‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “I Think I’m a Sex Addict”

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In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, things get steamy between Kimberly and Nico. Meanwhile, Whitney and Canaan reconnect, and Bela preps her final submissions for Catullan. Read on to find out what happens in “I Think I’m a Sex Addict.”

Essex? More Like EsSEX

Kim wakes up in Nico’s bed after spending a spicy night with him. They decide not to tell Leighton. Later in the dining hall, Kim still tells Bela and Whitney. (And just in the nick of time before Leighton arrives.) Meanwhile, things between Nico and Kim get even spicier. Kim begins to miss class and showing up late to work thanks to the amount of sex she and Nico have. Lila eventually figures it out. Kim tells Lila about her slipping Econ grade, and Lila tells her to ask for extra credit.

So, she does. Professor Bennett agrees. However, when Kim goes to start it, the call of the eggplant is simply too loud. She and Nico get caught by Professor Bennett, and Kim loses her extra credit. When she goes to see Nico later (not for sex this time), he shows her a stash of test answers, but she declines to accept them. She instead suggest they go watch a documentary she’s excited about.

Whitney Makes a (Re)connection

sex lives of college girls episode 7

This episode, Leighton learns about Whitney and Dalton. In the dining hall, Leighton lists her definitive famous Chris ranking (Pine, Hemsworth, Evans) when Whitney spots Canaan. Leighton sends Whitney to shoot her shot.

A bit later, Canaan brings Whitney to the Katherine Johnson House on campus. She meets another student, Jayla, who invites her to stay for dinner. It’s nacho night! Unfortunately, she and the other three have to go to an acapella show. After they manage to escape, Whitney returns for nachos (and Canaan).

The Funniest Person in the Room

sex lives of college girls episode 7

Final submissions are due for Catullan. Bela and the rest of the hopefuls turn theirs in. After, Ryan shows her and a couple others the sacred upstairs of the house. Bela shows off her SNL knowledge, and geeks out over the autograph wall. But then Ryan decides to once again be absolutely disgusting. Bela is unsure how to respond, but she’s able to leave.

Back in her room, she waits to find out if she made the team. Just as she’s about to give up hope, a group of Catullan members knocks on her door. The start of the initiation ritual. She made the cut! We’re very proud.

Leighton’s New Groove

sex lives of college girls episode 7

Things are going well with Leighton, Alicia, and the women’s center group. She finally seems to have a good rhythm going with them. Eventually, she and Alicia decide they’re officially girlfriends. When Leighton gets a call from someone named Maya, she tells Alicia not to worry. Maya’s not a threat. She’s Nico’s girlfriend. Oh boy.

The first eight episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are streaming now on HBO Max. Episodes 9 and 10 release next Thursday, December 9. Keep up with our recaps and other coverage here.

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