‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 “All-Call”


In the second episode of Manifest‘s fourth season, a Calling connects Cal and Henry, Saanvi closes in on the frequency on the black box recording, Ben takes a chance on a podcast that leads him and Zeke to a startling discovery, and Angelina and Eden try to take refuge after being kicked out of Anna’s, which brings a familiar face back into the picture.

Keep reading to find out what happened on “All-Call.”

The Aftermath

Going back two years, it’s Grace’s funeral, though Cal has to stand in the back due to him now being under the radar. After the funeral, Jared hugs Michaela comfortingly at the cemetery, and she tells him to not come to the reception due to what he said to her about Zeke. He understands.

“I gambled, and I lost.”

Michaela and Zeke have their long-awaited talk at the reception, and Michaela admits she still has feelings for Jared. Zeke says she might have been with Jared if he didn’t get out of the cave, but Michaela assures him that she loves him. She chose him.

“Give us the chance to get back to that. Just me and you under the stars.”

Black Box Recording


Cal, meanwhile, had another rough night. Saanvi comes over, giddy as ever over the black box recording. She tells them about Daly crying for help during the turbulence. Saanvi thinks Ben can help them since he knows Daly better than anyone, but Cal warns her about his dad since she hasn’t seen him in a few months.

When Saanvi tells Ben about the black box, he doesn’t even want to listen to the recording. All he cares about is Eden. The Callings took everything from him. Saanvi apologizes for bothering him and leaves. She tells Cal this is on them. Because of what Angelina did, their Lifeboat is going to sink, and they need to stop it.

Henry’s doing a lot better. He tells Vance and Saanvi he heard an ocean of voices buried beneath a hum. He could never make them out. He asks Saanvi to play the recording. Henry points out the humming, and the three listen closely, but unfortunately, there’s nothing.

While trying to find a better frequency to hear the voices on the recording, Henry points out seismic activity he saw on one of the machines. Saanvi says they shouldn’t be doing this, as she’s worried they’re once again causing real-world damage with their experiments.

Saanvi enlists Dr. Cooper’s help in figuring out what the seismic activity means. She plays him the recording. She’s not triggering any earthquakes, but the machine finds ultra-low frequencies.

Saanvi listens through the audio once more, closing her eyes, and she hears it. The overlapping voices, including Michaela, Cal, Ben, and herself.

“It’s all connected.”

Passenger In Need

After getting a tip from Jared that Henry is being tracked, Michaela tries to get Henry far away, but the police are soon on her tail, on the ground, and in the air. They get blocked by a garbage truck, and Henry gets out of the car, telling Michaela he’s done what he needed to do; he gave Cal the black box. Henry gives himself up, and Michaela drives away.

On 828, Cal is in his seat, and he sees a volcano out the window, as well as thunder and lightning. Henry appears, extending his hand, but nothing in it.

Michaela, meanwhile, is back with Vance, trying to get him to do something to help Henry. Since they have no government funding so as to not expose them more, Vance tells Michaela he’ll make a call, but it’s going to be tough keeping Henry on U.S. soil.

Cal comes in, wanting to know where Henry is. He tells everyone about the Calling he had and thinks there’s something else. Michaela promises to talk to Vance and see if he’s tracked him down.

With Drea’s help, Cal talks to Henry at the Registry. Henry assures him he has everything he needs. For two years, he’s had Callings to find him, to give him what he needs. Henry has faith in him. Drea tells him he needs to leave, and Cal says he still doesn’t understand. Henry tells him he will.

Hopeful Desperation

Peter Kramer/Netflix

Cal tells Ben about how his Calling led him to the black box, and that has Ben rethink some things. He’s been getting calls to appear on a podcast, but Cal doesn’t like the idea.

“Overexposure could hurt 828ers.”

Ben says they’re already hurting while accidentally knocking over a model boat with Eden’s name on it. He tells Cal to go to Grandpa Steve’s; he needs to do this. He later tries to get the house ready, and Zeke asks for five minutes, so he agrees. Zeke feels his anger towards Cal; although Ben denies it, Zeke knows. And Cal can feel it. Ben does think that Zeke can use his empath abilities for something, however … finding his daughter. Ben tells him about the interview and suggests Zeke can try to pick something up from the calls they’ll be getting.

Zeke calls Michaela to tell her about the interview, and she has Saanvi put on the Aaron Glover podcast so the two can listen in. Michaela tells him about Henry Kim and how Jared tipped them off; they need to lay low.

Aaron questions Ben about Cal and how he also went missing that night. Government officials would refer to him as the Holy Grail. Ben simply says that Cal ran away. Michaela turns off the podcast so Cal won’t listen to it anymore, and Cal expresses his feelings about Angelina and his dad and how he still blames himself.

Zeke tries to get through to Ben after the podcast, after they have no luck with the calls. Ben gets a voicemail from Aaron Glover. He tells him he got a voicemail from a caller who says she saw someone who might match the description. Ben and Zeke head to the address.

Ben realizes he was just in the area where Angelina might have been seen; it’s where Anna’s house is. He asks Anna if he can take a look at her security cameras, but she tells him it isn’t real. Zeke senses that she’s lying and is nervous; she feels regret. Anna confesses she was manipulated by Angelina. She was just trying to protect her and Eden.

Anna takes them down to the basement, where they were, and Ben finds Eden’s drawings. He takes her blanket and sobs, Zeke feeling all of the emotions.

828 Registry

Peter Kramer/Netflix

Despite already reporting to the Registry recently, Michaela has to report once again. She assumes something’s up, but she’s not exactly sure what it is. And she goes through the same routine she does every time. Drea and a detective come up to her asking her about being at the port since they got word about an 828er from China who escaped. Michaela tells them she was mourning after receiving her niece’s death certificate. Drea holds up a folder with a sticky note on the back telling her to meet at the park bench.

Michaela waits at the bench, her and Jared’s spot. Jared shows up and tells her about Henry. All the government needs is his location. He says she needs to get him out from wherever she has him stashed.

Adrian is later getting questioned at the Registry, and he gets a Calling of a chicken, windchimes, cell towers, and a sign of some sort. He follows the Calling to Refuge Acres.

Mommy Dearest

Angelina is getting Eden ready, making sure no one recognizes her. The two walk out of the restroom of a library, and Angelina looks up shelters they can stay at, writing down the address on her hand. The librarian comes over with a blanket that Angelina left in the restroom, and Eden hands her a drawing. The two leave in a hurry so they don’t get caught.

Angelina is able to find shelter, and she listens in to the podcast. The owner of the shelter later locks Angelina and Eden in a room with no way out. Adrian’s Calling leads him to where Angelina is, and he breaks her and Eden out.

When they’re a good distance away, Adrian stops the car so he and Angelina can talk. He doesn’t like what Angelina did with Grace and Eden since that is not what he meant when he told her to get her guardian angel, but she pleads for his help. He gives her the night.

Not So Complicated


Michaela calls Drea to thank her for dropping Cal off and for what she did for him at the Registry. When Drea gets off the phone, it’s revealed that she and Jared are actually seeing each other (what?!).

Zeke finds Michaela and immediately kisses her. He tells her he has everything and he doesn’t want to change anything.

“I choose you, Michaela Stone, just as you are, right here, back under the stars.”

It’s like there’s a little bit of hope back in the Stone residence. Knowing that Eden’s alive, Ben and Michaela begin another search for her, and Cal glues back the Eden boat. Just like Henry, Cal gets the scar on his arm.

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