‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire”

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Big Sky returned to our screens after a two-week hiatus with all the drama and mystery we’ve come to expect. Let’s dive in to what went down for Cassie, Jenny, Beau, and the campers at Sunny’s!

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Beau and Jenny team up to question Walter about the murders and Paige’s disappearance. To “keep her safe” Walter tells them he killed Paige when they ask if he knows her. With Walter unwilling to give them even a name to go on Cassie decides to try her hand at questioning him (with Jenny’s blessing).

Cassie lays out the details of what she knows about Mark (the first hiker who fell) and why Walter would move the body. She gets under his skin and he reveals his figurines are meant for protection so “they have a friend with them.” Cassie shows him the photo of Paige’s figurine and Walter gets flustered by her ability to piece things together.

Bleeding Heart Killer Case

Sunny continues her search for Paige as Buck hangs a sign and when he cuts his finger, decides to idly draw a heart on the pole. He was high on the suspect list but that move puts him at Bleeding Hearts Killer Suspect #1!

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Meanwhile at Dewell and Hoyt, Emily hangs out with Denise and Emily where they bond a bit. Emily asks after the case on the Bleeding Heart Killer and points out that the cabin could have other keepsakes given people like to “keep sentimental things in sentimental places.”

Beau and the Case of the Week

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Beau’s mysterious history might come to light sooner rather than later. With Carla and Avery still feuding, Emily stays with Beau in his airstream and finds a hidden newspaper clipping with the headline “Cop Mourns Murdered Partner” and a photo of Beau. Carla picks up Emily and Beau offers for Emily to stay with Denise while he’s working the latest case.

He and Jenny arrive on the scene to find a supposed sky diving gone wrong. A man’s dead body wrapped in wires to a parachute hangs in a tree. One of the lines was cut according to forensics making this a likely homicide. They notify and question the man’s wife, Maya Baker, who says Brett worked as a drop in entertainer for some parties. Brett’s story hits a little close to home when she also details Brett’s friend’s death. He blamed himself for it (as did the friend’s father, Frank). After questioning Frank, it’s clear he does blame Brett but likely didn’t go as far as murder.

After some digging, it’s revealed that burglar’s like to wait until home are evacuated during heavy fires and then go into neighborhoods and loot the homes and Brett rented a storage unit soon after the latest reports began. When Beau and Jenny investigate they find a body and a robbery of said unit underway. After a quick foot chase, the man escapes but they discover the unit is full of cash and other valuable goods. They bring in the friend’s father to question believing the men under him on the parachuting firefighting team could be involved.

That evening, Frank wears a wire to confront his second about Brett and the robberies when he tells Frank that Brett became a liability. Frank loses it and nearly beats him up when Frank realizes he also killed his son.

Avery Cracks the Code

Avery’s shady background is confirmed when he meets in the local bar with the very man we saw hire Donno and Tanya. He extends Avery’s deadline to uncover the details of the money by a week and threatens to kill Carla and Emily if Avery doesn’t follow through. Knowing things are bad, he tries to convince Carla to take Emily out of town and stay in a cottage. She says no and leaves, still angry that he lied about his company’s money troubles. Avery uses a considerable number of computers and finally cracks the code on Paige’s account with $15 million in cryptocurrency.

Cormac Goes Investigator

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Cassie and Cormac go out for a night of dancing at the bar which leads to a kiss before Cassie ends up once again questioning Cormac. She’s still suspicious of Buck’s burned truck and Cormac leaves when she’s unable to drop it.

Meanwhile the following day, Donno and Tanya are back at the diner discussing next steps (Donno is in favor of no steps) when in walks Sunny. She asks why they were looking for Luke and Paige. They offer nothing until she tells them she thinks Paige is still alive. Though Cormac gave Cassie grief over her not letting it go, he clearly also can’t as he is now tailing Sunny.

Cormac ends up back at Sunny and Buck’s house where they are fighting over Sunny wanting to see Walter. He asks Sunny what she was doing at the diner with Tanya and Donno. Cormac is done beating around the bush and confronts her about who Walter really is. She confesses that Walter is Cormac’s brother.

Sunny hooked up with a man passing through town when she was young but couldn’t care for Walter, so she left him at a church. She tells Cormac that Walter was with an abusive family as a child once she was old enough to care for him, so she took him to the woods where she could care for him and keep him safe. (She glosses over the part where he killed a family.) Cormac wants them to come clean to the cops, but Buck tells him not to blow up the family over this and continue hiding this secret.

Sunny returns to the cabin that night to reminisce and pray for Walter. Of course this is when Cassie also shows up to poke around the cabin for clues. Cassie goes in gun raised given the broken crime scene tape, but Sunny hides in the hidden tunnel. Cassie steps on a loose floorboard and pries it up to find old pieces of paper.

At movie night at Beau’s, she shows the papers to Beau and Jenny. It’s newspaper clippings of the house fire Walter set as a child. With this, they have his identity.

Meanwhile, Sunny sings by the fire when Paige suddenly confronts her.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on ABC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu, check out our other content on the show here (including episodic recaps), and stay tuned for more updates.

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