the white tears. When she and Bela are at another Theta party, Whitney vents about the situation to Willow and Jayla, both of whom can relate. Jayla thinks Whitney should ignore him, and Willow suggests swapping places with Mariah just to mess with him.

Meanwhile, Bela is on a mission to make Eric jealous, using one of the Thetas, Aaron, to do so. With color contacts in and a shirtless guy on her arm, Bela goes to talk with Eric and is more noticeably hostile towards Dana. Eric soon finds her in the bathroom and asks what’s going on. She admits that she wants to date him, monogamously, and he agrees. They promptly begin making out.


Back in bio chem, Paul makes a show about listening to a podcast about race relations. Whitney interrupts to tell him she doesn’t want her Blackness and his whiteness to be a thing. This prompts him to (almost) bring the tears again before Whitney tells him she won’t console him again.

Elsewhere, Leighton, Jimin, and Maurice leave the math hackathon. While Leighton talks, someone nearly hits her with their car. The person is soon revealed to be another young woman who bears a striking resemblance to Leighton.

Episodes 1-6 of TSLOCG season 2 are streaming now on HBO Max. New episodes release in pairs weekly on Thursdays. Keep up with our coverage here.

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