‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 7 “Come Get Me”


This week on Big Sky, Sunny must come up with a plan to deal with the repercussions of Buck’s actions while Cassie and Denise’s snooping around the Bleeding Heart Killer results in a break in at Dewell and Hoyt. Let’s jump in!

The Bleeding Heart Killer Case

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Denise arrives at Dewell and Hoyt bright and early to discover someone has broken in. Even worse, they are still in the office. She hurriedly climbs under her desk to hide from the intruder who has smashed cabinets, gone through files, and marked (in blood) the Bleeding Heart Killer board with a “Come get me” note. The man leaves and Denise is understandably shaken even when Cassie, Beau, and Jenny along with other officers arrive. They vow to look into the case again believing the note could be from the original killer. Denise’s posting on the old blog may have brought him back.

At the office, Jenny, Cassie, and Beau go through the old case files to discover one of the original suspect files is missing in the Blaire Lucan case. The last person to sign it out was the original officer and first on the scene, Roman Cobb, so they pay him a visit. Cobb explains that the missing file was for Joe Walker, the teenaged boyfriend of Blaire. He was the son of the city commissioner and Cobb believed the file might “disappear” due to who his parent was. Beau vows to look into it.

An Old Suspect

Jenny and Beau track down Walker who is cooking meth at his small ranch house. Walker hides in the ceiling when they arrive and Beau brings almost the whole thing down when he realizes it. They question him at the station and he tells them he didn’t kill her. Walker points the finger at her father, Del Lucan, telling them she had bruises on her the night of the dance.

A New Lead

Denise and Cassie head into the woods to find the original heart where Blaire was killed. They find the heart, but also find Blaire’s bumblebee necklace. Cassie thinks the killer planted it for them to find and taunt them.

Unfortunately, Cassie then decides to head to Del’s house. She finds no one home, but spots an old work building. Inside she finds papers, pictures, and a full investigation board of the murder. That’s when Del enters behind her and Cassie draws her gun on him. He’s a large man and she’s understandably on edge, but just as they begin to talk, Beau and Jenny arrive. After a tense moment with guns drawn, Del tells them that he broke in hoping to find more information on who killed his daughter and thought taunting them would get them to keep digging.

He’s had no answers for years and hopes that this renewed interest by Cassie will finally lead to the killer being caught. While looking at Del’s board, Cassie finds a sketch of a teenager and thinks it’s “the guy with the truck” (aka Walter). He was spotted in the woods the night of the prom party but no one ever identified him. Cassie plans to look into who the mystery person is.

Sunny Days Turn Dark

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Meanwhile at Sunny Day Excursions, Sunny and Buck have to deal with Buck’s killing Mary after she discovers Paige’s bag. Sunny, for her part, is shocked at the turn of events and confesses she has no idea of Walter is responsible for Paige’s death when Buck asks her point blank. They hatch a plan to frame Luke for Paige’s disappearance and Mary’s murder.

After moving the body, Sunny heads back to camp but Buck lingers at Mary’s body, calling her a clever girl and going so far as to smell the blood on his hand (jumping him to the number 2 spot in our Bleeding Heart Killer suspect list). Sunny takes Paige’s phone from her floorboards and plants it in Luke’s tent under his mattress. The act nearly gets her discovered by Cormac who comes to find her just as she’s flipping the rug over her secret floor compartment. She quickly asks him to run to town and pick up Buck’s forgotten blood pressure medication while she preps the camp for a nighttime hike. Cormac is a little confused since they’ve never done a night hike before, and Sunny brushes him off with talk of trying new things and everyone experiencing the super moon.

Cormac continues to grow even more distrusting when he finds Buck and mentions the medication. Buck tries to go with the lie, but it’s obvious something is amiss.

The Plot Thickens

Emily, ever the sharp teenager, notes when Tanya and Donno leave camp. She mentions it to Luke as they are getting snacks and also notices how shaken he is. Luke tells her she should leave camp. With that he departs as well. Emily decides to follow him into the woods. She loses track of him and wanders in the now dark woods when she stumbles on Mary’s body. Emily runs screaming back toward the trail where Buck intercepts her. Luckily, he just has her show him the body and puts Mary over the horse to take them back to camp.

With Paige’s bag and Mary’s body, Avery’s first question once Emily is found safe is where’s Luke? Everything seems to be playing right into Sunny and Buck’s plan.

Donno and Tanya

ABC/Michael Moriatis

Avery gets a little too chatty with Tanya and Donno over Luke, raising their suspicions of him as well as their current employers. Avery implies he’s keeping an eye on them (and we’ll continue to watch him). Now that Donno and Tanya know so much money is on the line, they plan to renegotiate their terms. Donno would prefer to simply back out and quit this job altogether. Given the stakes, Donno gives Tanya her birthday gift early, a mother of pearl handled gun.

Leaving camp, they meet with their employers who aren’t happy about their new price. They find “Tex,” “Opossum,” and their original contact waiting for them. Tanya reports they found Luke but Paige is missing. He tells them to kill Luke and they’ll look for Paige. When Tanya refuses they not so subtly threaten to kill them, too. Back at camp, Tanya sends Donno after Luke, a conversation that Sunny overhears.

As Donno tracks Luke, Luke is deep in the woods and slightly lost and paranoid about the sounds around him. He’s suddenly confronted by Paige and Walter.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on ABC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu, check out our other content on the show here (including episodic recaps), and stay tuned for more updates.

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