‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Truth”

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the sex lives of college girls

In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Ryan gets what’s coming for him, Whitney tells her mom the truth, and Kimberly faces expulsion. Keep reading for what happens in “The Truth.”

Ryan Gets Kicked Out of The Catullan

At first, Bela is unsure of her decision to tell Eric and Evangeline about Ryan. This is even more true when Eric flips out on Bela saying Ryan would never do what she’s claiming. Evangeline reassures her that she did the right thing, but Bela doesn’t know if that’s the case. Later, Eric personally apologizes to Bela for claiming her accusations were false and he believes her; he’ll do something about it.

At the Catullan, Eric, Carla, Bela, and Evangeline are all present when Ryan arrives. They call him out on his behavior (which he denies), and they not only demote him from co-editor, he gets kicked out of The Catullan. But that’s not enough — Bela no longer feels like she has a place at The Catullan and abandons her spot. Not long after, Evangeline and Eric also quit and Evangeline asks Bela if she wants to start an all women comedy group together.

Senator Chase Pays Whitney a Visit

On her tour, Senator Chase decides to visit her daughter at her dorm. She’s seen the report about the affair and wants to make sure whoever it happened to is okay. Whitney tells her it was Willow instead of herself. At first, Willow is confused about why she said her, but she takes on the role and covers for her friend over lunch. Eventually, though, Whitney realizes she has to tell the truth. Her mom is mad at first because she felt she had to lie to her, but she tells her she’s around for the bad just as much as the good. It’s okay not to be okay all the time.

Leighton Faces Herself

Sex Lives of College Girls

Leighton and Alicia have broken up because she doesn’t want to be with someone in the closet. Leighton doesn’t know if she will ever be ready because she doesn’t want that mark on her for the rest of her life. She visits Alicia at her apartment and while they miss each other, they have to move on.

Leighton spends much of the next day in her bed upset, so Kimberly attempts to comfort her. Leighton confesses she ended a relationship with someone she really liked and blames herself, Kimberly doubts that’s true; any guy would be lucky to be with her. Leighton announces it wasn’t a guy — it was a girl. Kimberly is shocked, but says the only way for her to be truly happy is to live her truth. They hug it out and Leighton thanks her.

Kimberly’s Sentence Hearing


Last episode, Kimberly got caught cheating on her test. Afraid of expulsion and disappointing her parents, she makes a plan to steal the other tests from the Theta house and turn them in. Of course, she gets caught by Nico, who asks if she’s doing this because she’s mad at him. She confesses she got caught, and he tells her she should turn the tests in, it’s not worth the expulsion.

At her hearing, she gets teary eyed, promising not to do it again. Her family risked a lot to send her to Essex and it’s not like her to act this way; she’s never gotten in trouble in her life. She turns in the tests and waits for the next steps. At lunch with the roommates, she gets an email stating she won’t be expelled, but they are revoking her scholarship.

All ten episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls season 1 are available on HBO Max now. Catch up on our recaps here, and don’t dwell on that ending because HBO Max recently picked up the show for a second season!

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