‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “Cheating”

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In The Sex Lives of College Girls episode 9, Whitney and Kimberly both feel the effects of cheating, but in different ways. Meanwhile, Bela begins to take action about Ryan, and Leighton faces some bumps. Read on to find out what happens in “Cheating.”

No “I” in Team

sex lives of college girls episode 9

Thanks to the school paper, Kim and Bela learn about Dalton, and Whitney admits she’s the girl. She also learns she’s not the first one. Later, Whitney faces the team. She takes full responsibility for what happened. Thankfully, they all wholeheartedly support her.

Despite the camaraderie, their next game doesn’t go well. They lose. Whitney is upset, but Willow comforts her. She reminds Whitney that thanks to her, the team is better than it’s been in years. After the game, Whitney heads to the KJ House. She apologizes to Canaan for not responding to his texts. It’s okay, though. He’s just glad they have more time to hang out now.

Believe Women

sex lives of college girls episode 9

Bela and Carla go to the school’s Title IX office where they talk with someone, Ricky, about Ryan. Ricky gives the pair options for next steps, including stepping back from Catullan for a few weeks. Bela consults with the other three. They all offer options, and ultimately, Bela decides to tell Eric and Evangeline what happened. Evangeline believes her. Eric does not and pushes back.

While the others are out, Bela tells Travis and Jocelyn about Eric, and they offer their support. Shortly after, Eric shows up. He apologizes for not believing her and promises to do something. Bela gets excited, appreciating the effort.

Closet for Two

Leighton goes to make amends with Alicia. They decide to go away for the weekend, landing at a swanky hotel. While they relax, Alicia takes and posts a selfie, which leads Leighton to panic; her bag is visible in the background. Not wanting to run the risk of someone recognizing it, she tells Alicia to delete the photo. When Leighton is ready to head out for dinner, Alicia drops a bomb: she wants to break up. She can’t be with someone who’s closeted – it feels like a step backwards. Leighton explains that she doesn’t want to come out because she’s worried it will change everything, including how to act and dress. Alicia takes this personally, as Leighton is essentially describing her. Then, they officially end it.

Your Cheating Heart

sex lives of college girls episode 9

Kim is still rightfully incensed about Nico. In the dining hall with Leighton and Jocelyn, Kim and Leighton bury the hatchet about Leighton not knowing. Soon, Leighton goes to yell at Nico. She tells him to apologize to Kim, in person. Meanwhile, Kim tells her manager (and, subsequently, Canaan) about the entire situation. Then, Canaan notices the Econ sheet in Kim’s bag, thinking it’s to study. When he realizes it’s THE test, he urges her not to cheat.

But cheat she does, using her UTI as an excuse to escape to the bathroom where she’s hidden the answers. It goes well for a while. Eventually, though, she goes to the bathroom to find the answers are gone. She’s been caught. That evening, she walks through campus and runs into Leighton, both girls not feeling great. As they chat, Leighton finds out Nico didn’t talk to Kim. So, she goes and tells Maya that Nico was cheating.

All episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are streaming now on HBO Max. Make sure to check out our interview with show cinematographer Chuck Ozeas! Stay tuned for our review and season 2 updates. Keep up with our recaps and other coverage here.

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