‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 12 “Are You Mad?”


After the short break, Big Sky returned to our television screens with another action-packed episode that had us on the edge of our seats. Let’s jump right in!

Paige Makes Her Return

ABC/Anna Kooris

Sunny arrives home to find bloody handprints and a very angry Paige who just escaped and killed (or so she thinks) Buck. She’s convinced Sunny must know and is about to kill her too when Jenny arrives, arresting Sunny and getting Paige to the hospital. Buck is already gone by the time they investigate the attic, so the hunt is on. Paige tells Jenny about everything including the other organs at the bunker where Buck kept her. Jenny questions her about the money, but that’s not Paige’s biggest concern at the moment.

Paige spotting the hearts in jars makes Buck the top Bleeding Hearts Killer suspect and Cassie and company are on the hunt to find him and the underground bunker with all that evidence. Cormac joins the hunt as well given that his whole world has been turned upside down and he wants to help. He points out a few spots that could be it and Cassie takes it straight to Jenny and Beau.

The Hunt is On

ABC/Anna Kooris

Cassie has a hunch the bunker might be outside the cluster so the team relocate the search and they find blood stains at the entrance to it. Inside, Beau, Jenny, and Cassie find Buck’s workroom complete with labelled organs and fresh blood. Bloodied and on the run, Buck finds a hiker and murders him for his truck. After finding the hiker’s body, Cassie is sure Sunny must know something.

Meanwhile, Sunny picks up Walter from prison. She packs a bag quickly so they can leave town, but Walter is more interested in finally having it out with her. Sunny still believes he’s dead and tells Walter as much. He decides to leave Sunny’s watchful eye, takes the bag, and visits Paige at the hospital. Paige believes Sunny set her up to be taken by Buck, and she tells Walter Buck is alive. He promises to take care of it for her.

Avery Messes Up (Even More)

ABC/Anna Kooris

Avery continues to call Carla, voicing who he loves most which is overheard by a gunman sent to torture and kill him and then his family. What said gunman doesn’t know is Avery has paired up with Tanya and Donno, and Donno is at the hotel with Avery. He comes in swinging, literally, with two hammers and takes the guy out. “I’ve still got it,” he quips to Avery.

Given Avery still hasn’t turned over the money, the hit crew keep an eye on Carla and Emily. Both notice the odd people watching them and it’s later that day when Emily is kidnapped from the office. Carla on the other hand confronts her stalker to tell him off despite her fear. She heads straight to Beau to report it.

Cassie arrives back at the office to find the power out and Denise and Emily gone. Beau calls her to ask if Emily is with her, but she tells him something is wrong at the office. It’s now that they realize they have been kidnapped. Beau arrives rather angry and in full Taken mode at Avery’s hotel room asking where she is and who took her. He demands Avery wear a wire so he can hear everything said in the meeting with Tony. He and Avery head to Tanya and Donno to ask for their backup during it. Beau promises no arrests for Tanya and Donno if they help out. Considering they are also in this mess, they agree.

The Meeting

ABC/Anna Kooris

Avery, Donno, and Tanya arrive at the meeting with Tony, Tex, and three body guards while Beau and Jenny listen in a nearby van. Tony demands the money in exchange for Emily. Avery decides to go rouge and pulls a gun on Tony causing everyone in the room to pull a gun. Tex, hearing of Emily’s kidnapping, bails on Tony. Tony demands Avery prove he has the money and can pay, and he will tell Avery where Emily is. Avery proves that all he has to do is hit send on his phone, but Avery made a rookie mistake and gets shot in the chest by Tony. Tanya shoots at Tony and a full-on gun fight erupts. Donno flips a table to protect Tanya, but gets shot taking down the final body guard. She kisses him as he lays bleeding on the floor.

Beau and the crew charge in. Jenny calls for a medic for Donno while Beau checks the bodies. He finds Tony sputtering but alive, and demands Emily’s location. He coughs out that they didn’t take her before dying, it was someone else. Beau is certain that Buck took them.


Driving on the interstate, Buck takes a taped up Emily and Denise in the stolen truck. He calls Sunny from a blocked number asking if she’s mad. She looks decidedly not mad as the episode ends.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on ABC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu, check out our other content on the show here (including episodic recaps), and stay tuned for more updates.

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