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‘Doctor Who — The Ninth Doctor Adventures’: The Doctor Meets Up With Former Companions in New Volume Out Now

BBCDOCTOR WHO'Doctor Who — The Ninth Doctor Adventures': The Doctor Meets Up With Former...

The new volume of Big Finish’s Ninth Doctor adventures is here!

In Doctor Who — The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Hidden Depths, The Doctor runs into his former companions Liv Chenka and Tania Bell, who traveled with his Eight incarnations, faces the Sea Devils in space, and meets Bertha Kinzky:

3.1 The Seas of Titan by Lizbeth Myles
Out on Saturn’s moon, Titan, an outpost all-but-forgotten by Earth, struggles against the odds.
As the Doctor joins explorers deep in the methane seas, they discover a hidden civilization. But will the Sea Devils prove to be the colony’s salvation or its final destruction?

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3.2 Lay Down Your Arms by Lisa McMullin
1864. Instead of relaxing at the Bad Homburg Spa, its visitors are fighting. And Bertha Kinzky, housekeeper to Alfred Nobel, is appalled. Perhaps the mysterious Herr Schmidt can help?
Soon, Bertha is contending with aliens, as well as her mother’s matchmaking, as she and the Doctor try to keep the peace.

3.3 Flatpack by John Dorney
Liv Chenka and Tania Bell are spending Sunday afternoon on that most traditional of couple activities. Furniture-shopping!

Christopher Eccleston is back as The Ninth Doctor alongside Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka) and Rebecca Root (Tania Bell). They are joined by Jeremy Swift, Jamie Parker, Diana Quick, Sasha Behar, and Nicholas Briggs.

Hidden Depths is directed by Ken Bentley and produced by David Richardson.

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You can listen to a teaser below:

All the adventures of the Ninth Doctor are available on the Big Finish website to purchase as CDs or download. The next volume will be released in February 2023.

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