‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Big Debut, CM Punk Teams With Darby Allin and Sting, and More

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AEW Dynamite

Another week, another episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT! This week, CM Punk teamed with Sting and Darby Allin to take on MJF and FTR, Nyla Rose and Ruby Soho fought to advance to the finals of the women’s TBS tournament, and more.

Adam Cole versus Orange Cassidy

Cole talks trash as Cassidy breaks the wrist lock hold to gain control of his own. Cassidy goes for a quick roll-up, Cole kicks out. Cole reverses the hammerlock and puts Cassidy in the backstabber. Heading to the top rope, Cole teeters Cassidy on the top rope, backhands him, making him dazed. Cole goes for the superplex, but Cassidy pushes him off and dives on top of Cole. Springs off the ropes and hits a DDT.

The Young Bucks and Bobby Fish attempt a distraction, but the Best Friends come to the aid of Cassidy, and a brawl breaks loose. Cole brings Cassidy back into the ring, egging him on telling him to hit him, Cassidy baits him and hits a thrust kick. Cole reverses with a brainbuster landing on his head. Cassidy heads to the top rope to hit a diving DDT for the win, but Cole kicks out. Cole goes for a small package roll up, but Cassidy kicks out. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise, his finisher, and nearly wins the match … but Cassidy uses his instincts to kick out. Cassidy goes for the Beach Break, but once again it’s a near fall. Kyle O’Reilly comes out of nowhere to attack Cassidy, allowing Cole to pick up the win.

The Bucks, Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly have a stare down in the center of the ring. The Bucks want answers, but Cole doesn’t provide any.

Hangman’s Hour

The debut on TBS will mark the rematch of Hangman vs. Danielson for the title. Hangman says he’s disappointed, he’s never felt like less of a champion. Danielson interrupts, calls him entitled millennial cowboy, a play on anxious millennial cowboy. Mocks Page. Says the fans should be the ones that are disappointed. He fought him for 60 minutes and if anyone should be champion, it’s him [Danielson]. But he’s not out here to cry — he’s going to win that title at their rematch.

MJFTR Talks Trash

MJF thanks Spears for being a good accountabilibuddy last week. Calls out Wardlow for not protecting him, blames Punk for the divide. Says MJFTR is like a family. He doesn’t know what that means, they’re loners. Dax says he, MJF, and Cash are the three kings. When you’re Pinnacle, you’re always on top.

Wardlow versus “Captain” Shawn Dean

Wardlow immediately goes for four powerbombs in a row before pinning him to win.
Spears attacks Dean’s back with the chair, raises Wardlow’s hand, and they exit the ring.

Britt’s Holiday Extravaganza

Britt says she didn’t slide in to take anyone’s spot, and she didn’t use her name to get to where she is on top. She’s a pillar and a pulse of AEW. Says Riho should have stayed under the bottom rope at All Out. She’s out of her league, warns her with a classic Christmas reference, You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”

Nyla Rose versus Ruby Soho

Rose pulls off Soho’s jacket, but it’s stuck on her wrists. Soho tries to fight back with strikes, but Rose plants her in the center of the ring. Rose kicks the back of Soho, and attempts a powerbomb. Soho fights out of it, Rose throws her to the mat. On the outside of the ring, Rose jumps off the ring to hit a double sledge. They strike each other on the outside of the ring, Soho uses a series of headbutts attempting to charge at her while she’s dazed, but Vickie pulls her out of the way. Soho turns the tables countering Rose with a DDT. Soho uses a standing dragon sleeper; Vickie distracts the referee so Rose can capitalize, but Ruby kicks out. Soho, as a last-ditch effort, uses the No Future with one arm to advance to the finals.

Malakai Black versus Griff Garrison

Garrison goes for the rolling elbow strike, but Malakai counters getting a heel lock in before Garrison gets to the ropes to break the hold. While Black is rocked, Garrison lands the rolling elbow strike and nearly picks up the win. Black toys with Garrison, dragging him to his feet to ankle pic him and set him up for a crab. Garrison taps out, Black wins the match. Brian Pillman Jr. attempts to take out Black from behind but fails.

MJFTR versus CM Punk, Darby Allin, and Sting

Punk and MJF start the match. MJF tags out to Dax. Dax uses a side headlock takeover on Punk, who counters with the head scissors. Darby tags in and takes down Cash, who tags in MJF. MJF runs around the ring as Punk chases, tagging out to Cash. Punk toys with the crowd and Cash, tagging in Sting who pulls on Cash’s arm. Goes for the scorpion deathlock, Cash scouts it and makes his way out of the ring. Sting tries to pull him back into the ring, cash bounces his head off the ropes. MJF attempts a knife edge chop, Sting pulls him to his corner and takes him down with a short arm clothesline. MJFTR face off with Sting and Punk as Darby takes down the trio with a suicide dive. 

Darby tries to fight out of the corner needing to tag, FTR throws him into the barricade on the outside, stopping his momentum. MJFTR exchange tags keeping Darby isolated in their corner. Darby fights to his feet, MJF slams him to the mat. Darby plays possum attempting a quick roll up, but Cash is quick to kick out. Darby tags sting who wipes out both members of FTR. He slams Dax’s head into the turnbuckle, hitting him with a back body drop followed up with a spine buster to cash and a Stinger Splash to MJF. Darby, Sting, and Punk clear the ring so Sting can lock in the scorpion deathlock, but MJF interferes, stopping the count.

Sting tries to fight to his corner, body slamming Dax. Sting tags in Punk who takes out both members of FTR. Knee strikes to both of them followed up with a bulldog clothesline combo. Punk then takes out Dax on the outside with a rope suicida. Punk calls for the GTS but Dax tags in. Punk fights off both of them once again, going for an elbow drop but Dax unsteadies his balance on the rope. Punk fights his way out of the inevitable brainbuster, but Cash and Dax stay on him. Nearly picking up the win, punk kicks out. Punk and Dax exchange elbow strikes in the center of the ring. Sting breaks the count as punk nearly loses the match for his team. Sting throws MJF on top of FTR and heads to the top rope to take them out. Punk tags in, Dax sacrifices himself getting hit with the GTS, stinger splash, and scorpion death drop. Punk, Sting, and Darby win.

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